Patriots vs Eagles: The Aftermath

NEPD Staff Writer: Doug Kyed

Remember when Philadelphia was up 10-0? Eagles fans certainly don’t. As one of my followers on twitter said, Bill probably should have stopped scoring if he wanted his buddy Andy to keep his job. That call to trade draft picks this year might be a little colder.

I’ll have my full post game analysis tomorrow, but here’s my quick hit reaction to the game:

-Who knows how this game would have gone if Vick, Maclin and Rodgers-Cromartie had played, and if Jackson and Asomugha had been fully healthy, but this was a pretty dominating performance.

-The offense started slow once again, but at least they had come around by the end of the first quarter. I’d like to see a touchdown on the first drive before this season’s over while they’re still playing some cupcake opponents.

-Julian Edelman is really fun to watch. He was getting defensive snaps for the third week in a row now, and honestly, he’s getting better every week. He’s never fully worked out as a wide receiver, especially since he’s most effective in a role currently filled by some guy named Wes Welker.

-Vince Young finished with 400, but about 130 of those were on the first two drives. People are going to keep talking about how many yards the Pats give up and us fans who actually watch the games can keep laughing. This defense is in tune right now. With all the guff we all gave Belichick for the cuts and the IR decisions, maybe he’s smarter than us every once in a while.

-It was Arrington’s worst game in a while, but mostly because he got beat so badly on that Riley Cooper game. He calmed down a lot and played pretty good for the rest of the game.

-Quiet games from Andre Carter and Mark Anderson, but I expected that going up against Jason Peters and Todd Herremans.

-Slow start from Matt Light, but he shored up in the second half. Nate Solder filled in nicely once Sebastian Vollmer left with injury.

-I have no idea why the Eagles run LeSean McCoy so little. He’s by far the best player on the team. Still, it was a very impressive game for the Patriots run defense despite being without every decent MLB they had on their roster at the beginning of the season.

-I’ll chalk up every game the Patriots run for over 100 yards as a positive. No RB had a great game, but they kept the ball moving and they kept the clock running.

-Tom Brady with five carries! This seems silly, but he seems to be loosening up a little bit this season from his knee injury in 2008.

-Aaron Hernandez had a very solid game. No drops, no fumbles, no mistakes. I felt like he was losing Brady’s trust a little bit and this game proved that we have nothing to worry about. Hernandez knows what Brady likes to see out of him and tonight, he was in the right places at the right times.

Nice win tonight by the Patriots. The scariest opponent left is the Broncos.

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13 Responses to “Patriots vs Eagles: The Aftermath”

  1. JMC says:

    Benny only played in the first half- He produced where/how he was asked to, as usual-

    • Big Dan From Maine says:

      Benny is running when we NEED him to run. Once we had the score up we brought in the other backs to get them some time in game situations. Man has Ridley gone down hill is he hurt?

      • Ken W says:

        I think Ridley hasn’t been as good because he has been getting time at the end of the game when the Pats have the lead and the defense knows they are running and stacks the box.

      • DWE2012 says:

        If it’s obvious….any back will get stuffed regular. Even if it’s in the open field VS on the line. Look at Altanta a cpl weekg ago when they had to go like 3/4’s of a yard to go, they handed it off to Turner which made them have to actually go like 4 1/2 yard’s, and he get’s like 3.

        BB’s intergrating slowly, too slowly for my wishing taste, but weither it’s Edleman who ppl keep talking about being a WIDE OUT….He’s now “ST”, “D” and an occasional “WR”.
        Both Vereen and Ridley will find their place just like Woody did. He’s not just a scat back, He’s a great Bolcker, he’s an intrigal part of our No Huddle , + he’ll still get the ball handed off or get a little pass here and there for the first down.

        Both Vereen and Ridley, just like Woody & Edleman will find their spot of need, The game against the Colt’s will actually be (SHOULD BE ) a “perfect” oportunity for BB 2 use Both Ridley and Vereen all game long non-stop, save The Law Firm for the preceiding ones.

        *Ridley’s only 5′ 11″ @ +/- 223. & Vereen is only 5′ 9″ @ +/- 204 Neither are over a full 6Ft!! and Neither are over 225!! Neither one.

        • TD says:

          Jamaal Charles 5-11 199
          CJohnson 5-11 191
          Mendenhall 5-10 225
          Ray Rice 5-8 212

          why is it imperative that RB’s be over 6-0 & 225 pounds?

          If I recall, Ridley got carriers earlier due to Woody’s injury. Also, the team will not say this, but all players have to perform during practice before BB relies on them during a game.

        • DWE2012 says:

          No one said it was imperitive TD. & It’s also well know that if you don’t play well in pratice your not as relied upon come game time, that’s a given as well. Price is an excellent example of that!!

          With the constent growth and size of player’s getting bigger evry year, it’s actually a smart thing having a smaller speedy back that can juke & move quick around opposing defenses…….But I’d still like a Cory Dillon type back in N.E. as a premier power back.

  2. TD says:

    With our secondary, why would McCoy get the ball a lot!

    Looks like Price is the #5 WR and may be saying bye bye after this year. My guess is that much like Ocho, he just is not smart enough to grasp reading the defense and getting open. There is no other reason that the Pat’s go with Branch with maybe one good leg over all the others.

    Anderson had a good game creating pressure, but he loses edge containment a lot. He got pushed way upfield on McCoy’s 22yd run.

    • Big Dan From Maine says:

      This is a passing league. I like a pass rush over great run defense all day. Anderson is a little undersized and got up field on one play, but McCoy didnt have a huge game so I say he did pretty well.

  3. DWE2012 says:

    How many times did Brady get hit tonight?? I still worry about the O-line. & I as some still do worry about the “D” continuing 2Gell.
    I like what I’m starting 2C.
    Keep up the intergration of guy’s like Vereen, Cannon and Ridley so it throw team’s off(never can let em’ know who’s actually in for what purpose…)
    Keep a good rotation of the O-line personel so they stay fresh(it’s soon gonna be only the best of the best-NOT along with a few games against the rest).
    The division title is respectively in the bag, now let’s lock up the AFC TITLE!!!

    *Green Bay is firing on all cylinder’s- but they also have a few LB’s out, 2 we out with injury already, one other LB got a bit dinged up last week and now trouble with an arrest on their defense as well…….let’s hope they start 2 crack, while we just start to really get thing’s going!!!

  4. Ryan says:

    Edelman to me signifies what this team is about. Call them cast-offs, or no bodys, but this team to me seems mentally tough. They play hard and they play instinctively. I love seeing Edelman and Moore out there.

    • JMC says:

      Moore has got to wrap up people and not just throw the shoulder but I love the fact that he goes out there to make hits- Kid obviously ‘wants’ to play.

  5. John says:

    its a good feeling when the best team you have left in regular season puts up 13 points a game

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