In the Film Room: Clemson vs NC State

Audie Cole NFL Draft

Linebacker Audie Cole was a big part of the Wolfpack's big win. (Photo: ICON SMI)

NEPD Staff Writer: Doug Kyed

A stunning upset by NC State over Clemson was only half the story last Saturday. Here is what we saw out of the multitude of 2012 NFL Draft Propsects.

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#42 Audie Cole, ILB, NC State
-reads QB keeper well, comes from across the field to make tackle
-makes a nice juke on defender to force pressure on QB
-gets juked by Boyd on QB scramble
-does a nice job in coverage forcing interception. Blanketed RB.
-disappears a lot for an ILB, doesn’t find himself around the ball a lot
-gets good pressure on QB, but hits him late for a roughing the passer penalty
-Not overly impressed with Cole. Tended to disappear at times, not in on as many plays as I would have liked to have seen at ILB.

#84 George Bryan, TE, NC State
-called for unnecessary roughness
-makes a nice move to avoid contact at the line, catches pass over the middle. Doesn’t display great speed
-doesn’t get affected easily by contact at the line
-makes incredible leaping catch over blanketed coverage, tip toes down the line for touchdown
-couldn’t make tough catch in traffic
-tends to miss blocks on running plays
-Looks plodding at times, a decent run blocker, has nice hands, but won’t do much after the catch.

#98 Brandon Thompson, DT, Clemson
-gets a crazy burst off the line on first play, in on tackle.
-jumps off the line and gets into the backfield on every play, in on a lot of tackles for a down lineman.
-sheds one on one blocks easily
-clogs his hole and forces RB to bounce out to outside for TFL
-sheds his blocker like a ragdoll to force pressure
-has a lot more strength than athleticism
-has a hard time holding his ground against double teams
-he and Branch make it very hard to run against their side of the line when set up next to one another
-got hurt in first quarter, hasn’t shown same burst since, but still a solid gap filler.
-Had insane burst off the line before first quarter injury, got over powered easily at times when double teamed. When healthy, he’s an impressive player.

#83 Dwayne Allen, TE, Clemson
-nice job driving back defender on run block
-drops a low pass
-suffered from turf tow all year
-misses his block to allow TFL
-does a nice job setting the edge on run blocking
-shows nice hands with catch over the middle. Lined up in slot, showed nice route running.
-seems really affected by turf toe
-Could be the first tight end off the board if he comes out, only a junior. Shows nice athleticism and route running, nice hands, could work on run blocking.

#40 Andre Branch, DE, Clemson
-drills RB three yards behind the line, gets a nice jump off line.
-beats single coverage by simply over powering the lineman, pushing him back in to the backfield.
-gets a lot of tackles as a down lineman
-lines up as a linebacker on 3rd down, drills QB for a QB hit and forces a short thrown on a five man delayed blitz
-does a nice job getting after QB from all over the field
-does a nice job controlling his tackle in run game. In on a lot of plays coming from DE.
-missed costly open field tackle, looked like a lack of effort
-really great all around player, equally solid against run than he is against pass.

#74 Antoine McClain, G, Clemson
-creates a huge hole for RB with Walker, each completely blocked off their edge.
-shows nice athleticism for a big man on pull
-doesn’t allow any pressure up the middle to DTs
-gets juked by DE, allows pressure to more athletic linemen
-late round guard prospect, did a nice job of keeping DTs at bay, didn’t get much of a push in the run game.

#72 Landon Walker, T, Clemson
-creates a huge hole for RB with McClain, each completely blocked off their edge.
-keeps his defender in front of him, has nice footwork moving backwards, doesn’t get overpowered.
-tries to keep defender in front of him, can’t keep up with speed and lets up huge third down sack.
-having a so-so game, can’t keep his defender in front of him, even with McClain blocking next to him.
-the left side of the line makes him and McClain look a lot better
-late round to undrafted type player. Could afford to add some size to his frame, though he’s not overly athletic as it is.

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