In the Film Room: North Carolina vs Clemson

Quinton Coples NFL Draft Prospect

Quinton Coples' skills were no laughing matter.

In a game filled with huge plays, mainly by true freshman Sammy Watkins, the huge 2012 NFL Draft prospects for Clemson and North Carolina didn’t disappoint.

Here is how they performed.

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#90 Quinton Coples, DE, North Carolina
-Lining up at RDE and LDE on occasion.
-Stands up LT, shows powerful lower body.
-Good discipline on contain, then pursues well down line.
-Conversion (speed to power) rush gets pressure in the face of QB.
-Motor isn’t running very hot – looks content to be blocked at times.
-Showed a 2nd gear when a sack was in sight, just a bit late.
-Rips under LT, turns the edge, and forces the QB to move in the pocket.
-Outside rush goes nowhere.
-Rushing from 2-point stance, ball goes right by his ear, hands at his side.
-Strong inside rush with a nice spin move to pressure the QB.
-Sitting out a possession.
-Quick off the snap, overwhelms RB and pressures QB.
-RB delivers cut block and takes Coples to the ground.
-Slips off the snap, never was over his feet.
-Takes double team and pushes them both back into the pocket.
-Bull rushes his way into a sack. Lots of power.
-Strip sack, dipped shoulder around edge.
-A truly special player, but only when he wants to be.

#47 Zach Brown, OLB, North Carolina
-Sheds OG, assists on tackle on inside run.
-Delivers big hit, dis-lodging ball on pass to tight end.
-Unblocked on blitz, makes the sack.
-Reads QB eyes in coverage, just misses deflection.
-Draws holding penalty.
-Incredible read and react on zone read play. Blows up QB.
-Reads running play to perfection and makes another TFL.
-Making plays on special teams coverage – will be an immediate contributor in the NFL.
-Showing decent coverage skills, quick to react to ball.
-Reads screen pass with ease, right there if the back would’ve caught the ball.
-Deflects pass over middle, having an incredible game.
-Right on Dwayne Allen, might have intercepted an accurate ball.
-Was the real deal today – finally looks like he put everything together.

#12 Charles Brown, CB, North Carolina
-Sheds block and makes strong open-field tackle.
-Gives up 1st down on comeback route, not bad coverage. Solid tackle.
-Anticipates the route and makes the deflection.
-Returning punts as well.
-Covering the speedy Watkins, tight coverage, but gives up reception.
-Really liking Brown in run-support.
-Playing off-zone, makes solid tackle underneath on Watkins.
-Beat for long touchdown – didn’t have recovery speed to makeup for poor technique.
-Misses tackle on short route in open field. Leads to 1st down.
-Covered WR well down the field.
-Not his best day, but had flashes of what he could do at the next level.

#98 Donte Paige-Moss, DE, North Carolina
-Not in the starting line-up. Playing maybe 50% of plays.
-Lining up at LDE and RDE, occasional 2-point stance.
-No rush, but does get hand up.
-Double team in pass-protection.
-Easily walled off by LT.
-Good inside move on LT, held, flushed QB.
-Contains QB, set the edge well.
-Still a disappointment. Will not be a Top 100 prospect for long.

#83 Dwight Jones, WR, North Carolina
-Fantastic grab on low pass, good run after the catch.
-Catches another pass in traffic, takes five Tigers to tackle him.
-Beats safety easily, selling the flag and running the go. Ball overthrown.
-The All-Star games will be big for Jones, I’d like to see him play with a better supporting cast.

#98 Brandon Thompson, DT, Clemson
-Lined up as 3-tech, 1-tech, and nose.
-Double and triple teamed early.
-Gets a small amount of push singled by right guard.
-Sheds block, penetrates, but RB gets through arm tackle.
-Huge push on center on 3rd-1. Forces TFL.
-Sits out a possession.
-Gets good push on double team.
-Out of balance, and gets knocked over.
-Drops into coverage with surprising agility on fire-zone.
-Incredibly quick off the ball, playing the double team well.
-Got his pad-level up, pushed back.
-Pursues QB seven yards down the field – decent speed.
-Didn’t make a ton of plays, but was the focal point of the UNC offensive line.

#40 Andre Branch, DE, Clemson
-Stalemate with right tackle on run play.
-Stoned by left tackle, not using hands to disengage.
-Gets off chip block, pushes LT back into pocket.
-Sheds block, makes the stop on run play.
-Uses speed and chases RB down the line to make TFL.
-Gets the edge on LT, but not quick enough.
-Much better hand fighting, gets some pressure on QB.
-Sitting out a possession.
-Drops in coverage, didn’t look too uncomfortable.
-Made a couple of plays, but the consistency isn’t there yet. Has dominated games in the past just with his speed rush.

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5 Responses to “In the Film Room: North Carolina vs Clemson”

  1. John says:

    what do you guys think of greg scruggs?

  2. david says:

    i am looking for some info on dontari poe could you please let us know about where he is slated to go in the draft and more info on his skills.

    • NEPD says:

      Poe is a junior, but we hear that he will likely declare this year. If so, he will enter our Top 100 prospects – probably around #25. Huge nose tackle prospect (6-4/340) that has some good agility. Vince Wilfork-esque.

  3. Bill says:

    I read an amusing LAT sponsored website speculating that if St Louis were to aquire the #1 pick in the 2012 draft, they could trade the pick to Miami for the Dolphins #1, #2 and #3 picks in both the 2012 draft and the 2013 draft. That would enable St Louis to draft Quinton Coples and pair him with Howie Long’s kid.

    First of all…Coples, while a player with different skills, isn’t 60% of the DL Suh was at Nebraska. And why would Andrew Luck accept being drafted by Miami with such a scenerio?

    I’m convinced Luck will be drafted/traded and be on a team which is currently a playoff contending team. Luck will not accept being on the Rams, Dolphins, Colts or Bronco teams.

    I’m speculating…Jets…Pat’s…Giants…Cowboys…49’ers…Bears.

    Barkley can be drafted by the Bronco’s, or Seahawks and Jones can be drafted by the Dolphins.

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