In the Film Room: Stanford vs Arizona

Andrew Luck 2012 NFL Draft

As advertised.

After only two weeks of the NFL season, the mantra “Suck for Luck” has already become reality for some NFL teams.

Here is a look at Luck and the other 2012 NFL Draft prospects in the Stanford vs Arizona game.

#12 Andrew Luck, QB, Stanford
-Just misses touch pass.
-Hits receiver in stride on 3rd down, was his 2nd read.
-Progresses through reads, steps up avoiding pressure, hits 3rd option.
-Fits ball into tight window.
-Misses on fade route.
-Poor goal-line decision, throwing to covered man – leads to near interception.
-Luck might have anticipated a rub on his receiver’s man, but it didn’t happen.
-Avoids pressure, keeping eyes down-field.
-Good decision pulling ball down and gaining five.
-Feels pressure, hits hot receiver.
-Effortless runner – chews up yardage quickly.
-Three reads again, slides in pocket and hits fourth option.
-Taking what the defense gives him.
-Still the #1 prospect by far.

#52 David DeCastro, OG, Stanford
-Stones DT on pass-rush.
-Gets some push after initial stalemate.
-Turns his man, walling him off from the ball-carrier.
-Under control on his pull, finds his man early and delivers the block.
-Another good pull, takes perfect angle at his assignment.
-One quarter in, looks like one of the better moving guards in NCAA football.
-Blasts off the ball on short yardage – getting under the defender.
-Lost balance, loses control of defender.
-Broken record here, but DeCastro is a fantastic pull blocker.
-Looked lost on screen pass, came back couple plays later with a devastating down-block.
-Misses block on tunnel screen, kills the play.
-Mirrors defenders well in pass-protection.
-Played his way into the Top 100 prospects.

#81 Chris Owusu, WR, Stanford
-Fade route, got some separation, ball overthrown.
-Nice run after catch, breaking a tackle and making a guy miss.
-Shoulder problem after kickoff return.
-Adjusts route seeing blitz.
-Drops a tough catch in end-zone.

#82 Coby Fleener, TE, Stanford
-Doesn’t get enough of man on block.
-Fantastic route and contested catch. Crossed the corner with ease.
-Dinged up on last catch.

#5 Nick Foles, QB, Arizona
-Hit underneath receiver on first read.
-Missed blocking assignment leads to sack.
-First two reads covered, checks down leading to 4th down.
-Good play-fake and drops a perfect ball in for big gain.
-Takes a big hit, fitting ball in between three defenders.
-Evades sack, turns it into a short gain.
-Handles high snap with ease.
-Takes easy 5-yarder on 3rd and 7.
-Hits Criner on easy post route.
-Showing good accuracy – 16 for 16 start.
-Stared down receiver, still completed the pass.
-Lot of quick 1-read passes.
-Good touch putting ball in between corner and safety, froze corner with a look underneath.
-Puts ball on outside of Criner, leading him away from defender and to the TD.
-Wastes a few seconds in 2-minute drill.
-First incompletion comes on tough pass from far side of field over defender.
-Back-shoulder throw wasn’t in sync with WR.
-Fumbles ball (untouched), needs to throw it away.
-Fantastic touch on deep ball to Criner.
-Really good play considering Arizona has little to no running game.
-Took five total sacks, more on offensive line than him.

#82 Juron Criner, WR, Arizona
-Coming off appendectomy.
-Runs decent post, making easy catch.
-Good vision after catch on WR screen, picks up first down.
-Fantastic body control and awareness finding the hole in the zone, makes TD catch.
-Nearly made 1-handed TD catch from 40+ yards, but was interfered with.
-Kept hands down until late, good technique.
-Recovering his Top 50 prospect status after a tough off-season.

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One Response to “In the Film Room: Stanford vs Arizona”

  1. JD says:

    I think David DeCastro looks like one of the safer picks in the draft (should he declare – I believe he’s a 4th year Junior). Reminds me a lot of Logan Mankins. Possible late 1st round pick for New England? Can never complain about beefing up the O-line and giving Brady more protection. Interested in your thoughts. Thanks!

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