Film Room: Arizona State vs Boise State

Doug Martin Kellen Moore

Doug Martin and Kellen Moore celebrated a Las Vegas Bowl win. Who will celebrate first on Draft Day? (Photo: ICON SMI)

The Boise State Broncos trounced Arizona State in the Las Vegas Bowl – but the most highly touted prospect coming into the game was a Sun Devil. Would that change by the end of the night?

This is how the 2012 NFL Draft prospects performed.

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#90 DL Billy Winn – Boise State (Scouting Report)
-Has lined up at RDE, LDE, DT, MLB.
-Draws early double team, didn’t quit.
-Gets some quick penetration, play goes away from him.
-Violent hands – knocks OL off balance.
-Recognizes play quickly and adjusts.
-Fights off double team, gets some push into backfield.
-Occupies RT/RG in pass-protection.
-Comes from MLB position on blitz, runs over blocker and flushes Osweiler.
-Initially stopped, but circles around to pressure QB – demolishes RB blocking him.
-Takes LG for a ride, knocks RB down with one arm for TFL.
-Gets off block and cleans up the mess for a sack.
-Good surge at goal-line, doesn’t let RB get in.
-Solid game from the versatile Winn playing in a rotation – extremely active. ASU paid a lot of attention to him in their schemes. Still a certain Top 100 player.

#92 DE Shea McClellin – Boise State
-Has lined up at RDE, 3-4 OLB, ILB, and SLB.
-Nice rip and dip to get near sack on Osweiler.
-Lightning quick inside move, blows up run – was barely touched by RT.
-Another good inside move, initially stopped but spins outside to catch fleeing QB.
-Reacts well in coverage – good awareness of QB and WR’s in area.
-Rushing from 2-point – nice spin-move, QB has to get rid of ball quick.
-Great containment technique, gets piece of the TFL.
-Spin move into RB pass-blocking, still stays active.
-Rushing from 3-point – evades chip easily and gets on QB.
-Runs through center on blitz from LB position.
-Ran with WR stride-for-stride down the field in man – impressive.
-Bull-rushes FB with ease.
-End/Tackle stunt, wraps up big QB for a sack.
-Was incredibly impressive – showed he can play 3-4 OLB at the next level.

#8 S George Iloka – Boise State
-Drops the hammer on check-down pass for a loss – really solid tackle.
-Knows the down/distance, plays the sticks in his coverage.
-Closes well on the ball, there to break it up if on target.
-Man coverage on Robinson in red-zone.
-Showed good jam, fluid turning.
-Looks like a legit 6’3″ with long arms.
-Playing kickoff coverage – can’t catch KR returner from behind.
-Comes on well-timed corner blitz, can’t quite wrap up on QB.
-Made some impressive plays in coverage and in run support – obviously helped by great defensive line. Could end up being a Top 5 safety.

#22 RB Doug Martin – Boise State
-Takes opening kickoff for 100-yd TD – decisive cuts and good speed.
-Short gains early – not seeing much daylight.
-Kicks run outside, nice step-back to evade safety, has the speed to gain the edge.
-Makes a catch on a little flare route, makes the LB miss and accelerates quickly.
-Pancakes DE on a chip.
-Splits out wide.
-Punishing run, delivers the hit rather than taking it.
-Runs through arm tackle easily – good burst when he finds a hole.
-So powerful – running very low and behind his pads.
-Has a real knack for chipping rushers and taking them out.
-Bounces off big hit on kickoff return, keeps balance.
-Skinny in the hole, good elusiveness.
-Good block, picking up blitzer.
-Patient run, let the blocks develop and hit the hole hard.
-Takes swing pass – easy hands catch – and accelerates for 1st down.
-Nice cut-back, feels where the hole is going to develop.
-The most impressive offensive player on the field – will be making a move up our draft board.

#73 Nate Potter – Boise State (Scouting Report)
-Playing LT.
-Effective cut block to open passing lane.
-Combo block with RG, takes his man to the ground.
-Recognizes E/T stunt, picks it up.
-Gets help from RB on play, finishes off-balance DE.
-Showing a better punch and more aggressiveness than we’ve seen in past.
-Gets out on Burfict and makes a solid block.
-Overpowers LB, easily walls him off.
-Using DE’s movement against him, positions himself very well.
-Mirroring well, DE’s can’t get around him or through him.
-Gets to 2nd level and overwhelms LB.
-Got off his line a bit and allows outside pressure.
-Got a bit too high, pushed back on run.
-Looked much better than he did in 2010 and even earlier in 2011. Might warrant Top 100 consideration.

