In the Film Room: LSU vs Oregon

After an exciting opening weekend of NCAA football, here are our thoughts while re-watching the LSU vs Oregon game, which we previewed for you last week.

Here are our impressions on some of the top 2012 NFL Draft prospects in the game.

While both teams were missing star players, the Oregon/LSU game still had quite a few exciting, if not crisp, plays. Both of these teams could be significantly better by January.

Thanks to Mike Loyko and Matthew Elder for help in filling in some of the gaps my favorite DVR left out.

The Usual Suspects:

#89 Lavar Edwards, DE, LSU

Edwards was dinged up and played limited snaps. He had a TFL, but we’ll save our thoughts on him until he can go 100%.

#21 LaMichael James, RB, Oregon
-Although smallish in stature showed a strong lower body.
-Ran a variety of pass routes utilized in the pros.
-Got up to full speed quickly most times, but looked indecisive at times.
-He seemed to be indecisive at the line and danced too much.
-Made the first person miss.
-Appeared to be cramping throughout the game and had to miss some plays.
-His vision might be superb, but LSU’s defense just did a great job to contain him.

#13 Cliff Harris, CB, Oregon

Harris did not play due to suspension. Would have liked to see him returning some of those punts.

#77 Carson York, OG, Oregon
-Showed decent strength off the snap, battled well with the DT.
-Extended his arms and really worked to control the defender.
-Good athleticism as he does a good job of getting to the 2nd level.
-Solid footwork, as he sets up with good balance.
-Appears to lack proper awareness on blitzes – picked up the wrong man.
-Not good blocking in space, looked very uncomfortable.
-Lacked relationship and communication with his tackle, did not hand off defenders well.
-Got in front of screen passes and outside runs.
-Not an effective chop blocker, seems to just throw himself on the ground at the defenders feet.

Others Who Flashed:

#76 Chris Faulk, OT, LSU
The sophomore was pretty much a beast in the run game.

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