2012 NFL Draft Risers and Fallers: Offense

Robert Griffin NFL Draft

Robert Griffin headlines the list of risers so far this season.

NEPD Staff Writer: Mike Loyko

With a little less than a month remaining in college football regular season, we are starting to get a very good sense of what players have really helped their draft stock this year and what players have damaged theirs.


Riser-Robert Griffin III, Baylor-
Griffin has always had unbelievable athletic ability, with Olympic caliber speed, but not many people, if any, thought of him as an NFL quality QB. This year however, Griffin has made tremendous progress as a QB. He has been extremely accurate all season. His accuracy combined with his athleticism and his ability to throw the football make his a legitimate NFL prospect and some scouts even view him as a top 20 pick.

Other Risers- Ryan Tannehill Texas A&M, Brandon Weeden Oklahoma St. 

Faller- Nick Foles, Arizona-
I have never been a Foles fan, but some people thought that if he improved on his decision making and his ability to make tougher throws, then he could rise in the the draft rankings. I just haven’t seen too much improvement in Foles. He will likely be drafted and maybe even in the mid-rounds, but I wouldn’t touch him.

Other Fallers-  Kirk Cousins- Michigan State, John Brantley- Florida

Runnnig Back

Riser- Lamar Miller, RB, Miami (FL)-
Miller has always had the talent and has been highly regarded, however this year Miller has elevated his game to another level. Only a redshirt sophomore, Miller has been discussed as a possible 1st round running back.

Other Risers- Chris Polk-Washington, Bernard Pierce-Temple

Faller- Boom Herron, Ohio State-
Herron’s stock has fallen mainly because he hasn’t been on the football field this season. Suspended for the first 6 games due to the OSU tattoo scandal, other RB have been able to pass him by. While not flashy or overly athletic Herron is a solid, tough runner. He will still get drafted, but he has cost himself some money with his suspension.

Other Fallers- Vick Ballard-Miss.St., Tauren Poole-Tennessee, Brandon Bolden-Ole Miss.

Wide Receiver

Riser- Dwight Jones, North Carolina-
Jones has skyrocketed up the WR rankings with his breakout season. Jones looks like he is the next in a line of NFL quality WR. Jones has a very good size-speed combination and can make tough catches look routine. The WR position has been one of the more fluid positions this year with a number of prospect either hurting or improving their stock.

Other Risers-  Rueben Randle-LSU, Nick Toon-Wisconsin, Marvin McNutt-Iowa, Kendall Wright-Baylor, AJ Jenkins-Illinois, T.Y. Hilton- Florida Int. 

Fallers- Alshon Jeffery, South Carolina-
Jeffery isn’t your traditional faller where he is expected to drop 3-4 rounds, but Jeffery’s down season has raised questions. Now granted it’s not all Jeffery’s fault. The QB situation at South Carolina has been a trainwreck all year. But questions have been raised about Jeffery’s ability to run routes, his overall speed and athleticism, and if he will be more than just a “throw it up” to him target. Jeffery is still going in round 1, but I don’t think he ends up going top 10 anymore.

Other Fallers- Jeff Fuller-Texas A&M, Chris Owusu-Stanford, Greg Childs-Arkansas

Tight End

Riser- Dwayne Allen, Clemson-
The consensus #1 TE heading into the season was Mizzou’s Michael Egnew, however, Allen has surpassed him and is now #1 on alot of boards. His combination of size, speed and athleticism make him extremely attractive to NFL teams who want a 4 down TE, which appears to becoming the new en vogue trend in the NFL.

Other Risers- Zach Ertz-Stanford, Tyler Eifert-Notre Dame, Rhett Ellison-USC

Faller- Michael Egnew, Missouri-
Egnew has been passed by a handful of tight ends who are more athletic complete players. Besides Allen, Egnew has also been passed by Colby Fleener and Tyler Eifert.

Offensive Tackle

Riser- Reilly Reiff, Iowa-
Coming into the season it appeared there were two offensive tackles who could be picked in the top 10. Reiff has played extremely well all year, dominating his defender at times. Reiff is your protypical Iowa OT- smart, fundamentally sound, strong and athletic. He has joined Matt Kalil and Johnathan Martin as the 3 elite tackle prospects in the upcoming draft.

Faller- Nate Potter, Boise St. –
My first film room study I broke down Nate Potter in depth. I said he needs to prove that there is more to his game than meets the eye. But with Potter he “is what he is”. Not an overly athletic or strong tackle, he plays a more finesse, heady game. His lack of athletcism and his lower ceiling has allowed other tackles who may be a little bit more raw that Potter to pass him.

Interior Offensive Line

Riser- David DeCastro, Stanford-
This one is a layup. DeCastro has has probably the best season of any offensive lineman in the country. Not only has he elevated himself into the #1 ranked OG and securely into the first round. He has also created speculation that he could possilbly be drafted in the top 10. If DeCastro is able to pull that off he would be the first Guard drafted in the top 10 since Chris Naeole was pick #10 in the 1997 NFL Draft.

Faller- Ben Jones, Georgia-
I have had the chance to scout almost every top Center prospect in this years draft. I haven’t been overly impressed with Jones. I still think Jones is drafted in the top 4 rounds, but I have questions about his ability to succeed in the NFL.

*Look for the Defensive Risers and Fallers later in the week

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4 Responses to “2012 NFL Draft Risers and Fallers: Offense”

  1. asap says:

    You guys do a helluva job breaking down prosprects. Hopefully you’ll end up in somebody’s scout department. i.e. (pats)

  2. Jason Madson says:

    I really don’t see Egnew as a “Faller”. The Mizzou offense has transformed from a pass 70% of the time to now a run 60% of the time. He is lining up on the line and doing a hell of a job blocking for the Mizzou running game, something most questioned about him last year. If anything I’d say he has developed into more of a complete TE, rather than just a receiving threat.

  3. Brad says:

    Can’t see Boom Herron falling from the suspension. 415 yards and 2 TD’s in 3 games since suspension. He has been a man on a mission and heart and soul of the surging Buckeyes. I saw all I needed to see against Wisconsin. Pregame they show the guy standing on sideline, tears pouring down his face with a nasty scowl. Then he goes out and puts 160 on the Wisky defense. He looks like a man carrying a very large chip.

    Reality is that he’s not a feature back in the NFL. He’s not great at any one thing but has a solid all around skill set. I thought he was a late 3 before the suspension and I still think he’s a late 3 and may actually be moving up based on his play.

    Great article and I like the take on DeCastro. I have taken a lot of heat for saying DeCastro could be taken in the top-10, so it’s good to know I’m not the only one thinking that.

    • MikeLoyko says:

      Its not so much that he has fallen, its just other backs have passed him. He will be drafted, but not as high. At the end of last year I heard people talk about him as a 3rd round back not anymore

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