Patriots vs Giants: The Aftermath

NEPD Staff Writer: Doug Kyed

Well, the preseason is finally over. And it ended with a mostly sloppy affair in Foxboro. So what did we learn from the second half of the game?


-Tiquan Underwood didn’t impress very much tonight. It was a nice depth signing, but his hands are still very raw.

-We finally got to see Shane Vereen and I was mostly impressed. He showed his exceptional speed and he cuts very fast behind the line. As long as he can hit his holes fast, he should be a great weapon for the Patriots.

-Brandon Tate has just looked hopeless. I’m sure he sees the writing on the wall, but he hasn’t been impressive in punt returns, kick returns or as a receiver. Matthew Slater has proven he’s capable enough as a 6th receiver, there’s no need for a 7th.

-Buddy Farnham will be a nice project on the practice squad.

-Tough fumble by Medlin, the Patriots typically like to keep a RB on the practice squad, we’ll see if he makes the cut.

-Mallett looked pretty rough tonight. Let’s not trade Hoyer just yet. His offensive line hasn’t helped him much though.


-Antwaun Molden has actually looked pretty good tonight. As I said in my first half review, all of the defensive backs have looked pretty good, so it might be their surroundings rather than their talent.

-Ross Ventrone saw some action at CB, he’ll be another nice addition for the practice squad.

-The Patriots really showed their depth at DL today. Unfortunatley not everyone can make the team, so hopefully we’ll see a trade or two this week.

-Tracey White has had a nice preseason. He shines on special teams, but if it came down to it, he could contribute on defense as well.

Overall, there’s not much to be concerned about tonight. Obviously Belichick won’t be excited about the meltdown on special teams, but it was also ultimately a fluke play the Giants scored off of.

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23 Responses to “Patriots vs Giants: The Aftermath”

  1. John Courtney says:

    Been a Pats fan since 1960 in Boston till now. Have to go back some years to find a CB as bad as Butler and don’t know what Butler you guys are looking at but not the one I am. He is a good tackler and he had better be because he isn’t even a fair cover man. Poor,Poor,Poor player. Cut now.

    • Lundahl says:

      What I don’t understand is that BB drafted Mccourty a year after Butler was drafted, then drafted Dowling this year. Butler was replaced by an undrafted free agent. And in the end, it’s Sanders who gets cut. It doesn’t make sense at all. So, I’m convinced Butler should of been cut instead of Sanders. Yes, Sanders was overpaid, but hey – you cut Butler and it’s pretty much the same amount of cap space that shows up.

  2. Hunter says:

    Who would the Pats trade on the DL? I saw this comment on Twitter last night and was rather confused. I don’t think they would get anything for the old guys, so Haynesworth, Ellis, Warren, Carter are out of the equation. Anderson has no value in a trade (though I hope he makes the team) and Moore is in the same boat (I’d rather he didn’t make the team, seems like just another guy). So who’s left? Love, I hear how high the coaches are on him. Pryor – Maybe I’m biased, but I think Pryor could be an excellent situational guy for years to come with the Pats, and I don’t want to see him go anywhere. Wright? I’d assume his injury status this preseason would make him less attractive, and he’s also been the ideal Patriot over the last few years, excelling in sub-packages and leading the team in sacks last year while only playing half a year. The big boys are still on PUP, they’re not going anywhere. The only guy I could see with a little bit of interest would be D. Richards, who has had a handful of sacks in the preseason, but does he really have any value?

    • Doug Kyed says:

      It would Darryl Richard and/or Landon Cohen. The Pats wouldn’t need much for them, they’re currently without a fifth, sixth or seventh round pick.

    • TD says:

      It’s a stretch to think we will get something higher than 6/7th rounder for DL’s we may cut. Other teams are watching and know we have a ton of them and unless they really want one badly, they will just wait until we cut them.

  3. Lundahl says:

    Anybody knows if BB plans on bringing a new safety ? For the matter of rotating the depth.

  4. Dan says:

    Vareen looks like a player…a weapon, and he was hacking it out with the scrubs, he’ll really show his stuff with the 1st team during the season. He’ll get his touches as time goes on.
    Dowling looks ok…looks like he belongs, so that is key…they need him to be able to play now.
    Ellis looks like Ellis, and Haynesworth looks like a bull on one play and a complete slob on others; they’ll just have to keep working him into shape and hope he makes some key plays.
    Same with Ocho Cinco…see if he can help…they really need him to contribute…it’s a gamble they are being forced to take, because he doesn’t look like a sure thing at all.
    Slater makes the team, and I’m not even sure if he was ever in trouble, and not because of some long catch during pre-season, but because he just makes play after play on special teams.
    Tate looks like toast…he brings nothing.
    Merriweather being out there till the end seems like a huge message to him, AGAIN. Either he’s in trouble or BB is trying to get him pissed off to play his way, or suffer; I say the latter.
    I’m not judging Mallett at all tonight…he had nothing to work with and was basically trying to not fumble while being crushed…zero time. I liked the way he kept his intensity up, kept trying to lead the team, even though everyone on the field, for the most part, knew they were done…and the game was history…garbage time. His job was to act like it wasn’t and he did just that.

