In the Film Room: Arkansas vs New Mexico

NEPD Staff Writer: Mike Loyko

After watching film of the game, here is what we think of the players we previewed earlier in the week.

Earlier this week we remarked how Arkansas was loaded with WR prospects for the NFL Draft. After watching their performance the first two weeks, it clear they are even deeper than I realized. They also possess a QB who is a legit prospect for the next level.


#3 WR Joe Adams
– Used as a tailback first play, looked explosive
– Dangerous return man, NM intentionally punted away from him
– Has a lot of wiggle and shake
– Size and build may be a factor at the NFL level—definitely needs to get stronger

#4 WR Jarius Wright
– Very good slot/underneath WR
– Extremely quick, shifty
– Most explosive player on the field—caught simple screen and took it 75 yards for TD (called back on holding)
– Can be easily disrupted by contact and physical CB, will need to get stronger to deal with press coverage

#85 WR Greg Childs
– Bad holding penalty cost ARK a TD
– I don’t think he is fully healed from his knee injury
– Definitely not his best game was overshadowed by the 3 other WR

#91 DE Jake Bequette
– Played in 3 point stance on end of line and also standing up—dropping into coverage
– Uses his hands well, able to avoid cut block with good hand techniques
– Got hurt in the first quarter

#34 MLB Jerry Franklin
– Doesn’t trust his eyes always—got fooled on a couple counters and misdirections
– Shoots the gaps aggressively, able to fight off blocks when he knows where the ball is going
– Don’t think he will be able to get to a lot of the plays he gets to in the NFL
– Good fundamental tackler, keeps base square and puts head on the ball

#8 QB Tyler Wilson (Jr)
– Beautiful bootleg, not very fast but plenty mobile for a big QB
– Can be inaccurate at times, misses receiver high a number of times
– Good mechanics, throws over the top
– Good timing with receivers, throws to a spot
– It’s a big plus that he is in this offense, is able to adjust plays at the LOS, seems to be able to read coverage’s and where to attack
– Still too impatient at times, forces some bad throws, one which leads to a bad INT
– Has made a lot of progress since last year, another full season in this system should do wonders for him

New Mexico

#7 WR Lamaar Thomas
– Extremely athletic play—easily the best athlete on the NM offense
– Good awareness, making a leaping catch and getting both feet in bounds
– Used as a “Percy Harvin type”—try to find ways to get him the ball
– Struggles to catch the ball smoothly- a couple bobbles and a drop
– Intriguing mid-late round prospect in the 2013 draft

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