#11 Kellen Moore – Boise State
-Pistol/Shotgun formations, some under-center plays as well.
-Hits WR in stride on tunnel screen.
-Connects with first-read on easy 5-yard hook route.
-Locked on Shoemaker the whole way, just misses.
-Pooch punt down to 10-yard line.
-Easy connection to Martin on a flare.
-Nice footwork on play-actions and mis-directions.
-A bit of mis-communication with WR – not in tune on back-shoulder throw. Moore made the correct read.
-Ball floats a bit from across the field, but hits WR for 15 on 3rd and 12 – great anticipation.
-1st read, wide open in end-zone. Easy pitch and catch.
-Just a hair behind Shoemaker, tipped for interception.
-Fits another ball in tight window with pressure in his face.
-Beautiful back-shoulder throw to WR on goal-line. Perfect timing.
-Play-action pass, throws deep into double coverage.
-Faces immediate pressure, throws the ball away.
-Making quick reads, gets the ball out quickly.
-A lot of 1-read throws, good ball placement.
-Pump fake (2-hands) and puts the ball on his WR’s hands – dropped.
-Steps up to avoid outside rush – delivers the ball accurately to sideline.
-Arm hit as he threw – ball picked off.
-Fumbles snap under center – looks like it was on Moore.
-Floating balls that barely get there before CB can close 15 yards down the field.
-Excellent college QB, but arm strength is a legitimate concern. Could be a fringe starter on a west-coast team perhaps.

#7 LB Vontaze Burfict – Arizona State (Scouting Report)
-On the bench to start the game – not sure if disciplinary or if they have him subbed out of nickel package.
-Doesn’t look pleased on the sidelines.
-Enters game, playing MLB – blocked by Potter at 2nd level.
-A lot of effort out there early, looking to hit someone.
-Pursuing the ball-carrier relentlessly.
-Unsportsmanlike conduct, then loafs on extra point attempt.
-Not on field next series.
-Still haven’t seen him over 1 quarter later.
-Complete non-factor as he can’t stay on the field. Combine interviews are going to be key for Burfict.

#17 QB Brock Osweiler – Arizona State
-Looks the part at 6’8″/240 – playing a lot of shotgun.
-Decent play-action, finds third read but ball is knocked down.
-Solid footwork on PA/rollout – hits FB in stride.
-Perfect placement on swing pass.
-Bobbles snap, moves well to gain a few yards.
-Feels backside pressure, hits checkdown.
-Identified the 1-on-1, but poor timing/good route jump leads to near interception.
-Makes a good read, can’t drop touch pass in – Very calm in pocket while in end-zone.
-Recognizes pressure again, gets outside the pocket but can’t deliver accurate ball throwing across body.
-Collapsing pocket, can’t find open man – tackled fighting for yards.
-Easy 10-yard curl – decent zip on the ball to the outside.
-Awkward motion, misses WR badly on sideline.
-Making his own checks on the line.
-Snap goes right by him – gets back on the ball.
-Finds 2nd read, just short on 3rd down.
-Fits ball in tight zone, nice zip on it.
-Throws behind Robinson over the middle, but comes back next to him and converts the 1st.
-Stepped up into pressure, delivered the ball quickly on deep-in.
-Steps through one blitzer, but can’t avoid them all – sacked.
-Stepped up into the pocket and delivers a rocket – best throw we’ve seen.
-Told the punt team to get off the field – hilarious, and the right call.
-Doesn’t convert, had to get rid of the ball too early with blitzers in his face.
-Late on the deep pass – had a guy open. Bailed out by PI.
-Making some easy connections on swing passes.
-Horrible under-throw on fade route at goal-line, intercepted.
-Pretty great effort and athleticism trying to chase down corner.
-Has done a great job of feeling pressure and moving away from it.
-Fires a strike on post-route, hits tall receiver right where he needs it.
-Hits hot receiver where the corner blitz was coming from.
-Stares down WR, allows MLB to break up the play.
-Up and down day from Osweiler – certainly has the skills to be a future 1st-rounder. Could be a Top 100 guy this year.

#8 WR Gerrell Robinson – Arizona State
-Ball knocked down in front of him.
-Tough to bring down – big receiver.
-10 yard catch on 3rd and 11 – needs to get a little deeper on that route.
-Sits down in a great spot, snags the ball in traffic.
-Uses body to shield on in-route, makes big first down.
-Makes the first man miss after catch.
-Nice blocking on swing pass- springs RB for 1st down.
-Sits down in zone and fights for extra yards after catch.
-Makes two catches in a row for first down, recognizing the defense well on each.
-Had a decent game against the BSU defense – legitimate 3rd WR option for an NFL team with decent upside.

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