    • qwerty says:

      Tate does not look like the Tate we saw last year. I wonder if he is injured or having other personal problems.

  5. qwerty says:

    Your still wearing blinders regarding Butler’s CB talent in slot. Your probably depressed that he played decent in preseason also.

    • Doug Kyed says:

      Butler’s had a very up and down preseason. Tonight he looked good, and he was playing the entire game against 2nd and 3rd string players.

      If Butler was so good in the slot he would have been playing there last year, not Patrick Chung. He’s a talented player, but he makes dumb mistakes (penalties) and can take too many chances (getting beat on big plays). I also think a lot of people will glare at his errors and ignore his qualities because of how bad he was in certain situations last season.

      The fact of the matter is there’s a reason Ras-I Dowling was drafted this season and there’s a reason he’s playing cornerback and not safety. There’s also a reason Devin McCourty was drafted first round last season. Belichick drafting CBs early is a fairly new commodity that started with Butler and didn’t end there.

      • qwerty says:

        Butler was playing there last half of season and doing well at slot CB. he was the key factor in patriots 14-2 record and why their defense improved the second half of year.

        Dowling was drafted to backup mccourty and be boddens eventual replacement. Dowling and Butler are not in competition yet. Butler can’t play the outside especially against the larger receivers well. That will be what Dowling will have to master.

        Even though it was second stringers, dowling didn’t disappoint. we’ll wait to see how he does against better receivers. he will be needed if bodden or mccourty need to sit out some games.

        • Doug Kyed says:

          In a perfect world McCourty and Bodden would be RCB and LCB and Bodden would kick over to slot in sub packages with Dowling taking over outside. Dowling was not drafted in the 2nd round in hopes that he would take over three years from now.

    • Doug Kyed says:

      I also have no ill will whatsoever toward Darius Butler and would never be “depressed” over a Patriots player having success. That’s ridiculous. If Darius Butler could become a solid 3rd cornerback it would address a huge hole in the Pats defense. I hope he can get there.

      • qwerty says:

        he already proved it last year. too bad you missed it.

        • Doug Kyed says:

          If he proved it last year, then why is Bodden working out of the slot when healthy?

        • qwerty says:

          the same reason OL work at different positions

          for flexibility

        • Lundahl says:

          Butler was replaced by an undrafted free agent being Arrington. Unfortunately, he hasn’t been clicking and going on defense. Cutting Butler would of made more sense than cutting Sanders.

      • TD says:

        Did I miss something last year with Butler? Maybe he can be the 3rd CB/slot guy but he better get going before Dowling and Moulds push him to the bench and out the door.

        He seems to be playing WR’s closer, but he really hasn’t been making plays.

        • D. T. says:

          CBs either ‘have it’ or they don’t. Let’s list some:

          Revis: His instincts and swagger are clear indicators of his talent.
          Asomugha: As well.
          Samuel: Blows coverages and takes risks. Is it worth it? As long as he is athletic, is a playmaker.
          McCourty: From Day 1, his swagger, physicality, and instincts showed us he’s for real.
          Bodden: Showed his solid ability and consistent play.
          Arrington: Physical. Raw. But dedicated.
          Butler: Lazy. And out of position. Every year, he’s babied. Every year he looks like crap. Receievers just plain punk him. He has no swagger on the field (plenty of it off the field) and has no instincts.
          Dowling: Still not clear, but possesses McCourty physicality and swagger. Still not sure about instincts.
          Molden: I think he could beat out Butler at this point. Unproven potential vs. unrealized potential (Butler)
          Chung: See McCourty description.
          Meriweather: See Samuel description – except he does his freelancing at safety which makes it much more dangerous. Still…just as the Eagles put up with Samuel, we can put up with meriweather. If the weak link on our starting defense in meriweather, i can live with that.

          Lineup: Carter/Anderson/Wright Haynesworth/Warren/Pryor Wilfork/Love Ellis/Cunningham
          Mayo Spikes/Fletcher Guyton/Nink

          McCourty/Arrington Meriweather/Brown Chung/Ihedigbo Bodden/Dowling

          I can live with this Defense.

  6. John says:

    Slater has sucked at reciever for 3 years just not gonna be an option on the offense tate is a better player than him and should make the team.

    • qwerty says:

      I recall seeing Slater playing well last preseason.

      Maybe they decided that Tate will be cut and he knows it so he is kind of depressed about it. Tate doesn’t seem like the Tate we saw in returns last year. He seems like he is over compensating or something so it is effecting his play.

    • Doug Kyed says:

      Believe me, I’ve been Slater’s biggest critic on offense, but he’s looked capable and that’s all we need out of a 6th WR. To say Tate is a better player discredits what Slater does on special teams. He’s almost always the first player down on punt or kick returns and he’s a great tackler.

    • NEPD says:

      I haven’t seen one thing that Tate is better at than Slater this year.

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