Albert Haynesworth Released

Patriots Release Albert Haynesworth

The Haynesworth experiment is over.

NEPD Staff Writer: Doug Kyed

In a not so surprising move, the Patriots have released DT Albert Haynesworth today.

The move was likely made due to a confrontation Haynesworth had with defensive line coach Pepper Johnson after Haynesworth showed a lack of effort in the third quarter against the Giants.

The Patriots traded a 2013 5th round pick to the Redskins for Haynesworth in July.

I assumed a move was going to be made along the defensive line after DE Brandon Deaderick and DT Ron Brace were both recently activated off the PUP list. I figured it would either be Shaun Ellis or Haynesworth. Haynesworth has been more productive in limited time, but I can understand not wanting Haynesworth to start acting Haynesworth-esque.

It’s pretty interesting, this team is starting to look more and more like the team we saw last year. With such a limited free agent/off season period, it makes sense that Belichick was basically trying out Bodden and Haynesworth over the last eight weeks. Not only trying them out, but also trying out their personalities with the rest of the team. Obviously they weren’t melding, so they had to go.

The Patriots will move forward with Vince Wilfork, Kyle Love, Ron Brace and Gerard Warren at DT. None of those players are the same kind of pass rusher that Haynesworth is, so the defensive ends will have to continue to step forward.

It will be interesting to see what the corresponding move will be. I wouldn’t be surprised to see another CB on the 53 man roster. I’m doubtful that Haynesworth will find another spot on an NFL roster. If Belichick can’t tame him, I’m sure anyone is up to the task.

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20 Responses to “Albert Haynesworth Released”

  1. john says:


  2. Bill says:

    BB doesn’t understand and doesn’t have a clue that it is no longer 2002.

    BB is LOST as both a talent evaluator and a head coach.

    BB WAS recognized as the best talent evaluator of DB’s in the NFL. Parcells was recognized as the best talent evaluator of LB’s in the NFL.

    Parcells-type LB’s for the Pat’s are now long gone. And BB is shuffling players into the line-up with the same velosity as he did in 2001.

    It’s OVER. BB no longer has the magic and inherited players from his first year as HC. Get BB out of NE. Trade him for a late round draft pick.

    • John says:

      if you hate the organization so much dont watch them

    • DWE says:

      Inherited Player’s & Defensive Base to work with, with also the right team mentality and attitude. Agreed.

      He also better be able to change with a little of the times. He’s not at all. Agreed.

      Best evaluator of DB’s………..Uhmm’ “MAYBE, and I Mean “MAYBE”.
      He’s o.k., but clearly by definition and history, he get’s a “MABYE” only on that.
      *He did trade Ty Law away. He also had yet too fill “himself” anybodies shoes of the inherited base he was handed, regardless of the possition DB or much another.
      Pioli was mainly responsable for bringing in Seymore, WIlfork and Warren. & that was the base for quite some time as we all know.
      Agreed that: You have to look at BB soley on him……which it has been for some time now & really after the crew left.
      & the “Crew” would be, Pioli, Cremmel & Weiss. This of course regarding the title year’s…..and maybe a bit beyond.

      AGREED. It’s been all BB for some time, and as everyone know’s, the only thing the Patriot’s have been for quite some time…………….is a great regular season team……..and that’s it! Since it’s been just BB, WE ARE OFFICIALLY THE BILL BELICHICK SHOW ONLY. Maybe you can say the BELICHICK and BRADY SHOW, but I have a suspicion that Tom Brady actually does wan’t to win, he’s just not the Coach or GM, he’s the team’s QB. SInce it’s been “ALL BB ALL THE TIME” it’s been JUST LIKE THE COLT’S USED 2B……… ALWAYS AND ONLY THE PEYTON MANNING SHOW. Couple that with a moutain of Horrific move’s by BB with both current player’s & new player’s as well as Drafting & veteran’s alike…………………………………..OUCH!

      Now isn’t the time too bring up “SPYGATE” is it BILL????????
      It wasn’t around when PArcell’s was here, and the winning “base” was built and good veterans actually wanted too come to N.E..
      It wasn’t around when BB first took over and won three titles……….it was there after wasn’t it?. Wasn’t it?
      Weiss and Cremmel leave, the defense got progessivelly worse since 2005 and on, Spygate was early 2007………

      It’s a little scarey how you and I see & agree on alot Bill. Apparently you do not wear rose colored glasses very much.

      However, Unless Cremmel and Weiss come back and we draft well(which we havent done in a really long time), I think BB will Retire before he get’s physically traded…………..and would also garner better than a late round pick.

      I do like K.C.’s A+ draft though, man I wish Pioli was still here as wel………..

      • John says:

        I dont where rose colored glasses i just dont completely over react and feel the urge to murder someone after the patriots lose if you dont like the organization root for another one and pioli had a lot of draft misses too

  3. Lundahl says:

    Fat Albert had a chance but he screwed it.We pay these guys, we can’t waste our time on them if they don’t show up.

