In the Film Room: USC vs Colorado

Christian Tupou NFL Draft

USC defensive tackle Christian Tupou will be a name moving up draft boards this winter.

NEPD Staff Writer: Doug Kyed

The outcome wasn’t the only thing lopsided about this game. USC has tons of pro potential on their roster while Colorado leaves you thinking, why is this team in the Pac-12?

Freshmen WRs Robert Woods & Marqise Lee had huge days for USC despite a couple drops, as did freshmen LBs Hayes Pullard and Lamar Dawson. As for next year’s NFL Draft prospects, here were my thoughts:

#7 Matt Barkley, QB, USC
-Overthrows his first pass of the game.
-Shows nice poise when pressured, still completes pass.
-Beautiful deep ball for 33 yard TD, gets ball out fast, tough to pressure.
-Fakes out half the Colorado defense with pump fake.
-Completed 25/39 passes, should have had more completions, but Woods and Lee each had multiple tough drops.
-Forces a throw into triple coverage, comes out wobbly, lucky it wasn’t picked.
-Throws a great deep fade to Woods for 3rd TD.
-Another nice deep ball to Lee, this one TD #4.
-Rushes throw, gets picked off thinking the CB was going to follow Lee on route, cut in and picked off pass intended for TE.
-Makes a wow play throwing a 45 yard touchdown on the run. Forced to scramble out to the right, hit Woods perfectly.
-Thrown out of bounds, but shows off big arm in 4th quarter.
-Final TD a check down to Carlisle, USC record for TD passes in a game.
-It’s easy to see why Barkley is no. 2 on most draft boards. I wouldn’t move him above Luck, but I’m sure some writers/sites will to cause a stir.

#75 Matt Kalil, OT, USC
-Shows nice athleticism pulling.
-Great footwork to deflect pass rush.
-Lets edge rusher pressure Barkley, rare mistake.
-Shows nice athleticism running out to block screen, doesn’t fully connect on block.
-Never allows pressure, always keeps DEs in front of him.
-Stays very low for his size.
-Does a nice job setting the edge on outside runs.
-Sometimes gives up on play if he’s pushed his man out of play.
-Overall, Kalil had a fantastic day and looks like he’ll be an even better pro than his brother or last year’s first round pick Tyron Smith. It’s easy to see why he was starting at left tackle over Smith.

#54 Chris Galippo, LB, USC
-Freshman Lamar Dawson earned the start at MLB over him
-Finally gets into game in 2nd quarter
-Makes nice open field tackle after almost getting juked by Stewart.
-Reads QB well, helps force incompletion barreling down on Stewart.
-Makes another nice read on pass, get the deflection. Near pick.
-Doesn’t get fooled by Stewart’s juke, upends him in the backfield.
-Didn’t play a whole lot for an NFL prospect, but when he did play he looked good. Looked undersized, I might doubt his 250 lb. listed size.

#8 Nick Perry, DE, USC
-Comes from other side of the line to tackle Stewart.
-Makes a nice play reading the pass, sticks with Stewart and makes tackle for three yard loss.
-Pass rush off edge forces QB to throw the ball away.
-Completely overpowers tackle on his sack.
-Looked good, but plays on a very talented defensive line.

#7 T.J. McDonald, S, USC
-Suspended for first half of game for hit during Stanford game.
-Gets juked out of his shoes by Stewart.
-Nice open field tackle on Ryan Deehan.
-Reads the run well, comes up and helps blow up Stewart.

#44 Christian Tupou, DT, USC
-Had clear shot at QB, retreated into coverage when Stewart was left open. Should have continued pass rush.
-Broke through double team to rush QB.
-Gets a nice push on run defense.
-Has high motor, could eventually get through despite double team.
-Sheds block to tackle Stewart, hard to block one on one.
-Sheds block by Miller to tackle Stewart for no gain.
-Very impressed with Tupou, I have a feeling he’ll be shooting up draft boards.

#40 Rhett Ellison, TE, USC
-Does a nice job blocking on first run.
-Creates a nice hole blocking on right side.
-Cice pull block.
-Blocks field goal on special teams, very impressive effort.
-Nice job sealing off edge on run block.
-Shows nice hands out of backfield on 10 yard reception. Hurt his knee and did not return but Kiffin said he could.
-Was playing FB and TE during the game, looked pretty good as a blocker, showed decent athleticism. Could make a decent reserve TE with some versatility.

#98 DaJohn Harris, DT, USC
-Gets straight through on all out blitz, gets hand up and bats down the pass.
-Misses tackle on QB scramble.
-Blows up OT, tackles Stewart for a loss.
-Creates a tough tandem up the middle with Tupou. Overall I was more impressed with Tupou, but Harris will be worth a late round pick.

#73 Ryan Miller, OG, Colorado
-For size, does a nice job staying low.
-Does a nice job keeping Tupou in front on him on first Colorado TD.
-Whiffs on Harris, QB has to check down.
-Has trouble even on double team on Harris.
-Doesn’t stick with block on Tupou, allows Stewart to be tackled for no gain.
-Does the best job out of anyone against Tupou one on one.
-Overall has a strong second half. Had a tough matchup against Tupou and Harris.
-Have to question why he’s not playing T with his size. Will need to pack on some more pounds to play at NFL level.

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One Response to “In the Film Room: USC vs Colorado”

  1. Chris says:

    Do you think DaJohn Harris could play 3-4 end for the Patriots? He has some length (6-4) and size (310 lbs.) and seems to move pretty well for a guy his size.

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