Patriots vs Jets: The Aftermath

Patriots Beat Jets

BenJarvus Green-Ellis put on a Corey Dillon Jersey today in Foxboro.

NEPD Staff Writer: Doug Kyed

A Patriots win. A Jets loss. A beautiful Sunday. Here’s how it happened.

Granted, it was the Jets offense, but I think the Patriots defense proved a lot of doubters wrong today. The Jets were held to 158 yards through the air and 97 on the ground for only 3.9 yards per carry. Here are some positives and negatives I took away from the game:

-BenJarvus Green-Ellis had a great game today in the “clock killin Corey Dillon” role. A lot of credit has to go to the Patriots offensive line as well. They continue to prove how good a run blocking team they are.

-On the flip side, the o-line had perhaps their worst day in pass protection. Brady was sacked four times and was hit five times.

-Aaron Hernandez didn’t have a great first half and definitely showed some improvement in the second half. Just having him on the field made the Patriots a different team. Having another threat like Hernandez really opens up the rest of the WRs like Branch and Ochocinco. Hernandez deserves a lot of credit for playing so many snaps when he pretty clearly wasn’t 100%. If that was any other game, he wouldn’t have been on the field.

-Rob Gronkowski played the fewest snaps of the season in this game.

-17 no huddle snaps for the Patriots. Without Woodhead we saw Green-Ellis and Ochocinco filling in.

-Any fantasy owners that expected Stevan Ridley to have a breakout game, welcome to a Bill Belichick coached run game.

-The six minute and twelve second drive at the end of the game was exactly what the Patriots needed. It would have been nicer to be able to close out the game then and there, but it was absolutely good enough.

-The Patriots did a nice job of containing the Jets run game. Green was held to 83 yards and the longest run of the day for the Jets was only 9 yards.

-New England also did a nice job preventing big plays. The Jets only had two plays over twenty yards. They may have lost the turnover battle, but you can still win the game if you’re not letting up yards in big chunks.

-We actually saw the Patriots defense bailing out the offense for once. When Brady and the offense couldn’t score in the second half, the defense came up with three big three and outs.

-I’m still worried about the Patriots linebackers with Mayo out. Spikes and Guyton have a lot of holes in their game.

-The pass rush looked a lot better today. It didn’t quite show up on the stat sheet with only 2 sacks and five QB hits, but Sanchez was pretty constantly hurried on his throws.

-Mark Anderson pretty quietly now has three and a half sacks on the season. He’s currently our sub and third down rusher, but I’d like to see him start getting more snaps.

-I noticed when Shaun Ellis was out, the Patriots would go to a 3-4 with Cunningham standing up. If anything I’d like to see Ellis as a 3-4 DE and Cunningham as a 4-3 DE, not OLB.

-For all of Derrick Mason’s talk, it was nice to see him get what? Two snaps?

Beating a team like the Jets feels great and the Patriots showed a lot today. As I said earlier, the Jets don’t have a great offense, they don’t even have a good offense, but at least the Patriots proved they can stop a bad offense today.

Belichick is now 3-3 against Rex Ryan and that alone feels pretty good. I’ll have more tomorrow in my six keys to victory column.

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19 Responses to “Patriots vs Jets: The Aftermath”

  1. qwerty says:

    Why didn’t Fletcher get any plays on defense ?
    (Did have 2 plays as FB on offense)

    Is he injured or what

    • TD says:

      They needed big, big bodies to help with running game. Spikes and Guyton took all of Fletcher’s snaps. Guyton has gotten better at run defense, not as good as Mayo but better.

      The run D did a good job, holding them under 100 yards with a long of 9yds. The Jets and the Sanchize left a lot of plays on the field with drops, especially by Plexiglass Burress.

  2. D. T. says:

    The secondary looked good. Ihedigbo blew coverage on the Holmes touchdown.I couldn’t tell who the CB was on that play but Ihedigbo wasn’t in position at all. Guyton and Ninkovich were responsible for the breakdown on the Greene touchdown. Both were completely driven back. The Kerley touchdown was a breakdown but due to Sanchez making a play with his feet.

    Overall, the CBs and safeties played very well in this game .They forced three-and-outs and only gave up 2 touchdowns. We also limited the runnning game on a day on which Jets tried to ground and pound. Although we still gave up 4.0 average, it was still a good day because no sustained game was allowed.

    The D-Line played really good. Everyone got hits on Sanchez, everyone got pressures, and two sacks were the result. It could easily have been 5 sacks because Sanchez slipped out of grasp at least 3 times. I was pretty happy with the pressure and if the D plays like this every game, we’re going to win the Super Bowl.

    So if the D allows up to 21 points, we’re going to win – Brady scores 30 no matter what. What I loved about this game the most was the running game. BJGE was running hard and getting 5 yards average. Last year, if Brady had got hit this much, the Patriots would have lost. This game, whenever the passing game stalled (and it stalled a lot), the Pats went to the run and KILLED. My favorite part was the last drive where the Jets loaded up for the run and STILL let BJGE run for 10+ yards. My only quibble was the stall in the end zone. BJGE had just RIPPED off 7 big runs…and we suddenly go to the passing game? And then go 3-and-out? Why? We should have stuck to the run. It’s a no-lose situation – run for no gain, and run out the clock. Run for a gain, get the first. So either way it would have been better than calling back-to-back passes.

