In the Film Room: Iowa vs Penn State

Kirk Ferentz Belichick

Nice Hoodie.

Much is often made of the connection between Iowa’s coach Kirk Ferentz and Bill Belichick, who coached together during Belichick’s time in Cleveland.

However, with the exception of a couple of undrafted free-agents and a 7th-round pick (OL, Mike Elgin), the connection has never produced a big splash on the Patriots roster, even though only USC and Florida have put more players in the NFL over the last few years.

This could be the year that the connection finally bears some fruit.

#18 Micah Hyde, CB/S, Iowa
-Showing very good tackling fundamentals.
-Nearly comes up with interception, picking the ball off the ground.
-Fumbles punt return – tried to catch it with his facemask.
-Gets beat on deep out route by Moye.
-Nice pass break-up covering Derek Moye down the field.
-High-points ball and makes a huge red-zone interception. Great position.
-Fights off block and tackles RB in the backfield for 6-yard loss.
-Played corner most of the game, but we think a team like the Patriots would want him at safety where they can use his tackling and ball-hawking ability.

#77 Riley Reiff, OT, Iowa
-Good punch when DL put hands up.
-False start penalty on goal-line.
-Using long arms to keep defenders at bay.
-Got a bit off balance, loses control of DE.
-Has a leg injury – out of game.
-Back in game, stones DE in pass protection.
-Did nothing to make us doubt his Top 20 projection.

#7 Marvin McNutt, WR, Iowa
-Very strong, drug would-be tacklers for about 10 yards after the catch.
-Couldn’t elude safety after the catch to convert on 3rd down.
-Drops easy catch, turned up-field before securing the ball.
-Big 3rd-down reception on slant.
-Spin move adds 10 yards to the play.
-Tough offensive game for the Hawkeyes, but McNutt again showed Top 50 flashes.

#45 Tyler Nielsen, LB, Iowa
-Whiffs on pretty easy interception.
-Dinged up after RB tries to hurdle him.
-Back in the game.
-Entire Hawkeye defense getting embarrassed in the run game.
-Had trouble getting off blocks, didn’t look like an NFL starter today.

#93 Mike Daniels, DL, Iowa
-Delivers monster hit on QB.
-Having trouble wrapping up on RB’s.
-Can’t get the powerful PSU RB’s down.
-Playing in a rotation.
-Knocked out of game, leg injury.
-Back in game, getting handled in run game.
-Makes stop at line of scrimmage.
-Not a good game for Daniels, very little push and couldn’t bring down RB’s with consistency.

#71 Devon Still, DL, Penn State
-Unblocked, pursues well down the line and makes tackle for loss.
-Sheds a block and makes the tackle.
-Getting some good push on pass plays.
-Violent hands, pushes RG back easily.
-Looking winded at times – Iowa’s no huddle wearing him out when they use it.
-Still is definitely a Top 100 player, plays like a Top 25 at times.

#81 Jack Crawford, DE, Penn State
-Has some good speed off the edge.
-Got pushed around a bit in the run game.
-Didn’t really flash today, has had better games.

#6 Derek Moye, WR, Penn State
-Has a really terrible quarterback situation.
-Makes an incredible juggling catch with three DB’s draped on him.
-Good route creates separation and big catch on 3rd down.
-Want so see Moye in an All-Star game, where he has a legit QB – looks talented.

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2 Responses to “In the Film Room: Iowa vs Penn State”

  1. Jon L. says:

    I am very interested in McNutt as the Pats could be needing a wide receiver for next season.

  2. smokeybandit says:

    My frustration with Derek Moye has been his inability to make a catch in traffic. The catch you refer to is the first one all season I can remember him coming down with when he’s got a guy draped on him. Keep an eye on that as you watch him the rest of the season.

    What you saw from Jack Crawford is what you’re going to get.

    As for Devon Still, each time you watch him, remember while he has a good fellow DT, he’s got very mediocre DEs as you saw. This is a problem other recent skilled DTs at Penn State haven’t had to deal with.

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