In the Film Room: Nebraska vs Wisconsin

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A 31-point loss wasn't exactly what Lavonte David and the other highly-touted NFL Draft prospects for Nebraska had in mind.

The first Big-10 game for Nebraska was a must watch for us, both as a Big 10 guy and an NFL Draft scout. Here are our thoughts from an 2012 NFL Draft standpoint.

#66 Peter Konz, OC, Wisconsin
-Possible missed assignment, Konz let Crick go unblocked.
-Looks effective on double-team blocks.
-Knocked off balance by Crick.
-Good footwork helps seal off defender.
-Positions himself well, sealing off DT.
-Gets two blocks on sweep, chipping one DL and impeding another.
-Great pull, keeps head up looking for targets, moved well.
-Buries DL on goal-line.
-Another good pull, takes out streaking LB.
-Gets a chip and then makes a block on the 2nd level.
-Pushes DL back four yards right off the snap.
-Handles Crick one-on-one on run block – got a bit of push.
-Had a fantastic night – solidified himself as a top center prospect.

#1 Nick Toon, WR, Wisconsin
-Unreal catch over two defenders in better position.
-Makes good catch going to the ground.
-Hold off corner well on slant – picks up 1st down.
-Sells outside move well, finishes post route for 45 yard TD.
-Great angle block – seals his man with ease.
-Drops tough 1-handed catch.
-Showed some great hands, body control, and explosiveness – but we wonder about the competition.

#16 Russell Wilson, QB, Wisconsin
-Makes Crick miss in backfield, and delivers a strike.
-Fits ball into small window, but WR drops it.
-Stared down WR the whole way.
-Nice rollout, solid throw on deep-out for 1st down.
-Touch throw off the TE’s fingertips.
-Makes two defenders miss in backfield, runs for 21 yards.
-Throws into double coverage, but Toon hauls it in.
-Hits WR in stride on slant.
-Slightly wobbly ball hits TE, again staring him down for the snap.
-Wilson is really only making one read and then looking to run tonight.
-10 second scramble, hits a guy for 5 yards.
-Great fake, perfect ball for long TD.
-Another long TD pass, hitting Toon in the numbers from 45 yards out on post route.
-Shows speed again, burns contain and runs it in from 10 out.
-Keeps head up under pressure, hits outlet.
-Misses open receiver, throwing on the run. Short-hopped it.
-Wilson looked like a legitimate QB prospect against Nebraska.

#15 Alfonzo Dennard, CB, Nebraska
-Playing off man, WR gets separation on deep out.
-Lost outside leverage, couldn’t flip and make up the space in time.
-Gets picked, but closes gap and was there for a quick tackle.
-Visibly frustrated after covering for 9 seconds and defense not making a play.
-Fellow cornerbacks are pretty awful.
-Antsy for some action – pressing Toon.
-Takes bad angle to avoid pick – nearly gives up big play.
-Not a great performance, but won’t get many chances due to his supporting cast.

#94 Jared Crick, DL, Nebraska
-Shakes off a double team and drops RB for a loss.
-Goes unblocked and whiffs on mobile QB.
-Draws another double team, wasn’t pushed off his spot.
-Sheds double team, but can’t make the arm tackle.
-Initially pushed back, but gets off block and just misses tackle.
-Recognizes screen, then chases QB down on other side of field.
-Evades cut, makes it to the edge on screen (from 3-tech), misses diving tackle.
-Gets held, strong inside move flushed QB.
-Occasionally will see him standing around.
-Doesn’t get hands up after being stopped on pass-rush.
-Squirts into backfield and blocks extra point.
-Sitting out a possession.
-Penetrates, peels back on shovel pass and makes ankle tackle.
-Doesn’t quit on this play – makes tackle 10 yards down the field.
-Getting doubled on nearly every run play.
-Was a bit inconsistent, but has a very diverse skill-set that NFL teams will love.

#4 Lavonte David, LB, Nebraska
-Having a tough time early getting off TE blocks.
-Times blitz well, sacks Wilson.
-Shows good anticipation and form in bringing down the elusive QB.
-Stays disciplined in cutback lane.
-Finds the ball well – showing great instincts where the ball-carrier wants to go.
-Shows good motor, tries outside speed rush, dips back inside and sacks the QB trying to get out of the pocket.
-Fights way through the trash, makes great tackle.
-Gets low in tackling, doesn’t get bowled over by the powerful RB.
-Made a ton of plays, but needs to add some bulk.

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One Response to “In the Film Room: Nebraska vs Wisconsin”

  1. Good stuff, some great play by play info. I started doing some play by play charting too. I thought Jared Crick was very unimpressive on Saturday night. Didn’t seem to turn in a 1st round draft pick performance. Very suprised as I thought this was a huge game for him, Saturday night, under the lights at Camp Randall, first game in the Big 10. I didn’t think he got double teamed that much, but I could be wrong. I went back and charted every play through the end of the third quarter and just watched him. I can send you my write up if you want or post a link to my blog here with it if you want. Great site!

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