Film Room Live: Oklahoma State vs Iowa State

Justin Blackmon Patriots

Justin Blackmon is the marquee 2012 NFL Draft prospect in a game full of them. (Photo: ICON SMI)

If our second trip to the press box at Jack Trice Stadium is anywhere close to as exciting as the first, we’re in for a surprising night. (Update: Oklahoma State vs Iowa State certainly didn’t disappoint…)

Justin Blackmon, the phenomenal OSU receiver, is certainly the top 2012 prospect in the game. That said, Iowa State has a number of interesting prospects themselves, including top 100 players on each side of the ball.

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#81 Justin Blackmon, WR, Oklahoma State
-Shows strength, blocking well on Johnson.
-Good route-adjustment, finds the soft-spot in zone, Weeden can’t deliver.
-Another fantastic block.
-Great route, crossing the face of Johnson, then breaking it off and coming back for the ball.
-Beats Johnson on whip route, fights for extra yards.
-Very fluid route, had the corner guessing where he was going.
-Can’t get away from slew of defenders on WR screen.
-Couldn’t get separation from Johnson on go route.
-Slips past Johnson on WR screen, not sure how he made him miss.
-Out-jumps CB stuck to him in man coverage to come down with 27-yard TD. No separation.
-Shows a 2nd-gear making up the cushion on deep-route.
-So tough to bring down with only one guy on screen play.
-Runs shallow crossing route, delivers a nasty stiff-arm after the catch.
-Still struggling to separate from Johnson.
-Great double move, gets a bit of space and hauls in a great catch.
-Snags the ball out of the air, rarely lets the ball get in on him.
-Tough drop in overtime.
-One of his worst nights – blanketed by Leonard Johnson all game.
-Upbeat after the game, mentioned that he and the Cowboys still have a lot to play for. Very professional.

#3 Brandon Weeden, QB, Oklahoma State
-Skips pass to an open Blackmon.
-Getting some rhythm going with some quick passes.
-Very patient, finds Blackmon coming back to the ball.
-Fantastic deep post completion, second read.
-A bit antsy in the pocket, throws off his back foot into coverage.
-Throws a bad pick, poor ball with poor mechanics, thrown into double coverage again.
-Shows great touch on deep sideline ball, then connects on series of quick passes.
-Better accuracy in the 2nd quarter, hitting receivers in stride.
-Just misses on another deep sideline route, great touch again.
-Takes what the defense gives him, hits checkdown for 1st down.
-Tosses jump ball to Blackmon, who grabs it for a TD.
-Goes through progressions well, hits comeback across the field.
-Fits ball into tight window on 3rd and long, big play.
-Another perfect pass dropped in in front of the safety.
-Tosses a wobbler, not a pretty looking ball.
-Hits receiver on crossing route for the TD, just a bit behind him.
-So productive, you hardly even notice as he racks up 100’s of yards.
-Telegraphs pass, CB steps in front of Blackmon to intercept after tip.
-Fantastic touch pass, waits for Blackmon to come open and hits him for huge first down.
-A bit wild, but Blackmon hauls in short catch.
-Disappointing night from Weeden. Couldn’t capitalize on opportunities, too inconsistent.

#10 Markelle Martin, S, Oklahoma State
-Closes quickly on pass, makes the solid stop one yard short of 1st down.
-Takes a poor angle on runner, barely able to nudge him out of bounds.
-Receivers blows by him, but QB can’t find the time to deliver the deep ball.
-Very smooth athlete in pads.
-A bit more active than other games we’ve seen Martin, 5 tackles in the first quarter.
-Misses on big open-field tackle, results in big gain.
-Times hit perfectly on receiver, but still a completion.
-Can’t shed block from WR, ISU runs in for a TD.
-Good diagnosis of QB draw, solid tackle.
-Jumps route and breaks up pass in the end-zone.
-Absorbs the hit from the RB, doesn’t deliver the blow.
-A better night from Martin, but still don’t see him as a starter in the NFL.

#50 Jamie Blatnick, DE, Oklahoma State
-Lining up at RE and LE.
-Gets some good pressure on QB.
-Can’t get past Osemele and his long arms.
-Good outside speed move, got the edge on Osemele.
-Playing from both a 2-point and 3-point stance.
-Good pursuit to the ball.
-Dropped into coverage, disrupts passing lane.
-Good pad level, getting some decent push on his bull-rush.
-Very active player, like his motor.

#72 Kelechi Osemele, OT, Iowa State
-Playing on an injured ankle.
-Controls RE with long arms.
-Beat on speed rush to the outside, slow on his kick step.
-Showing decent balance in the open field, making blocks at the 2nd level.
-Much better footwork, stays with the RE – easily fighting off defender’s hands.
-Cyclones running blur offense, not looking winded.
-False start.
-Warding off Blatnick with his long arms.
-Allows Blatnick to get under him and around the edge, getting too wide.
-Punishing some defenders in the run game, good punch.
-Locks on to defender and roots him out of the play, so strong.
-Feet stalled, allowed defender to come on inside move and get some pressure.
-Picks up stunt well, good change of direction.
-Not reaching for guys to block in pass-protection, patient.
-Unsure of who to block, lets the inside man go free.
-Has blocked air on multiple occasions tonight.
-Reaches, gets off balance, misses on block.
-Decent game, but nothing overly impressive as we’re used to seeing.

#23 Leonard Johnson, CB, Iowa State
-Matched up on Blackmon the majority of the night.
-Getting obliterated in the run game by Blackmon.
-In press, gets crossed by Blackmon and can’t hang with him – had safety help.
-Giving Blackmon a variety of looks, both man and zone.
-Sticks with Blackmon on lazy route, Blackmon knew play wasn’t going his way.
-Right on Blackmon on go route, like glue.
-Has Blackmon dead to rights on WR screen, but misses tackle.
-Perfect coverage, but Blackmon high-points the ball and scores a TD.
-Covers Blackmon in man on 4th and 2, right on him.
-Talking some major trash to Blackmon after series.
-Gets called for questionable PI covering Blackmon, looked pretty close to being a great deflection.
-Jumps on loose ball for a fumble recovery.
-All over Blackmon on quick slant, doesn’t allow completion.
-Forces Blackmon, out of bounds in press.
-Tackles Blackmon for short gain after quick pass.
-Snags interception after diagnosing the route and breaking early.
-Johnson is really making himself known to whole nation tonight.
-Right on Blackmon again, nullified by false start.
-Blackmons gets an inch of separation on double move, picks up 28.
-Broken record alert, Johnson blanketed on Blackmon on deep route.
-Blackmon on Johnson – “The most physical corner I’ve seen.”
-An unreal game, solidified our view of him as a Top 100 prospect, might jump higher.

Others who flashed:

#20 Jake Knott, LB, Iowa State
#47 AJ Klein, LB, Iowa State

Both Cyclone linebackers showed great motors, as well as coverage and tackling skills. Super productive, they really impressed in each of the two games we’ve seen this year. Each should be in the running for the Top 150 prospects for the 2013 NFL Draft.

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