Kenny Vaccaro Scouting Report

Kenny Vaccaro Scouting Report

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Prospect: Kenny Vaccaro, S, Texas
Height: 6’1″
Weight: 215
Grade: 7.4 (Grading Scale)

Scouting Report

+Good size and bulk for the position.
+Shows good balance and change of direction skills.
+Above average quickness and acceleration.
+Fluid hips and has functional strength.
-Might be a high 4.5 speed guy.

Zone Coverage
+Fantastic instincts in zone, is always around the ball.
+Reads patterns well, plays very tight to receivers in his area
+Routinely gets a good break and closes quickly on the ball.
+Shows the ability to cover a deep half/third as well as play underneath.
-Doesn’t have great ball skills, has left a few interceptions on his plate.

Man Coverage
+Able to cover tight ends and slot receivers.
+Excels in press, able to get a solid jam and re-route receivers.
+Seems to understand leverage and will play his man into help.
-Lacks elite recovery speed on deep routes.
-Gets out of his backpedal too quickly at times, a bit impatient.

Run Support
+Solid form tackler, comfortable making a stop in space.
+Able to deliver a big hit, really lays the wood.
+Very effective blitzing off the edge, gets routine pressure.
+Will take on fullbacks, blow up blockers, all the dirty things to help his team.
+Very quick with his reads, gets to the hole quicker than blockers think he will.
-Goes for the kill-shot too often – has the fundamentals, needs to use them.
-Takes an occasional poor angle in pursuit.

+Shows a good understanding of the Texas “two-read” defense.
+Is asked to make adjustments based on the receivers route each play.
+Plays a variety of positions, including special teams.

+Passionate player that has the respect of his teammates.
-Had an arrest (failure to obey) during the summer before his senior season.

Vaccaro is exactly the kind of versatile defensive back that NFL teams are looking for. He can bully slot receivers with his strength and change of direction skills, while covering tight ends with his size and athletic ability, as well as covering a deep half or third in zone.

Vaccaro could play either free or strong safety at the next level, with the additional ability to contribute as a “star” or “money” defensive back in sub-packages. He also has excelled on special teams at Texas, which will endear him to NFL coaching staffs.

Vaccaro is probably slotted by most evaluators as a day two pick, but I would be shocked if he fell out of the first round of the 2013 NFL Draft.

Scouting Notes

vs Texas A&M
-Perfect angle to ball-carrier, bangs him out of bounds.
-Times up the blitz, bull rushes RB into the quarterback, leads to sack.
-Getting feisty with Swope on the line of scrimmage, powerful punch.
-Not fooled by Swope’s feints, stuck with him on option route.

Full scouting notes for Vaccaro vs Texas A&M.

vs Oklahoma
-Great jam on Broyles at the line, runs route for him and nearly gets the interception.
-Perfect angle to ball-carrier, breaks down in space and tackles shifty RB in space.
-Reads QB’s eyes, jumps route and knocks ball down. Nearly a pick six.

Full scouting notes for Vaccaro vs Oklahoma.

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