Patriots Send Familiar Names Packing

Nearly two years to the day from when the Patriots traded Richard Seymour to the Oakland Raiders, more moves went down that had New England fans scratching their heads.

Brandon Meriweather was the biggest name released – ending the dismal 2007 draft class’ time in Foxborough. After James Sanders was released earlier this week, the Patriots certainly have some questions in their defensive backfield.

Unless a cornerback (Dowling, Bodden?) is expected to move to safety, the Patriots will go to Miami with Pat Chung, Sergio Brown, Josh Barrett, and possibly James Ihedigbo.

Will Yeatman was a surprising cut, leaving the Patriots with only two true tight ends on their roster. Backup tackles Nate Solder and Steve Maneri both played TE as collegians, but there may be another move in the works.

Rich Ohrnberger was placed on IR, while Ron Brace was placed on the PUP list.

Eric Moore, Sammy Morris, and Brandon Tate were also veterans from last year that won’t be on this year’s roster – at least in week one.

OL Thomas Austin, DB Ross Ventrone, DE Markell Carter, DE Alex Silvestro, LB Aaron Lavarias, DT Landon Cohen, RB Eric Kettani, LB Niko Koutouvides, TE Lee Smith, and WR Tiquan Underwood were also among the cuts made by the Patriots front office.

Moore, Yeatman, and Meriweather were surprises to us, as they were in our final roster projection.

More moves and updates coming soon.

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30 Responses to “Patriots Send Familiar Names Packing”

  1. Liam says:

    They let McGowan walk, they cut Tate and Meriweather, Deaderick’s on the PUP, and they passed on highly rated rookie CB Harris. It’s clear that BB as a newfound hatred for Brandons!

  2. D. T. says:

    RG: Cut Ohrenberger, Sign Waters or Gurode
    TE: Re-sign Crumpler. I believe his locker hasn’t been cleared yet hinting at a return – cut Tarpinian to make room.
    S: Sign someone, cut Barrett.

    Who’s left on the Safety market?

    Sharper and who?
    Anyone on the waivers?

  3. John Major says:

    I’m glad that Brandon Tate got cut. He was a very overated athlete that never lived up to his hype. He actually seemed a little bit on the slow side to me. He should be outrunning the CB’s with his size and body frame and that never happened. I was hoping that he would be like a young Randy Moss (boy was I wrong) which never came close to happening. Mathew Slater is never going to be a superstar but he did enough to earn a spot on the roster.

  4. qwerty says:

    getting rid of page, mcgowan, sanders and merriweather in same season may cause serious problems in secondary.

  5. Ryan says:

    I’m sure this is a dumb thought? Is it possible for Solder to play a sneak TE? I mean he was a TE before, he caught a punt in practice? WIth him lined up in a blocking TE situation, it might be a really sneaky play for him to release and catch a pass or two.

    • John Major says:

      I don’t think it’s a dumb thought. I was thinking the same thing after BB only kept 2 TE’s on the 53 man roster. Solder will mainly be used in situations where they need an extra blocker.

      • AP says:

        Agreed – I think you’re exactly right. Solder moves like a TE and could get out and run / block at the second level. The team is too stacked, they have to have backups who do multiple things – solder is now backup LT, RT, and 3rd TE!

  6. AP says:

    Bottom line is, Merriweather liked to do his own thing out there… that’s fine if your Troy Pal… Paol… uh… you know who I am talking about… haha… (who is a FA next year but they will probably franchise.)

    But in BB’s system.. it just doesn’t work. He has been trying to replace Rodney ever since he retired. No luck at all. Safety is definitely our weakness… hopefully the young guys can improve.

    Oh, and that idiot who made the comment about Slater – clearly he has no understanding of special teams defense.

    We have plenty of BETTER kick returners than Tate. We have a great set of 5 WRs… the last guy in HAD to play special teams. Tate proved against the Giants 3rd string that he can’t play WR, can’t be a punt returner, and can’t return kickoffs. He was useless. At least Slater does something well – and is actually improving at WR. AND played some safety in a pinch too.

    One question… at this point… do the Patriots have 53 guys, or are they under and have room for more?

    • Dan says:

      I’d say it’s at 53, and there will be more changes, as soon as tomorrow. I heard they tried to trade Butler today, and I doubt he’ll be on the team very long.
      The guys in trouble are the end of the depth chart at OL, CB, Safety, and LB.
      It’s a huge decision to carry 3 QB’s this year…I agree, I get it, but that roster spot is a big one. I still wouldn’t be shocked if they move Hoyer now and gamble.

