Film Room: Baylor vs Washington

Robert Griffin 2012 NFL Draft

Robert Griffin might have played his last game for Baylor - and boy was it a doozy. Even if RG3 wasn't the main attraction. (Photo: ICON SMI)

Well, the Alamo Bowl certainly was interesting to watch. The offensive coordinators had a fun night while their defensive counterparts might have needed some Pepto afterwards.

Here are how the 2012 NFL Draft prospects from Baylor and Washington performed.

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#1 WR Kendall Wright, Baylor (Scouting Report)
-No chance on reverse, tackled for loss.
-Pushes the CB back easily with his speed, makes the catch on comeback route.
-Great awareness on botched snap, goes away from assignment and finds a hole in the defense.
-Takes a 5-yard pass, shimmies about 9 times and sneaks by two defenders for a TD.
-Option pitch play, well read.
-Makes a great move in space, follows it up with a great stiff-arm. Shaken up.
-Sees nobody open on double pass, reverses field and gets positive yardage.
-Might shimmy a bit too much while
-Incredibly dangerous on screens and reverses.
-Makes up cushion and blows by CB, pass is overthrown.
-Blows by cushion again and makes tough catch with great adjustment.
-Another great move in space – tough to tackle.
-Wright showed incredible elusiveness and the ability to blow by overmatched corners and make catches deep. He cemented his spot as a Top 50 player.

#10 QB Robert Griffin III, Baylor (Scouting Report)
-Phenomenal sideline completion rolling to right with pressure from the behind and in front.
-Accurate throw on crossing route dropped by WR.
-Goes through progressions, hits checkdown for 1st down.
-Footwork solid on PA pass, perfect accuracy on throw.
-Slides in pocket, finds Wright for 1st down.
-Poor read on zone-read play, gets popped.
-Botched snap, still finds WR for 1st down.
-Pulls a “Brady” and quick snaps on 4th and 1, runs for a 1st.
-Very live arm – effortless thrower.
-Steps up into pocket, rifles one in.
-Delivers a block down the field on zone-read… incredible.
-Feels pressure, steps up through the pocket and gains some yards.
-QB sneak for the 1st down, under center.
-Makes three DL miss in pocket, scampers off for 25 yard TD run.
-Incredible speed on zone-read, into the 2nd level before anyone knows he has the ball.
-Takes a big shot, doesn’t seem phased.
-Eludes another rusher, gains positive yardage.
-Looks a little less patient in the pocket tonight.
-Sacked and fumbled, had questionable ball security all play.
-Another play with ball flailing around, sacked, but hangs on to ball.
-Needs to throw the ball away at time – especially in 2 minute drill.
-Rolls right to avoid pressure, perfect ball to the outside.
-Takes another sack – a lot of pressure coming at him.
-Throws into coverage – not sure the routes were run correctly.
-Awkward throw-away.
-Touch pass to the sideline thrown out of bounds.
-Gets up the field so quickly, on the 2nd level before they know what hit them.
-Bobbles snap again, but makes quick decision and gets play run.
-Throws a cross body into double coverage – not a great decision.
-Pop pass for 2-point conversion, good touch.
-Overthrows Wright down the field… hard to do.
-A bit underthrown to Wright, but makes deep completion.
-Nothing new for Griffin tonight – he is a Top 10 prospect and a future star QB in the NFL.

#24 RB Terrance Ganaway, Baylor
-Good initial cut, falls forward after contact.
-Running very low, good center of gravity.
-Picks up blitzer in pass protection.
-Runs into OL, tackled for loss.
-Misses block in pass protection.
-Very physical, low run, follows it up by getting high and stopped short.
-One cut and downhill, tough to knock backwards.
-Drags a LB for 5 yards.
-Secures ball on botched snap.
-One cut and untouched for 89 yard TD – showed some good speed, was not chased down from behind.
-Drags defenders on consecutive plays to go in for 4th TD – later gets his 5th.
-Great game for Gannaway, showcased his power and had more speed than we’ve seen before. 4th-5th round pick for us.

#90 DT Nicolas Jean-Baptiste, Baylor
-Playing DT.
-Looks enormous and plodding when engaged.
-Deftly avoids cut block, but misses Polk in backfield.
-Quick on the slant move, forces cutback into help.
-Doubled in pass-protection, played on skates.
-Handled one-on-one by LG on run play.
-Cut block slows him down.
-Fights through block, can’t wrap up Polk in the backfield.
-Good hustle in pursuit to sideline, can’t get their in time.
-Had a decent game – raw, but with plenty of potential. Could be an early day three pick.

#74 DT Alameda Ta’amu, Washington
-Playing DT and NT.
-Good hand-fighting (better than we’ve seen).
-Getting very high early out of his stance, taking some shots.
-Showing some decent speed for his enoromous size.
-Stayed low, fought through attempted double team and got in the QB’s face.
-Starting to man-handle OG one-on-one.
-Cut block neutralizes him.
-Pressures QB up the middle, forces the run.
-Disengages from block and drags down Griffin.
-Another deadly accurate throw.
-Doubled, taken out of play.
-Getting doubled or chipped on most plays.
-Pushed two OL backwards on stunt, great drive.
-Walks center back into QB’s face.
-Too high again, lifted off the ground by double team.
-Never got out of stance… not sure if winded, lazy, injured, or what.
-Was not a fan of Ta’amu’s consistency – dominated at times, looked uninterested at times. Will still hear his name called on day two if not before.

#15 WR Jermaine Kearse, Washington
-Curl route from the slot, finds the hole in the zone.
-No separation on deep route.
-Sells the in, then breaks out and is wide open – good hands catch.
-Gets separation in scramble drill and runs away from CB for 80 yard TD.
-Really nice 2nd gear.
-Gets separation easily on terrible Baylor defense, makes another huge catch.
-Big night for Kearse, but you have to wonder how much was the Baylor defense. Kearse is a fringe top-100 prospect for us.

#1 RB Chris Polk, Washington
-Makes a catch and delivers the blow to the tackler.
-Quick jump cut, evades #90 in the backfield and picks up the 1st down.
-Showing good initial burst when he gets the ball.
-Has to cut back due to penetration, tackled for loss.
-QB makes bad read on zone-read, tackled for loss.
-Gets a head of steam on draw play, runs over a LB.
-Runs wheel route, draws PI.
-Takes a hit, but still falls forward – he can be a bell cow in the NFL.
-Lines up as a FB, drives forward for 1st down on 4th and 1.
-Great vision to find a secondary hole.
-Good leg drive, running strong.
-A couple of nifty cuts, explodes for long TD showing a decent 2nd gear.
-Red-zone fumble, took a big secondary hit.
-Great night for Polk – vaulted himself into late 1st-round contention and will vie with Lamar Miller as the 2nd RB taken in the 2012 NFL Draft.

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