Patriots vs Giants: Halftime Thoughts

NEPD Staff Writer: Doug Kyed

So far in the Giants-Patriots game we’re looking at a complete reverse of last week’s first half and once again I’ll instruct to not overreact. The score looks nice, but lets not forget we’re playing a second string team.


-The starting running backs have looked great the entire preseason, haven’t they? Woodhead (or as my mother called him “Woodmouse”) is incredible at ducking down low behind our giant offensive line and finding even the smallest openings to break through.

-Brady’s had plenty of time behind our offensive line, but the offense seems to be running a little sloppily. Hernandez made a couple nice grabs and it was nice to see Ochocinco finally get a reception.

-On Slater’s first target it looked like he and Brady weren’t exactly on the same page, but he sure made up for it, huh? Obviously it’s a small sample size, but Slater has been just as impressive this preseason than what we’ve seen from Tate in his career. I continue to think Tate will be the cut.

-In the middle of the fourth quarter it was interesting to see Green-Ellis, Hernandez and Gronkowksi all lined up out wide after Green-Ellis went in motion.


-RAS-I!!! He’s looked good. I really wish he’d been able to play all four preseason games, but he’s really looked solid out there. Unfortunately so have Butler and Antwaun Molden, so it could very well just be a weak Giants 2nd string passing game.

-We’ve seen Chung, Barrett and Sergio at safety so far, but no Meriweather. It’s very odd how much Patrick Chung we’ve seen this preseason. I’d say it’s probably because Belichick knows he’ll be the SS, so he wants to get all of his FS acclimated to playing with him. Josh Barrett has looked pretty good, he’s my pick to be the 4th S.

-The Patriots have had a problem all preseason with scrambling QBs and that’s continued even with David Carr. In fact, I’ve noticed the Patriots having a problem with runs to the outside in general. A lot of that might have to do with not having a MLB with Fletcher and Spikes out.

-Guyton has his struggles, but his speed is such a great weapon to have on defense and special teams.

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One Response to “Patriots vs Giants: Halftime Thoughts”

  1. Bill says:

    A Tale of Two Teams.

    The Pat’s are loaded with talent and loaded with non talent.

    So, when the eventual injuries occur during the regular season, the Pat’s will struggle to win once a month. Unless, all the injuries occur to the non talented players So, let’s pray the only players the Pat’s lose to injuries this year are from the non talent community team.

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