In the Film Room: South Carolina vs Vanderbilt

Devin Taylor NFL Draft

We burned all the pictures from this game - so here is an old one of Devin Taylor.

We previewed this game earlier this week, but couldn’t have known how sloppy of a performance it would be on both sides of the ball.

Here are my thoughts on how the top 2012 NFL Draft prospects in the game performed.

#98 Devin Taylor, DE, South Carolina
-Lining up at LDE.
-Drops in zone coverage.
-Unblocked, sniffs out bootleg and closes fast for sack.
-Double-teamed on run, doesn’t give up position.
-Sits out a possession.
-Shies away from contact a bit on sweep.
-Nice change of direction on speed-rush.
-Bats down pass, good awareness.
-Exhibiting good speed, decent agility in space.
-Incredibly long player.
-Beats RT on outside speed rush, but QB was already sacked.
-Not showing much other than a bull-rush and an outside speed move.
-Getting high – OL pops him under the pads.
-Tough offense to evaluate Taylor against, but showed some athleticism and versatility.

#5 Stephon Gilmore, CB, South Carolina
-Not being thrown at – bad offense making it hard to evaluate.
-Takes on blocks well in run support.
-Shoots gap on WR screen, makes QB scramble.
-Slows WR in space, but doesn’t make the tackle himself.
-Fantastic pick on jump-ball, fighting WR for the ball.
-Had good position, but was a bit late getting head around.
-Playing off, breaks quickly on the ball and hammers the WR.
-Decent night for Gilmore – still very high on him.

#1 Alshon Jeffrey, WR, South Carolina
-Makes an absurd catch on poorly thrown ball.
-Questionable read either by QB or Jeffrey leads to interception.
-Not getting a lot of separation.
-Fights off Heyward to grab a 1st down, negated by hold.
-Nearly makes juggling catch in double coverage.
-Double-move doesn’t give him separation, but still makes fantastic jump-ball TD catch.
-TD negated, Jeffrey stepped on line coming down.
-Not a speed guy, but really doesn’t look fast.
-SC quarterback is pretty awful.
-Makes juggling jump-ball catch.
-Powerful off the line of scrimmage, gets an easy release.
-Tips ball at goal-line, ends up being picked.
-Not his best night, but still a Top 10 player.

#73 Rokevious Watkins, OL, South Carolina
-Decent cut block.
-Mirroring well and locking out in pass-protection.
-Showing decent movement, bending at knees.
-Smart play, purposefully moving with defender in neutral-zone.
-Anticipates spin-move and buries the end.
-Got too high off the ball and nearly blows a 3rd and 1.
-Quick off the ball, gets his man walled off easily.
-Want to see more against better competition – could be a good RG in the NFL.

#19 Casey Heyward, CB, Vanderbilt
-Sticks with TE easily and deflects ball away.
-Picks off terrible pass, holding on after getting smoked by teammate.
-Perfect position on pick, fantastic ball skills.
-Looks very smooth backpedal.
-Very patient, doesn’t look intimidated by bigger Jeffrey.
-Intercepts another poor throw – good return.
-Receiver got separation, but window was too tight with sideline.
-Takes a PI penalty, over-running lofted pass and grabbing Jeffrey.
-Out-fought by Jeffrey for 1st down.
-Good fundamentals in run-support.
-Got a bit turned around in coverage, lays big hit after catch by TE.
-Great 1-1 coverage with Jeffrey – doesn’t seem to have to run full-speed to keep up with him.
-Very impressive night for Heyward. Top 100 prospect at this point.

#13 Chris Marve, LB, Vanderbilt
-Playing the “mike” the majority of the time.
-Takes a questionable angle, gets caught inside.
-Loses the ball on zone-read.
-Good timing on blitz, but easily stoned by OL.
-Getting decent depth on his drops, smooth but not quick.
-Reads run perfectly and stops the back in the hole.
-Chases down RB twenty yards down the field – good angle.
-Lost on screen pass – couldn’t get off blocks and find ball.
-Takes a couple false steps out of play-action, still chases QB down 7 yards down the field.
-Lattimore takes him for a ride.
-Receives gift interception, laterals the ball.
-Wasn’t overly impressed – late round grade at this point.

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