In the Film Room: Memphis vs Marshall

Vinny Curry Patriots NFL Draft

Vinny Curry is an intriguing pass-rush option for both 3-4 and 4-3 teams.

Last we saw Marshall DE/OLB Vinny Curry, he didn’t have a great game against Tulsa. Did he rebound against Memphis, or did Tigers DT Dontari Poe steal the show?

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#99 Vinny Curry, DE, Marshall
-Lining up at both DE positions.
-Handled by TE, with OT there to help – caught off-guard due to play-action.
-Super quick off the ball.
-Pancaked by crack-back, also offside on play.
-Cut by OT multiple times, seems to be the new way to slow Curry the last few games.
-Tracks the ball well, scrapes down the line and assists on the tackle.
-Good push on option play, sheds block and forces the play out.
-Getting a little high out of his stance, giving the OL a big target.
-Knocked backwards by RT on run play.
-Keys on fullback, caught inside on run to the outside at goal-line.
-Not getting pressure early, doubled at times.
-Creates some push and blocks extra point.
-Showing good discipline, not over-reacting to plays and staying on his assignment.
-Slips inside once OL stops moving his feet, gets some pressure on QB.
-Good read, react, and tackle on zone read.
-Tracks the ball well, makes the tackle at the line of scrimmage.
-Sudden quickness at the snap of the ball, but got a bit too high and didn’t get enough push.
-Pushes the RT back into the option lane, blows up the play.
-LT misses assignment, Curry obliterates the RB for a loss.
-Controls lineman with one arm while tackling RB with another two plays later.
-Nice swim-move, flushes the QB into pressure.
-Shows off power, pushing RT back into the option lane again. Much better pad level.
-Good twist and rip, gets pressure in the QB’s face.
-Flashed his skills at times, but this was the 2nd below-par game in a row for Curry.

#74 Dontari Poe, DL, Memphis
-Lining up at DT, looks all of his listed 350 pounds.
-Fights off cut block, pursues across the field.
-Doubled, taken out of play. Not super quick off the ball early.
-Running well for a big man, carries his weight very well.
-Diagnoses screen play quickly.
-Sitting out some plays.
-Good pad level, anchors well against the run, allows short gain.
-Drops into coverage, looked very fluid – good change of direction.
-Bull rush, converts into outside move with a decent rip.
-Shedding blocks well, doesn’t let OL latch on.
-Having fits with double teams, getting taken out of play.
-Much better work on double team the next series, pushes both blockers into the pocket.
-Sheds block, makes tackle on RB.
-Very strong through his lower body, tough to root out.
-Has stayed active the entire game – good motor.
-Impressive first real look at Poe, much more athletic than we initially thought. With some good coaching, he is going to be an absolute menace at the next level.

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