In the Film Room: UNLV vs Wisconsin

Wisconsin didn’t have much trouble against UNLV – coming up with a 34-point victory to kick off their 2011 season. Read after the jump for our in-game thoughts on the top 2012 NFL Draft Prospects.

We previewed UNLV vs Wisconsin earlier this week.

In such a huge blowout victory, we are only really taking stock of the first-half performance.

The Usual Suspects:

#70 Kevin Zeitler, OG, Wisconsin

-Good push on initial run plays, double teaming the defensive tackle.
-Awkwardly missed linebacker at 2nd level.
-Blocked air for a few seconds in pass protection.
-Better block in 2nd level in red-zone.
-Lumbering pull, slowed down running back.
-Turned the linebacker, made the first down happen.
-Looked out of balance initially in pass protection, but recovered.
-Knocked backwards by linebacker.
-Good positioning on downfield block.
-Absorbs blow in backfield rather than delivering it.
-Replaced in late 2nd quarter – recovering from ankle sprain.

Though he played, Zeitler still looked bothered from an ankle sprain that has been hampering him. This was not his best outing that we’ve seen.

#66 Peter Konz, OC, Wisconsin

-Holding his own at point of attack, getting good push with Zeitler double-teaming.
-Slow in his pull, his man got the tackle.
-Manhandled undersized tackle.
-Pushed back on bull-rush but re-set and held his ground.
-Locking up well, not letting defender shed.
-Good pull, delivered crisp block on moving target.
-Picked up two guys in pass-protection.
-Great movement on screen – springing RB for big gain.

Was good the majority of the night. Konz could be a top-flight center next year if he stays in school.

#1 Nick Toon, WR, Wisconsin

-Smart route, opened up teammate.
-Great catch while being held, good adjustment to under-thrown ball.
-Good stutter-go route, sold it well.
-Strong push after the catch, nearly dragged three defenders into the end-zone.
-Good down-field blocking.

Toon was a man among boys roaming the UNLV secondary. It was just one game, but he looked like he has developed some Top 100 skills.

#4 Philip Payne, WR, UNLV

-Slow route, out-fought by smaller corner on a catchable ball.
-Took a questionable personal foul call – might have been helmet-to-helmet block.
-Got good position on deep route, but ball wasn’t there.
-Bad drop on 3rd down – would have converted in red-zone.
-Able to get a decent release when pressed.
-Drop on tough low throw.

Payne drops to the UDFA level for us after this game, after coming in as a 6th-7th round guy. He has it physically, but just couldn’t get it done on a big stage.

Others Who Flashed:

#16 Russell Wilson, QB, Wisconsin

Granted, the Badgers were not playing superb competition, but Wilson looks like he has the talent to be a draftable QB. We’re going to want to take a couple more looks at him during the year.

#20 James White, RB, Wisconsin / #28 Montee Ball, RB, Wisconsin

Same caveat as Wilson, but both of these players will be legit NFL Draft possibilities at the running back position.

#93 Louis Nzegwu, DL, Wisconsin

Made a couple of plays and showed some decent rush skills, but we’ll need to see him play against a Top 100 offense.

#11 David Gilbert, DL, Wisconsin

Showed decent speed around over-matched tackles.

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  1. Geronimo says:

    Zeitler is a guy that the Patriots should look at in the middle rounds.

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