Jets vs Patriots: The Aftermath

Patriots Jets Fireman Ed

Fireman Ed had little to cheer for Sunday night.

NEPD Staff Writer: Doug Kyed

As our own Mike Loyko said on twitter, I can actually watch football talk shows for the first time in three weeks.

This game against the Jets is what last week’s game should have been: a great defensive performance, key turnovers, no turnovers on offense and the defense coming up big when it matters most.

Here’s some more things I noticed during the game:

-I said in my preview that Brady needed to have the third best game of the season tonight to win this game. Despite his shaky first half, he accomplished that. It seemed like a lot of his throws in the first half were off (possibly an elbow injury), but he cleared up in the second half and made some great throws to Gronkowski.

-It’s always fun to see offensive players on defense. Julian Edelman was doing his best Troy Brown/Buddy Farnham impression in the final drive. And he looked pretty good!

-Andre Carter and Mark Anderson were incredible. Andre Carter set a franchise record with 4.5 sacks and Anderson seemed to be getting just as many pressures. Carter finished the game with six tackles and eight QB hits. Mark Sanchez is never going to play that well with
that kind of pressure.

-When Devin McCourty went down, I thought the Patriots were done for, but the fill ins actually played pretty well. Antwaun Molden isn’t a starting caliber safety, but he got the job done.

-Sterling Moore might have made the boneheaded move of the day knocking McCourty out of the game, but once again, he played pretty well for essentially a 6th string practice squad player playing safety for the first time in his life.

-Any time Ross Ventrone gets in on defense, it’s a good day. The day he intercepts a pass might be the greatest football moment of my life.

-Rob Gronkowski keeps proving why he’s the best tight end in the league. No one has the combination of size, speed, blocking hands and taste in women that he has.

-Rob Ninkovich played the game of his career. All year we’ve been waiting for the Patriots linebackers to step up in coverage. We saw it. If Ninkovich drops back into coverage more, we might see Mark Anderson rushing at the line more. Those are both improvements.

-Tarpinian/Tracey White didn’t play great, but they also weren’t liabilities like Gary Guyton usually is. Bravo to Bill Belichick for finally realizing how bad Guyton is. Next up is Shaun Ellis. The Patriots need to only start playing him in obvious running downs.

-Deion Branch came away with another nice game! I still don’t think he has the athleticism to be the game breaking WR that we need him to be, but he beat man coverage very nicely on his TD.

-The Patriots inability to get anything going on the ground is kind of scary, but the defense was so good, it wasn’t necessary to win.

-Early in the game we saw Hernandez and Welker line up in the backfield. I’d like to see more of that from Hernandez. He’s a good route runner out of the backfield and defenses seem to lose him.

-Special teams coverage continues to struggle, but Gostkowski bailed them out with a good game.

-Once again, how freaking good were Andre Carter and Mark Anderson? After this game, we can stop talking about the pass rush, right?

I’ll have more tomorrow in my keys to victory post.

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15 Responses to “Jets vs Patriots: The Aftermath”

  1. D. T. says:

    My feeling is that Guyton may be a healthy scratch from here on out. I also foresee maybe Vereen being IR’d.

    • Andrew says:

      So sad for Vereen. I really wanted to see him run this season! They never should’ve activated Faulk. Too old, no speed left.

  2. psw says:

    I said after fat albert was cut, improved effort if not talent would show itself immediately on the line. I’ll take yesterday as proof. Now if only everybody could get healthy at the same time by seasons end for a playoff run.

  3. TD says:

    This game is why Brady and BB get the big bucks!

    Where are all the whinners calling for BB’s ouster and trade Brady?

    We probably will not see a D like the past 3 (Pitt, NYG, NYJ) until the postseason so hopefully the OLine and Price can get healthy by then.

  4. qwerty says:

    Jets proved they are not a Superbowl team.

    In the AFC, maybe Houston or Ravens or Pittsburgh will emerge as AFC champ. I think Ravens may have got Pittsburgh number this year.

    Personnel wise, Ravens should have best team but just don’t gel offensively with consistency.

    With secondary of no names, it will be miracle for Patriots to win Superbowl but we all root for those miracle teams.

    NFC looks to be place where Superbowl champ winner will likely emerge.

  5. qwerty says:

    >Tarpinian/Tracey White didn’t play great, but they also weren’t liabilities like Gary Guyton usually is. Bravo to Bill Belichick for finally realizing how bad Guyton is.

    Exactly. Guyton has been a major liability on defense. I dread seeing him as starter. Better to play other players as starters.

    I was glad to see Tarpinian in there also. He may have some upside.

  6. John Major says:

    The Patriots just won their BIGGEST regular season game of the year. New England has 7 games remaining with a game at Philadelphia being the hardest game left. Even though Philly is 3-6, they are a better team than the record shows. In my opinion, since the pats have a fairly easy schedule the rest of the way, they should end up 12-4 or 11-5 at the worst. If the patriots are going to win the Super Bowl, they will have to face Pittsburgh again and most likely Green Bay in the Super Bowl. Do you think New England is ready to beat those 2 teams right now? I’m more scared of Pittsburgh than any other team. They are the best balanced team (offense and defense) in the NFL right now. I’m not impressed with Green Bay’s defense though their offense is great.

