In the Film Room: Tennessee vs South Carolina

Stephon Gilmore NFL Draft Patriots

Stephon Gilmore will be an intriguing cornerback in the 2012 NFL Draft.

The SEC is never a bad place to go searching for prospects – we’ve seen South Carolina before, but this is our first crack at Tennessee.

Here is what we saw out of the top 2012 NFL Draft prospects.

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#98 Devin Taylor, DE, South Carolina
-Lined up at LDE.
-Shakes off two blocks.
-Gets off cut block easily.
-Stoned on bull rush, didn’t show much get off. Not disengaging well.
-Manhandled by RT on run play, pushed back 5 yards.
-Slips by TE in pass-rush, flushes QB.
-Lost balance while trying to dip around corner.
-Easily blocked in pass-pro one-on-one by TE. No explosiveness so far.
-Looked very natural dropping into coverage – good depth, fluid.
-Might have got a hand on a FG.
-Still not showing the explosiveness we hoped for.
-Didn’t play like a Top 25 player today, but still has the physical tools to be an absolute menace.

#6 Melvin Ingram, DE, South Carolina
-Lined up at RDE and DT.
-Peels back off combination block and nearly makes tackle.
-Sitting out some plays.
-Great spin move inside – has free run at QB but misses sack.
-Good pursuit outside after being sucked in on fake.
-Decent bull-rush, walks LT back a bit.
-Had a decent day, showed some athleticism. Definitely a Top 100 player.

#5 Stephon Gilmore, CB, South Carolina
-Playing on special teams as well.
-Comes on corner blitz, makes good stop on RB.
-More good run support, takes on blocks well.
-Blanketing coverage in the red-zone, nearly picks it off. Physical at the line.
-Allowed inside release, trailed WR but pass was inaccurate.
-Smooth backpedal, undercuts route and picks ball off in the end-zone.
-Flipped hips well and showed great hands on the interception.
-Played a young QB, but showed why we think he has a great future in the NFL.

#1 Alshon Jeffrey, WR, South Carolina
-Casts an imposing physical presence on the field.
-Does not have a great offensive situation for a WR.
-Bracketed on nearly every play in first half, Tenn buzzed a safety in the 2nd.
-Nice double move, gets open but the QB doesn’t see him.
-Makes reception on WR screen, shies away from contact and fumbles going out of bounds.
-Looks a bit knicked up after taking a shot.
-Another WR screen, can’t break free from tackle.
-Tough to evaluate a performance like this, Jeffrey is an NFL receiver on a college offense.

#28 Tauren Poole, RB, Tennessee
-Showing some happy feet in the backfield.
-Shows some elusiveness, going down at first contact.
-Hasn’t really kept the engine going after being hit.
-Doesn’t have the angle to get to the edge, runs OB.
-Makes easy reception out of backfield, brings the hit to the CB.
-Didn’t look like a starting NFL RB today.

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