In the Film Room: Boise State vs TCU

Kellen Moore NFL Draft

Is Kellen Moore a legitimate NFL Draft prospect? (Photo: ICON SMI)

NEPD Staff Writer: Doug Kyed

As someone who wanted to see Boise State at least play in a BCS bowl, this was a tough game to have to watch. Sophomore TCU Quarterback Casey Pachall was very impressive, he’ll be a nice pro prospect.

Here are our thoughts on the 2012 NFL Draft Prospects.

#90 Billy Winn, DT, Boise State
-held out of much of the game due to injury
-displays really nice athleticism for his size
-constantly double teamed, has a tough time getting passed it
-wasn’t the best game to scout Winn, he was only in the game periodically. When he was in I was very impressed. Had nice quickness for his size. Could add some weight to his frame, maybe develop more strength. Lines up all over the field, versatile enough to play either DT or DE in 4-3 or DE in 3-4.

#8 George Iloka S, Boise State
-nice coverage on #11, helped by an overthrow
-missed leg tackle on #32
-great tackle on #11, didn’t get faked out, kept him in front of him.
-made a nice backfield tackle by breaking off his blocker
-breaks on plays fast
-can get beat in coverage, but closes fast and is a nice tackler.
-does a good job in coverage, forces QB to throw ball away
-Mid round prospect, can get beat in coverage but is quick to the ball carrier. Doesn’t allow yards after catch.

#92 Shea McClellin, DE, Boise State
-read the option well, kept QB in front of him
-got a massive jump off edge, broke up option pitch to RB. Really incredible play.
-did a nice job staying in pace with RB in coverage, would have benefited from turning his head to break up pass
-sometimes isn’t athletic enough to get to next level to get to QB
-Another mid-late round prospect. Seems slow at times, especially in coverage.

#40 Tyrone Crawford, DE, Boise State
-beat blocker, came around edge to stop RB for a loss
-showed a nice burst stopping RB on run off the edge
-sometimes has trouble reading plays, doesn’t always play at full speed
-sheds blocker nicely for QB hit
-returned fumble for touchdown. Ball bounced up to him, but showed off athleticism on return.
-really nice job reading play fake and forcing fumble
-Late round prospect, lines up all over the field once again. Between the uniforms, the blue field and how often the defensive linemen were switching positions, it was tough to keep track of everyone.

#73 Nate Potter, OT, Boise State
-Did a nice job sealing off his edge on rush
-allowed a sack letting defender come back inside
-really nice run blocker, doesn’t let his defender get passed him
-let defender slip past him to help out on sack
-shows nice footwork, tends to play a little high
-helps open up huge hole in run game
-Does a better job in run than pass. Always keeps his defender in front of him, very consistent. Rarely drives his defender out of the play.

#11 Kellen Moore, QB, Boise State
-throws ill advised throw into double coverage
-floated TD perfectly to #2. Helped out by a nice one handed catch.
-bad drop by #2 on sidelines, nicely thrown ball
-made nice strong, accurate throw on the run. Looks just as comfortable out of the boot than he does in pocket.
-tendency to throw off back foot
-missed wide open WR in end zone overthrowing him
-rarely puts a good zip on the ball
-missed receiver trying to hit him in stride deep middle
-lots of conservative throws, rarely challenged
-right after I say that he throws a deep post… off his back foot
-made the throw of the day on deep TD to start fourth quarter. Showed nice form, hit WR in stride.
-does a nice job staying back in pocket, nice accurate throw hitting WR in stride over the middle.
-badly underthrows receiver on deep middle route
-very off on last drive with his accuracy
-His accuracy is typically not his problem, shows nice tough. Arm strength is a huge problem, never truly zips the ball, even on his short throws. Great pocket presence and mobility, typically makes good decisions.

#80 Kyle Efaw, TE, Boise State
-nice catch while getting drilled.
-someone plodding, but has nice hands
-nice job blocking defender out of play
-consistently nice run blocker, will get beat by better defenders.

#43 Tank Carder, OLB, TCU
-great read on run play, followed RB the whole way
-read and reacted to throw to Efaw nicely. Almost kept Efaw from the first down.
-missed tackle on checkdown to #20
-read screen all the way, nice a nice stop before RB could get to his blockers
-got faked badly on fake double reverse
-missed tackle on screen pass
-does best when he stays back and lets play come to him
-broke into backfield quick to blow up play in backfield
-helps force fumble from behind tackling RB
-Can get eaten up by lineman due to small stature. Is a nice sound tackler, usually reads plays nicely. Late round prospect.

#7 Greg McCoy, CB, TCU
-missed tackle on #17
-WR beat him over the middle, went for the strip, not the tackle
-stayed back, let play come to him, made an open field tackle
-great coverage all the way on deep pass breakup to #17
-missed tackle on fake double reverse trying to leg tackle
-shows some nice burst on kickoff return, reads blocks well.
-nice coverage, but a better catch by WR.
-called for holding on pass breakup
-nice form tackle on Efaw
-got called on very questionable pass interference on 4th and 10 on final drive.
-late to UFA, can get beat by lesser WRs, nice physical tackler for his size.

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