    • Tom says:

      I am more worried about Houston than I am Pittsburgh. Houston is more balanced than Pittsburgh. Also, San Fran might beat GB in the NFC championship game. Green Bay’s defense is suspect, but GB’s offense outscores everyone right now (sound familiar?) Do you think the Pats could be San Fran right now?

      • Big Dan From Maine says:

        Dont be worried about Houston anymore, their starting QB is gone for the season, and even with this patched up secondary, of cast offs and misfits, I KNOW the coaching staff can come up with a game plan to confuse any second stringer/rookie QBS

  7. Ryan says:

    I dedicate this win too three things:

    1. OL doing its job, and RB picking up the free man. Brady wasn’t clean all day, but he had time in the pocket and good awareness. He looked comfortable.

    2. DL, creating pressure and forcing turnovers.

    3. While we weren’t mistake free we didn’t penalize ourselves out of the game. For the most part when we were in good scenarios we were penalty free. (Gronk recalled TD blows my mind.)

    Sterling Moore: (dont ask me why i was glad he was there instead of Sergio Brown)

    Jeff Tarpinain:

    Julian Edelman (DB): I thought this impressive for the few plays he was in there.

  8. Lundahl says:

    Jets are a bunch of alienated punks. Warf, ” I guarantee a SuperBowl win”. I’m the best coach ever, my quarterback is the best quarterback ever ! Mark Sanchez is a disgusting first round bust; The guy is a fifth overall pick and he is just horrible. He can’t throw a damn slant. Holmes is simply pathetic next to Welker. Greene is slow as hell. Calvin Pace, a pas rusher ? Man he was owned by Vollmer all night long The guy is 31 years old and is a just a bust. What defense ? What talent ? Matt Chorizo, Sione Poopha, Ropati whatever his name is, you call that a defense ? Jets go right down the toilet.

    • D. T. says:

      These are the kind of overreaction posts I don’t like. If the Pats had lost this game, you would have wanted to trade Brady, hire a new OC and DC, bring back Moss, moan about Bodden, Meriweather, Sanders, McCourty, and the rest of the scrubs, dissed Tracy White and Ninkovich, attacked the pass rush for not bringing consistent pressure, and lashed at the O-Line for a pathetic run game and Vollmer in particular for that safety.

      You would have been moaning about how the Jets have so much more talent and the Pats draft picks haven’t turned out good.

      • Ryan says:

        I totally agree. Our fans are either steering the ship, or jumping off a cliff. What ever happened to weathering the storm?

      • DWE says:

        Certain thing’s are just inevitable(LMAO).

        I personally havent been “all so happy” with the drafting or F.A. waste being done that’s for sure(alot haven’t), and we actually have no DC 2speak of, at least not too my knowledge.
        I still beleive the O-line is somewhat plugged and we by far should have brought in the best F.A. OT around and dropped him in the middle of what we have now(since this was not done, we clearly need to do this “first priority” in the off season).
        Bringing Moss back would make no sence whatso-ever(unless it was at the begining of next season which I’d be a total proponent for), or anyother deep threat for that matter since Brady is holding the ball longer than he ever has and does not have the time otherwise afforded previously 2 wait for a regular mid fielder or a “deep threat” to get open anyway’s….

        You’ll always see a deep pass here and there by any QB, but for us, that’s why we wen’t with (2) really bad-ass potentialed TE’s as a main focus for ball catcher’s.
        Branch & Brady know eachother, but Branch is getting really old, he’s respectively slow and has a hard time getting open like we’d like him too. So again, another reason for the (2) TE slam we have.

        Welker……can’t say enough about him regardless of our O-line and the time they give Brady 2 get 2 any Wide Out. Welker will garner a more than great contract in the off season(respectively this is when Price need’s to begin to be in full time and Branch becomes the fill in).
        *Was it not great 2C Chad Ochocinco catch a couple!!!
        If he actually start’s coming into his own late in the season and finnally begin’s too take pressure off of out (2) TE’s and Brady for that matter……Put’s a little relief in for guy’s like Branch & Welker….?
        It’ll be nice 2C on a regular basis that’s for sure!

        Having said that, it was great 2C the O-line tighten up when they needed 2 & gel a bit, it helped get some thing’s done! I hope the O-line continues to gel and get’s rid of the penalties as well.
        In the off season; We need to drop a bad-ass OT in the middle of what we have currently and then consncentrate soley on the “D” after that.

        Defense..? Nothing cab be said that hasn’t already been said, we all know the fill-in’s(or scrubb’s as they have been called) and we all know what we are and furthermore have been missing…one game won’t change that.

        Our schedule here out is relitively easy with respect to whom we have next too play, maybe one real hard game left. But the resilliance the team showed if they can keep it up “and do so without injury” will go far if they can keep it together………………

        Nice win, great 2C them pull away like they did.
        Let’s just see if we can respectively keep it together and stun opposing team’s where it really count’s…….
        In the play-off’s!

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