    If the dolphins can pull together and defeat the Jets, their season is over.

    • Big Dan From Maine says:

      I have heard here that the D Line playes well, the Boston papers are saying the same thing. The Herald even went to mention Love and how great he played, and what effort he shows.

      Guys, I’m not seeing it. I dont think we are getting good pressure on the opposing QB, and Kyle Love is CONSTANTLY blown off the line. Our D Line is easy block, Double Wilfork, hat on everyone else and let runners run, and the passers pass.

      I dont think NY Jets Defense is that much better, (with the exception of their corners) alot of hits that were on Brady were because he was holding the ball to long trying to make a play. Each sack I was shouting at the TV to get rid of the ball. With all that said, other coaches draw up blitzes, stunts and schemes to get at the QB. We dont. Our Defense was much better when we had Seymore, Wilfork, whats his name. We had 3 of our own first round picks on the front line, not a bunch of washed up veteran cast offs, and non drafted plug ins.

      I hope when Brace and Deadrick get back things change.

      Now to the recievers, every year an unexpected Wide out burst on the scenes and becomes the next Jerry Rice. Our rookie wideouts grab pine if they dress at all. There is NO WAY you can tell me that Ochostinko knows the offense better than Price. We drafted him in the third round he looked very good in the preseason, GET HIM THE BALL.

      Enough ranting and liberal use of “we”. Nothing personal DT i just keep seeing this comment on how well the D line played and jumped in here to vent

      • TD says:

        Brace & Deadrick will go on IR if Wright cannot play and Haynesworth does not start doing something. Otherwise, it’s Wright on IR and Haynesworth on IR or the street.

      • DWE says:

        *Agreed regarding the “veteran cast-off’s” and “plug-in’s”.
        This Defence really does need a couple of young, skillfull players from the draft start that can start, step-up and be consistant and yes remind us and be in the mold of a Seymore, Warren, Wilfork combo rather than the afformentioned. Wilfork is getting up there in age as well…..It would really suck b**l’s if he was to get injured and wasn’t able to tow the line….We’ll need his replacement soon enough!
        Hopefully this upcoming draft something can be done with having the 2 first rounders & the 2 second rounders, after that it’s just the 3rd and 4th….nothing after that?
        *Oucho, Ouchostinko, and just plain waist of time johnson…… I’ve heard a few comments aboud Chad Johnson, Let’s hope that for “4.5 Million up front” + a couple Mil a year for three years he will begin to produce during mid-season on and stay at a worth while level…..which by the way giving a game or two, is right about now….
        I have to believe that there A/. is some issue with Price that has maybe inconsistancies to him that make BB not want to put him in an actual game or at least not on the regular yet?
        But with both Welker and Branch being so reliable and open and “money catchers” if you will….I just don’t think that with BB KNOWING that his Defence is as you say… and I agree is cast-off’s and plug-in’s….So if he can guarantee a catch….then your gonna guarantee a catch. That means Welker & Branch straight up.
        *When you also happen to have the LUXURY of 2 TE’s like Hern & Gronk… really shouldn’t force yourself to put Price in the game either…..Thats 4 “MONEY BALL CATCHER’s” right there…..+ since you did pay Ochocinco so dang much….let him “keep learning” the real offensive vidoe game machine jugernuat that is Brady and Company because he has two more years here wether we like it or not.
        *If Price is 3/4’s of what “WE” seem to think he is…. then he is a hidden asset. If Slater’s hand work can improve and catch up to his speed(which is his issue IMO), then we possably have not just 1, but 2 hidden asset wide receiver’s for Brady in the years to come that will both know “the system” very, very, very well!
        Having said that coupled with (2) 1st rounders and (2) second rounders….. It should clearly give BB the time he need’s to worry about what is clearly lacking…… SOME REAL SMASH MOUTH SUPERBOWL CALIBER SHUT DOWN DEFENCE …….

  3. Clay says:

    Did Wright suit up today?

  4. Daniel B. says:

    Hey Doug, was Taylor Price active for the game and do you think we can anticipate seeing him take more of a role in the passing game, or is he not progressing like we had hoped….or are there just too many guys in front of him?

    • Doug Kyed says:

      He was active today but didn’t play a snap. With Hernandez back and Ochocinco getting acclimated, barring injury I wouldn’t expect a role for him this season. I think he’d be solid as a deep threat, and we obviously held onto him this season for a reason, but Belichick must either a. think he’s not healthy or b. not think he’s progressed enough with the offense. It’s unfortunate, but Slater is even in front of him at this point.

      Brady chucked it deep three times to Hernandez on a bum knee early in the game. That would have been a nice time to bring in Price, but alas, he must not be ready.

    • JMC says:

      I would like to see Price get some snaps- I think he has talent.

    • TD says:

      Some of these guys (Vereen, Price, Ras-I) have to prove in practice that BB can rely on them in a game. Ridley jumped in because he has been there since day 1. Price has to get past Oucho to get in a game.

      IMO, Week 7-9 is the put up or shut up point for Haynesworth. That’s when Brace & Deadrick are available to come back or go on IR. It looks like BB is hoping Albert & Wright can play meaningful minutes or he’s bringing in Brace & Deadrick.

  5. Geronimo says:

    Did Ras-I Dowling play at all?

  6. qwerty says:

    Hopefully the Jets do not make the playoffs. One less headache for Pats.

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