In the Film Room: Oklahoma State vs Kansas State

Arthur Brown NFL Draft

Arthur Brown flew around the field Saturday night, but it wasn't enough.

In a game that might have been the complete opposite of the LSU vs Alabama game, Oklahoma State and Kansas State certainly gave us a lot of plays to analyze.

Here are our thoughts on the top 2012 NFL Draft prospects in the game.

#81 Justin Blackmon, WR, Oklahoma State
-Shows good elusiveness on end-around, turned negative play into a gain.
-Bobbles punt return but hangs on.
-Fights off CB’s tackle attempt after quick pass, easy touchdown.
-Fumbles punt return – looked at coverage before securing ball.
-Very quick on his in-route, gets a few extra yards after catch.
-Ridiculous strength across the middle.
-So tough to tackle, nobody has got a good shot on him the whole night.
-Good route, didn’t lose much speed out of his break. Snatches the ball.
-Great awareness of the 1st-down marker.
-So good after the catch, very tough to tackle in the open field.
-Uses his body well on slant route.
-So dangerous on crossing route, but fumbles trying for extra yardage.
-Easy post route – can’t cover him 1 on 1.
-Lulled a CB to sleep, kicked it into a 2nd gear and torched him for a 50+ yard TD. Moss-ish.
-Then makes easy 2 point conversion on in-route. Runs in pads so easily.
-Rag-dolls CB with a stiff arm. Unreal.
-Still our #1 WR in the 2012 NFL Draft.

#10 Markelle Martin, S, Oklahoma State
-Playing on special teams as well.
-Overruns KSU quarterback on scramble, allows first down.
-Takes the bait on pump-fake.
-Looked tentative in pursuit on reverse. Had the speed to chase him down.
-Little hustle on TD run by KSU. Not impressed with his effort.
-Good chuck on slot WR, knocked him off his route.
-Walled off by OG, no chance on KSU rushing TD.
-Looks tentative in sticking his nose in and hitting someone tonight.
-Fights off WR block and makes solid tackle.
-Had his ankles broken on pivot route by freshman WR.
-Wasn’t impressed – has some obvious physical skills, but didn’t play well tonight.

#73 Levy Adcock, OT, Oklahoma State
-Looks very comfortable moving his feet.
-Shows a good punch but doesn’t stick to the defender.
-Latches on much better, controls DE easily.
-Getting a bit high at times, but still winning.
-Stays balanced in pass-protection, nice wide base.
-Beat badly on inside move, results in TFL.
-Poor cut block, allows some penetration
-Picks up stunt with no problems.
-Post-season will be interesting for Adcock, want to see him run-block more. Overall, really liked his game.

#2 Tysyn Hartman, S, Kansas State
-Misses tackle on Blackmon in the backfield.
-Stiff armed by WR, misses tackle.
-Makes nice interception, read QB’s eyes and high-pointed the ball. Good catch.
-Closes quickly on the ball, better tackling.
-Can’t stick on WR, easy in-route for TD. Way too high in his pedal.
-Misses another tackle on WR.
-Whiffs on another tackle – horrible fundamentals.
-Loses Blackmon on 2pt conversion. Not sure how that happens.
-A coverage safety only, can’t tackle worth a lick.

#4 Arthur Brown, LB, Kansas State
-Lining up at MLB.
-Diagnoses swing pass early, flies across the field to make the tackle.
-Diagnoses end-around very quickly, escorts Blackmon out of bounds.
-Finishes tackle very well – hits with some power.
-Chases down WR from behind, causes fumble. Great motor.
-Decent fluidity in coverage.
-Fights off block, assists on tackle.
-Lights up the ball-carrier. Fierce tackler.
-Ran with WR in coverage twice, but great passes on both lead to completions.
-Sheds block, makes TFL.
-Incredibly active, reads and reacts so well.
-Looked like a Top 50 player tonight.

Oklahoma State quarterback Brandon Weeden was also impressive – we are going to watch him during the post-season games and combine.

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