Patriots vs Chiefs: The Aftermath

Rob Gronkowski Neck Picture

Rob Gronkowski is an owl.

NEPD Staff Writer: Doug Kyed

For all the Chiefs fans that complain about Matt Cassel… it could be worse; Tyler Palko proved that.

The Patriots started out slow, as we’ve grown accustomed to lately, but when they come on late, they come on strong.

Here are some quick hit thoughts on tonight’s game:

-In the first quarter Brady looked off again, Gronk couldn’t catch and the Chiefs were exploiting the Patriots defense with no huddle and draws, that didn’t last.

-It was against a very poor offense, but this was by far the best Patriots defensive effort of the year. The Patriots now have five strong performances in their last six games.

-Julian Edelman is an interesting player on defense. He’s a physical corner, but he also has to be told what to do on every play.

-What a game by Gronkowski. He proves every week that he’s the best TE in football already.

-Kyle Arrington gets the luckiest interceptions I’ve ever seen… consistently! He had another nice game tonight, he’s the most improved Patriots player this year.

-Shane Vereen looked solid on the final drive. Similar to Ridley’s first couple plays we saw this year. Those two could be a great future combination for the Patriots.

-Green-Ellis started out slow, but anytime he has 20 carries, you know he’s going to be averaging over 4.0 per carry.

-Near no-show from Welker, but when the opposition is concentrating on him, it opens up Gronk, Hernandez, Woodhead, etc.

-Andre Carter and Mark Anderson weren’t quite as explosive as they were last week, but between them, they still wound up with 2 sacks.

-Brady got sacked three times, it wasn’t he strongest game for Dan Connolly or Sebastian Vollmer. Tamba Hali and Wallace Gilberry are quality pass rushers though.

-Mayo had a very Mayo-like game. He was all over the field.

-Sterling Moore continues to not be completely exploited at safety and it’s very telling that Ross Ventrone came in for Ihedigbo when he was injured. Sergio Brown might as well not be on the depth chart at safety.

-More penalties from Mankins. That’s concerning.

-Julian Edelman finally showed off his skills on his punt return TD. He’s got great elusiveness when he’s in open space.

-It was really nice to see Marcus Cannon playing some RT.

I’ll have more tomorrow with my six keys to victory. Big win, gotta beat the teams we’re supposed to beat.

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6 Responses to “Patriots vs Chiefs: The Aftermath”

  1. Lundahl says:

    Gronk is a beast. This guy is 22 years old and he’s unstoppable. The record is all what matters. Jets can talk about they’re “frightening defense” and “ground and pond”. Hell, they’re going down !

  2. Big Dan From Maine says:

    I watched the entire game and a couple of issues stood out that will get us killed against better teams:
    1. We need to find someone besides Gronk and Welker to throw to. When they get shut down Brady looks lost, and holds onto the ball way to long. This resulted in 3 sacks and a fumble.
    2. This patch work secondary needs to tighten up. They looked good against Palco and Sanchez but all secondarys do. Im good with the bend but dont break gig, but better QB’s are going to shred us.
    3. The really slow starts are troubling.

    Now some General Comments

    It was great to see Cannon on the field, however I would like to see him at Guard also. I REALLY think this could end up being the steal of the 11 draft.

    We got Vareen in the game what about Price. Ocho Stinko isnt doing anything. Btw did you see that piece on all the “Tom Brady’s” in the greater boston area. I dont remember the reporters name, but he asked the last “Tom Brady” if he knew of any Ocho Cinco’s and he said no, and if you see the one that used to play football could you send him to Foxborough. Awsome.

    Running backs were efficient, although I thought BJGE missed some big holes. I’m wondering is that toe is keeping him from cutting.

    Anybody seen Riddley?

    • Ryan says:

      I have to disagree with you on Ocho. His routes look awesome, its going to be tough for him to catch the ball when Brady won’t throw him the ball. There were quite a few plays in the KC game when OCHO or Welker were wide open, and he threw to Gronknandez instead.

  3. John Major says:

    Great win. They beat a team that they were suppose to beat. They also broke in Shane Vereen and Marcus Cannon. They still need to get Ochocinco a few catches a game. It’s not too smart having Tom Brady in a game where they are winning 27-3 going into the 4th quarter. Why? The next game is against the DREAM TEAM with the 20million dollar QB Michael Vick. The Patriots better show up in the first half of the game because Philadelphia is not KC. They are playing a team that can’t afford any more losses this year or they are out of the playoffs. This will probably be their toughest competition until they’re in the playoffs. They better show up!

  4. DWE says:

    Couldn’t watch the game, but heard of the ultimate stopming that was eventually thrown down upon & seen some replays…
    *Nice to see Cannon in there, especially since I’ve had O-line concern’s and it need’s a boost. He could be it.
    * Edleman’s return for a TD, Sweet!! (but he’s wearing #11…….. This Jersey number should be retired -PERIOD. Respectfully, he doesn’t belong wearing it, neither does anybody else & that’s the opinion of a moutain full of people, not just myself). The TD return though….again pretty sweet!
    *Finnally, the Rock ha………, that’s something else………….
    *Finnaly, I hear we actaully saw Shane Vereen on the field! It’s about time. Although not long I hear, but still; our Number 2 pick was actually seen on the field. This is a good thing. Probebly not as good as it was actually seeing that 61/2 ft 359lb mammoth Marcus Cannon, but a good thing nevertheless.

    *Hope Gronk’s neck doesn’t come up with issues after seeing it tweek and fold the way it did on that TD flip?

    * The rest of the season is basically a cake walk of sort’s, The begining of the schedule was clearly the harder portion, let’s hope Cannon is a regular from here on out and both Vollmer & Conolly rest and rebound as well.

    *Also, it was nice too see BOTH Cannon & Vereen, but I still feel they should have put Hoyer in later in the game so he can be showcased & shopped around a little.

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