  7. psw says:

    I’m not surprised meriwether managed to asshole his way off the team. I am a bit surprised Yeatman went. I don’t believe meriwethers play was so great the other safeties cant replace him. Now we have to wait to see if a cap casualty can be grabbed, or a vet who has been sitting out training camp “injured” can be coaxed into the fold.

  8. jim r says:

    BIG BANG CLOCK Bye Bye Bye

  9. Dan says:

    The TE situation is not shocking, but a bit surprising. BB is always bringing in TE’s…maybe Crumpler will come back, perhaps they’ll use the extra tackle as a TE in those clear blocking situations that Crumpler played last year??? There will be guys to bring in.
    I’m hoping to see Sharper and Gurode filling two holes on this team right now.
    Other than that they are looking very good.

  10. Lundahl says:

    That means they’re gonna have to bring in new players, right ?

  11. John says:

    I guess the pats acknowledged that they were good at corner so they decided safety would be the glaring weakness in their secondary this year, and even if they couldn’t have traded meriweather they probably could have traded tate for a late rounder which they don’t have. I also still think matt slater sucks and that the pats made 2 retarded moves by cutting meriweather and tate and it will be 3 retarded moves if they keep orhnberger

    • Billy C. says:

      If you’ve been watching any Patriot football games at all you’d realize that Matt Slater has been a demon on special teams (all four units)(led the team in special teams tackles last year). In addition, try to refrain from using the word “retarded” as it makes you look even sillier than your Matthew Slater comment.

      • Dan says:

        I would bet anything that BB was laughing at anyone (if he ever bothered to read or follow the media) saying Slater wasn’t making this team. He makes play after play on special teams and is great asset…great kid. The type of guy you try to bring in, not cut.
        The fact that he made a few plays at receiver helps, and I wouldn’t be shocked to see him handle a few kickoffs, seeing he has speed and not many will be returned.

        • John says:

          they tried him at returning kicks 2 years ago where his kick return average finished 34th in the league so he doesn’t really give us anything there and tate is a better reciever and offense should always trump special teams especially when you know deion branch is gonna get hurt and Dan i didn’t know you knew slater personally seeing how you know he is such a great guy and Billy C i’m not sorry i said “retarded” and you are a total wuss

        • Ryan says:

          Slater is the first guy down the field on just about every Kickoff. He is glaringly fast. Bill has always stated that Special Teams is one of the most important facets of the game.

          What is the point of having a super fast guy on the field if he can’t catch the ball.?

        • Dan says:

          My point is nobody is going to be returning kicks very much any longer; so just having someone field them. The play is going to be dead…most will go out the end zone.

          Tate showed nothing at receiver, Price and Ocho took his spots….he’s out…no great loss.

    • TD says:

      Tate & Slater were battling for the #5 WR spot. Keep Tate and maybe he catches 10 balls and returns 10 kicks or keep Slater and he makes 30 special teams tackles and catches 5 balls.

  12. Ryan says:

    Lot of interesting names on the waiver. Kris O’Dowd C, Cox at CB….could be some possible pick ups in the future.

    • Dan says:

      Isn’t Cox another stiff…trouble etc…???

    • Liam says:

      I hope you don’t mean Perrish Cox, late of Denver? Not only is he useless in coverage, but he’s a rapist. No thanks.

      A more intersting pickup would be Crezdon Butler (I know, another Butler), rookie CB from Pittsburgh. He was lighting up the pre season before the Steelers inexplicably released him.

  13. Dan says:

    I’m fired up with these cuts…the RB’s were obvious, Tate was useless, Yeatman was playing over Smith (no big deal); but, to drop Merriweather is a real treat…don’t have to watch that stiff bounce around any longer. I would gather they have someone coming in at safety.

    • Ryan says:

      I agree but I wish they wouldn’t have screwed around so long I feel like we could have traded him (Meri). He is very young, and a two time pro bowler? Maybe not?

      • John Major says:

        I read that BB tried trading Brandon M., but there was no takers. It doesn’t make sense that no football team was willing to give up a late round pick to get him. Surely some of the weaker teams could have used him.

        • Dan says:

          Maybe because he’s a complete ass, who isn’t good, and was involved in a shooting. Maybe that has somethig to do with his value being very low.

  14. Ratzalot says:

    I’m as confused as the next guy as to whom will start opposite Pat Chung. The Darren Sharper talk is already buzzing around the web…

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