Film Room: Louisville vs NC State

Audie Cole NFL Draft

Audie Cole showed some strengths that NFL teams will love and one big weakness.

In a game filled with some pretty crazy plays, the NC State Wolfpack took care of the Louisville Cardinals.

Here are how the 2012 NFL Draft prospects performed in the Belk Bowl.

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#42 LB Audie Cole, NC State
-Playing ILB and OLB at times.
-Good depth in his drop.
-Bites on play-action, hustles 40 yards down the field to make the tackle.
-Looks slow on his blitz.
-Reads wildcat well, just not enough speed to get to the ball-carrier.
-Sticks on Chichester well, doesn’t buy his fake.
-Takes poor angle on swing pass, can’t get to the outside in time.
-Reads the play early, makes form tackle in the backfield.
-Blitzes from OLB position, can’t chase QB down after getting past RB block.
-On slot WR, no chance to stay with him.
-Walled off by OG at the 2nd level, doesn’t have the speed to run around blocks.
-Reads wildcat play quickly, picks his way through trash and helps on TFL.
-Juked by WR in open field – can’t make the tackle.
-Great instincts, knows where the play is going, runs past Chichester’s “ole” block and makes huge TFL on 4th and 1.
-Comes on three-straight blitzes, no pressure – might have just been contain rushes.
-Blitzes, walled off from RB easily by RT.
-Loafs getting over to help on tackle, RB pops loose for 10 more yards.
-Love his tackling, instincts, and technique, but his lack of speed is very apparent. Completely ineffective rushing the passer and not the greatest in coverage. If a team is looking for a run-stuffer inside, I’d spend a 4th-rounder on Cole at best.

#11 TE Josh Chichester, Louisville
-Looks all of 6’8″.
-Doesn’t sell his route on the goal-line at all.
-Gets layed out trying to block.
-Trying hard, but doesn’t seem to have the strength to block in the NFL.
-Weak blocking attempt on LB.
-Re-directs blitzing LB perfectly, uses his speed against him.
-Can’t come up with a catch thrown low and behind.
-Whiffs blocking Cole, leads to turnover on downs.
-Not being targeted in the red-zone.
-Can’t haul in tough over-the-shoulder catch.
-Very disappointed by Chichester in this game. Had him as a draftable prospect but see him as more of an UDFA at this point.

#55 OC Mario Benavides, Louisville
-Walls off man inside, good footwork.
-Bull rush pushes back into pocket, overwhelmed.
-Sets himself much better, getting some help from his guards.
-Misses Cole on the blitz.
-Puts DT on the ground in pass protection.
-Not quick enough to get over to DT, allows pressure.
-Makes a lunging cut attempt, pretty weak.
-Didn’t see Benavides really flash anything special, although he didn’t make a ton of mistakes either. Could be a 5th-6th round pick at best.

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