In the Film Room: Miami vs Ohio State

NEPD Staff Writer: Mike Loyko

After re-watching the game film this is how we viewed some of the better NFL prospects in the Miami vs Ohio State game for the upcoming drafts.

Even though this rematch of the 2003 Fiesta Bowl was missing some of the game’s best NFL ready prospects, there was still some impressive talent out there, including a possible 1st-rounder for the Patriots.

#6 RB Lamar Miller, Miami- No one I scouted this weekend was more impressive than Lamar Miller. He was the best player on the field from the first snap of the game until late in the 4th quarter. He has elevated his draft stock monumentally through the first couple games, and has started the buzz that he could possibly be entering the 2012 draft after only his sophomore season. Whenever he does decide to enter, he is likely a 2nd round pick at worst.

– Patient runner who reads his blockers well, allows the hole to form then explodes through
– No dancing at the line of scrimmage gets to the hole
– More of an off tackle runner, but has the size to run between the tackles
– Exhibits great balance and keeps his feet moving which allows him to break arm tackles
– Definitely needs to improve his pass protection skills,
– Probably more of a 1st and 2nd down back, as he wasn’t utilized in the passing game much
– Impressive jump cut—>to explosion is really able to get up to full speed in only a few steps
– Ran for 175+ yards against an always stout OSU defense, if Miller continues to build on this performance he will be a household name on the national stage

#50 C Mike Brewster, Ohio State- In my short time here at, I have had the assignment to scout most of the top center prospects for the upcoming draft. After watching Mike Brewster closely in this game, I can safely say Brewster is by far the best center in my opinion and is a likely late first round pick.

– Well built center with long arms, thick base, looks athletic, not much fat on him
– First thing that stands out is how smooth he is in pass protection. He is able to slide laterally and help out flawlessly.
– Recognizes blitzers and disguised blitzes
– Able to disengage double team to chip on blitzers
– Possesses a really strong initial “pop” is able to stun the defender and often get the seal
– Very rarely losses 1 on 1 battles, and never seems to get pushed off LOS
– Gets to the second level In the run game, taking on much faster players—uses good angles
– For a bigger center Brewster uses such good leverage, he sinks his hips and with his long arms he is able to get extension and keep the defender from getting his hand inside his pads
– You can tell just by the way he plays that he is a smart football player, confident and leader of the offensive line.
– Pulled on a few plays, would like to see him do more of it, and would like to see him shotgun snap more
– I think he is a definite possibility for one of the Patriot first round picks, if they are in the marker for a center

#31 OLB Sean Spence, Miami- A lot of people are very high on Sean Spence as a LB prospect. While he had a very good game against Ohio State, he has some definite question marks if he is going to be drafted as an OLB.

– At first glance he looks like a safety on the field, he’s that small
– Plays with great passion and makes plays all over the field
– Uses his speed to be active in pass coverage, able to get hands on passes
– Looks like he could be a weapon on ST at the next level
– He is a great tackler, if he is able to time fast enough he might be able to move to safety.
– While he has the mentality of a LB, he is just not big enough to stick, at the next level bigger lineman will have their way with him
– Spence is definitely a draftable prospect, however due to a possible position change and size he will be a mid-late round pick

#99 DT Marcus Forston, Miami- In my mind it was another lackluster performance by Forston. It literally took me until the second quarter just to notice that he was on the field.

– Tremendous natural athlete, who needs to put it all together
– Plays too high, especially when pass rushing, allows the lineman to get their hand on him and he struggled to disengage.
– Fires off the ball and anticipates the snap count, a hard count or varying the snap count might draw him offside’s
– Got turned and sealed by the offensive lineman too easily
– Definitely explosive, just very raw
– Forston is a junior who could return for college if he wanted too, he’s not a first round pick as of right now, however he’s got potential.

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2 Responses to “In the Film Room: Miami vs Ohio State”

  1. Bill says:

    This will be a very weak draft year. There may be only 15 players who have a first round grade. Same as the 2005 draft(at least we got Mankins).

    The Pat’s are screwed if NO has a 11-5 season. The Pat’s will have two late round picks in an inferior first round draft.

    That’s why I’m cheering for the NO Saints to have a 5-11 season.

    Because BB clearly has too much confidence in his draft scouts to rely on them to draft successfully in the late first and early second round.

    The Pat’s draft team will likely select a C from Ohio State and a WR from ND. Both will be a disaster for the long term interests of the Pat’s.

    • Mike Loyko says:

      While I thought that was true in april, after scouting the draft the last couple months, I anticipate this years draft to be very underclassman heavy, which will make for a loaded first round, we will still get very good players late in the first round, believe me.

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