  4. John Major says:

    Hey! Hey! Hey! It’s Fat Albert! Now he can eat all the Big Macs and Quarter Pounders he wants with his 100 million dollars that he didn’t earn. Ochozero is next and hanging on by a thread right now!

  5. psw says:

    Thank goodness haynsworthless is gone, may we never hear from him again until the day he is hit by a semi-truck. hopefully he’ll be hanging out with ocho pathetico, and leigh baddone. ( I can dream cant I). Now at least we can get some guys who actually want to play on the line. The difference in guts if not talent will hopefully show itself right away. I can dream cant I.

  6. DWE says:

    Hanysworth was never the answer(who’d have thunk that????)
    Adding Phil Taylor “would have” been a better one.

    + the 5th rounder in 2013……..ALL (3)three are GONE. Not just Haynsworth himself.

    Also, what is this about trying Bodden out through the last number of week’s? to see if he could get along with the rest of the team???
    (a little weird on the wording for me). HE was given a 4 year massive “front loaded no-less” contract by compairison to his actual abilities after kicking the tire’s over in Houston. He IMO was only average, like most of the “D”. But do you really give a guy a “front loaded deal like that if he had a cituation regarding “getting along with the rest of the team”?
    Just more proof that he should have never seen that contract and should have been shown the direction of Houston on a Map befor he was given the boot alot sooner than he was.
    You don’t give a guy a contract like that if there was some “ISSUE” regarding he getting along with the rest of the team.
    He was never worth 2/3rd’s of that massive by comparisson to his actual abilities shown in the first two year’s either……..beyond getting the contract itself.
    He was merely O.K..
    The contract amount was stupid.
    Getting 2/3rd’s in the first 2 of the 4 year’s was stupid.
    And then actually cutting him outright when he was actually needed knowing there was no one to come in behind him was even more stupid.

    Should have just let him play through the end of the year and then sent him packing.
    Haynsworth at least had an incentive based contract VS Ocho or Bodden who both “GOT PAID” by comparisson.
    ……..& All three are absolute and total non-factor’s……GOOD GREIF.

    • qwerty says:

      > And then actually cutting him outright when he was actually needed knowing there was no one to come in behind him was even more stupid.
      > Should have just let him play through the end of the year and then sent him packing.


      they should have done just that for Bodden. The Patriots secondary may have been able to barely squeak by until next year.

      Also they should not have IRed Dowling if it was just 6 more weeks. He may have been good to go down the stretch. without a good enough secondary, a playoff team will be dead meat.

      now there are few options except hope that the secondary miracle occurs

  7. qwerty says:

    Hard to assess the situation so can’t say anything negative about Haynesworth especially after BB mismanaged the secondary. Bodden cut really was final nail in Patriots chances this year unless there is a miracle in secondary.

    The patriots DL was pretty strong last year so patriots can manage with his loss but they will be a weaker team defensively than last year overall.

    • TD says:

      The Haynesworth experiment went on until both Deadrick and Brace could come off of PUP and actually contribute.

      Ouchostinko would be gone, but there is no one on the roster to replace him. Price would be out there but he can’t stay healthy.

      I think most of the moves coming will be to patch those not-so-special team units.

      • DWE says:

        They just signed WR Tiquan Underwood ( former Jaguar ), maybe he’ll get more reps and show Ocho suckmyass what’s up? Ha-ha-ha-ha!
        In breaking news also today…………..It is no longer “The BROTHER’S GRONK”…………… as Dan Gronkowski was relased as well, and ya’ & so was O-Lineman Thomas Welch from the P/Squad.

        Maybe he just wasn’t as good as that O-linman Marcus Cannon guy we picked up in the draft who still won’t be able to play for another year and a half????? Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!

        “All my Steeler friend’s are “STILL” making fun of me toniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight”

        • Ryan says:

          How do you know how long it will take Cannon to play? Also, how do you know how good or bad Cannon will be? We lost a few games, and we might not have a story book season. Sorry, but its inevitable.

      • qwerty says:

        >The Haynesworth experiment went on until both Deadrick and Brace could come off of PUP and actually contribute.

        good observation

  8. Phil says:

    3-4 defense? Bringing back Bodden?

    • Doug Kyed says:

      Might see more 3-4 looks, but Andre Carter has been one of the best players on this defense and he doesn’t really fit into a 3-4.

      Doubt we’ll see Bodden again (though I’d accept him with open arms).

      • Big Dan From Maine says:

        Now lets dump OCHOSTINKO and be done with both of these stupid experiments. Lets bring in a free agent wide recieve instead of another chump corner back off the streets.

        We need to see more Mark Anderson at DE for more speed rush opposite Carter

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