In the Film Room: Oklahoma vs Texas

Kenny Vaccaro NFL Draft

Kenny Vaccaro's play was one of only a few bright spots for the Longhorns.

The Red River Shootout is an incredible game in itself – add in some fantastic 2012 NFL Draft prospects and I was sold.

Here is what we saw from the Longhorns and Sooners.

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#4 Kenny Vaccaro, S, Texas
-Getting some decent jams on the receivers.
-Lining up on Broyles most times early, playing mainly on the line.
-Sticks on Broyles on lazy in-route.
-Fantastic awareness, keeps an eye on the QB and one his WR.
-Shows good fluidity in space.
-Sent on blitz, run goes away from him.
-Makes solid stop in space.
-Tips off blitz a bit early.
-Picked by teammate, allows TD to Broyles, called back on penalty.
-On Broyles like glue – great jam, physical.
-Great break on ball, read the play well.
-Fights through block, makes tackle on screen.
-Runs very well, sticking with WR’s, able to recover when separated.
-Reads QB eyes, nearly makes a pick-six.
-One of the few bright spots on the defense against the Sooners – really like his potential as a combo safety at the next level.

#91 Kheeston Randall, DT, Texas
-Gets some push on pass-rush, but is too high.
-Drawing double teams.
-Angles in and contributes on TFL.
-Shrugs off block and makes the play.
-Applies some pressure, man-handling guard.
-Sitting out a possession.
-Getting nowhere against double-teams.
-Runs into teammate on inside game.
-Had some flashes, but wasn’t really a factor.

#1 Keenan Robinson, LB, Texas
-Stuck with TE well in coverage.
-Nice form tackle for small gain.
-Picks teammate, leading to TD (called back).
-Can’t get off block from backup OC.
-Didn’t show us much.

#56 Ronnell Lewis, DE/LB, Oklahoma
-Fantastic stop on special teams.
-Playing DE on third down.
-Tries an inside stunt, goes nowhere.
-Inside move pushes pocket, gets hands up, QB throws INT.
-Standing up to rush in 2:00 drill.
-Pretty slow off the ball on two occasions.
-Gets the edge on tackle, nearly gets there to the QB.
-Inside move leaves OL flailing – sacks the QB on trick play.
-Closes well, more pressure on the quarterback.
-Would like to see him play every down, has some promise.

#85 Ryan Broyles, WR, Oklahoma
-Big catch and run on opening play, poor tackling by CB.
-Rubs Vaccaro off teammate and scores TD. (called back)
-Nice slant, catch made with tight coverage.
-Incredible route and TD catch on top of pylon.
-Lit up going over the middle, drops the ball.
-Crack-back block called for penalty.
-Disrupted too easily by jams – physical corners will be a problem.
-Still a fringe 1st-round slot WR, precise route-runner, but not a super-high ceiling.

#12 Landry Jones, QB, Oklahoma
-Hits Broyles on easy read.
-Forces fade route to Stills, throws it out of bounds.
-Still staring down receivers.
-Not showing great scramble ability – looks more comfortable in pocket.
-Recognizes blitz and throws to hot receiver.
-Great pump-fake and touch throw for TD.
-Hits third read for big 3rd-25 conversion.
-Perfect throw hitting Broyles for TD.
-Drops a touch pass in on Stills, who drops it.
-Puts ball in tight window, but Broyles is smashed by safety and drops it.
-One-hops the ball to Broyles.
-Misses on 3rd and 4th down, nobody open.
-Another perfect TD pass to Still, puts it up where his WR can go get it.
-Very productive (300+ in 1st half) with no running game to speak of.
-Dominant today, but wasn’t asked to do anything incredible.
-Still don’t like that he doesn’t call his own audibles.

#28 (#12 today) Travis Lewis, LB, Oklahoma
-Finds ball early and fills hole.
-Caught up in trash, doesn’t get to the edge.
-Good depth in drops, looks fluid in coverage.
-Makes immediate tackle underneath.
-Takes perfect angle, comes across the field to make saving tackle.
-Ran over by RB, tackles way too high for a powerful runner.
-Can’t shed OG on draw play.
-Reads the screen very well, QB throws it away.
-Comes on blitz, stoned by OL – teammates get the sack.
-Puts some pressure on the QB, indirectly leads to fumble.
-Didn’t look very sudden in his blitz.
-Will be a starting LB early in his career, but has room for improvement.

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