In the Film Room: Alabama vs Penn State

Alabama NFL Draft Prospects

Who are some of the NFL Draft prospects for Alabama? Umm... these guys?

The Alabama Crimson Tide were able to come up with a victory against Penn State this past Saturday, showcasing a dozen or so legitimate 2012 NFL Draft prospects.

Here is what we saw on the prospects we previewed earlier in the week.

The Usual Suspects

#41 Courtney Upshaw, LB, Alabama
-Lined up at DE in 3-point stance.
-Holds POA against offensive tackle.
-Lined up as 3-4 OLB, standing up – both weak and strong side.
-Slow getting through traffic on inside run.
-Not getting off blocks in pass-rush.
-Sheds and flashes outside, pushing RB back into traffic.
-Pushed QB out of pocket with power/speed conversion move.
-Zone blitz, can’t make play on screen pass but holds contain.
-Still not getting a lot of push on bull-rush from 3-point. LT proving very stout.
-Better pursuit down the line.
-Gets some pressure late on a line stunt.
-Comes off field with a hip injury.

#4 Mark Barron, S, Alabama
-Strong hit to stop forward progress on short yardage play.
-Smart playing run/pass on 4th down play, but QB got the yard needed.
-Sticking with receivers well on in-routes.
-Crushing hit on running back, anticipates the hole well.
-Buzzes in at opportune times, making QB question and make poor checks.
-Not fooled on double move, high points ball to make interception.

#75 Barrett Jones, OL, Alabama
-Beat by Crawford on outside move.
-Getting walked back by Crawford into QB.
-Locks out arms and handles DE with ease in pass-protection.
-Pancaked by Crawford on bull-rush. Didn’t have good balance.
-Good push on Still in the run game.
-Locks out on linebacker on 2nd level, leads to big gain.
-Keeps a nice wide base and easily wins on two consecutive pass plays.
-Might be a better LG than LT. Also would fit on right side.
-Beat by Crawford again on outside move, reaching.
-Nice work walling off defender.

#71 Devon Still, DT, Penn State.
-Sheds double team, makes hit, but doesn’t wrap up.
-Stout against double team, clogging up middle.
-Not getting a lot of push in the passing game.
-Double team moves him back on skates.
-Splits two linemen and blows up RB five yards back.
-Frees hands well and makes stop close to line of scrimmage.

#81 Jack Crawford, DE, Penn State
-Great outside move on Jones, leading to pass deflection.
-Good push on bull-rush. Walking blocker back to the QB.
-Pancakes Jones on bull-rush, nearly making the play on quarterback.
-Flush QB on outside speed rush, leading to no gain.
-Beats Jones on another nice outside rush, picked up guard.
-Active when stoned on pass-rush, gets another deflection.

Others Who Flashed

There are way too many 2012 NFL Draft prospects from Alabama to scout in one game, so we are splitting them up. We’ll get to each prospect at least 2-3 times on film.

Look for S Robert Lester, RB Trent Richardson, LB Donta’ Hightower, CB Dre Kirkpatrick, OL DJ Fluker, and LB Nico Johnson to be scouted later this month against Arkansas.

LG Chance Warmark had a better night than Barrett Jones in our opinion. We’re looking forward to seeing more of this junior.

CJ Mosley is another guy to watch out for, although he will be a prospect in 2013/2014. Mosley might have been the best defender for Alabama this game.

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2 Responses to “In the Film Room: Alabama vs Penn State”

  1. Bill says:

    I watched this game on TV. If Penn St had Matt Barkley as their QB, they would have won this game easily. Richardson is overrated, as is every Alabama player, but he would be an interesting pick for the Pat’s if he is available in the bottom third of the first round in 2012.

  2. 49er fan says:

    I think Eric Latimore deserves a mention. He’s a tad better than Jack Crawford overall, IMO. He also had two pass deflections against Alabama last weekend.

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