NEPD Prospect Preview: Week Two

Vontaze Burfict Patriots NFL Draft

Vontaze Burfict isn't all just smashing people - but he does like to smash people too.

After a strong week one of NCAA football games, we’re back at it with another 10+ games to scout for 2012 NFL Draft prospects.

Last week’s games: Iowa v TT / ND v USF / UNLV v WIS / AKR v OSU / GA v BSU / LSU v OU

We’ll be tackling the Missouri vs Arizona State – which features a truly must-watch prospect, Penn State vs Alabama, and Iowa vs Iowa State games. Our staff scouts Mike Loyko and Jonny Frayne will be adding in four more games, including Arizona vs Oklahoma State.

Matthew Elder of will also have four games that he will be scouting.

Missouri vs Arizona State (Friday, 10:30pm est, ESPN)

#82 Michael Egnew, TE, Missouri
Great pass-catcher that really doesn’t do much else in Missouri’s offense.

#25 Zaviar Gooden, LB, Missouri
This will be our first look at Gooden, who we’ve heard is a bit light in the pants. His speed is worth taking a look.

#7 Vontaze Burfict, LB, Arizona State
Ridiculous athletic ability is what Burfict brings to the table. If he can show increased discipline on and off the field he will be a top selection. Burfict usually has at least one play per game that makes you stand up and take notice.

Alabama vs Penn State (3:30pm est, ABC)
We will be covering a ton of Alabama games this year, so don’t get on us about leaving off your favorite Crimson Tide prospect.

#41 Courtney Upshaw, LB, Alabama
Stout linebacker that can play inside and out in both the 3-4 and 4-3. Good speed and strength combination.

#4 Mark Barron, S, Alabama
Has some Brandon Meriweather traits, but is still young enough to grow out of them. Great in run support and makes plays in coverage, but like Meriweather, will sometimes take poor angles and be out of position.

#75 Barrett Jones, OL, Alabama
Jones can play all five positions in college, but we think he’ll be a good guard in the NFL.

#71 Devon Still, DT, Penn State
Quick guy that can be an effective disruptor inside.

#81 Jack Crawford, DE, Penn State
Needs to show us a lot in this game – we didn’t like him much in 2010.

Iowa vs Iowa State (12pm, FSN)

We looked at Iowa last week, so we’ll mainly focus on Iowa State. That said, getting another look at the Iowa prospects against some real competition will be a good thing after their beat-down of Tennessee Tech.

We’ll be in the press box for the game, so we hope to get a good feel for who is there scouting this game as well.

#72 Kelechi Osomele, OL, Iowa State
He’ll be playing left-tackle, but we’d love to see him matched up against Iowa DT Mike Daniels. Osomele to us will be a top-flight right tackle or guard in the NFL.

#23 Leonard Johnson, CB, Iowa State
Good fundamental corner that will have his hands full with Iowa WR Marvin McNutt.

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3 Responses to “NEPD Prospect Preview: Week Two”

  1. Liam says:

    Agreed, more Robert Lester please ;-D. Solid coverage guy who doesn’t have any any Brandon Meriweather in him (double entendre points!)

  2. John says:

    no robert lester? and i like mark barron as a SS i don’t think he makes a ton of mistakes and hes definately effective in the box but was surprised on how well he could flip his hips although i do question his straight line speed but in my view a potential very good SS in the NFL

    • NEPD says:

      “We will be covering a ton of Alabama games this year, so don’t get on us about leaving off your favorite Crimson Tide prospect.”

      Lester is certainly on our watch-list – we’ll get to him 2 or 3 times this year.

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