Film Room Live: Iowa vs Iowa State

Riley Reiff NFL Draft Patriots

Riley Reiff is just one of the two potential 1st-Round offensive linemen in this game.

As we previewed earlier this week, the Iowa State vs Iowa game features a large amount of legitimate 2012 NFL Draft prospects. We ran the multitude of Hawkeye draft prospects through the film room process last week, but seeing them against some BCS level talent will be invaluable in evaluating them.

On the other hand, Iowa State makes up for a lack of quantity with the quality of their prospects. Mammoth (6-6/340) offensive lineman Kelechi Osomele may end up being a Top 20 NFL Draft prospect in 2012.

We’ll be updating the post throughout the game and after, as we go back and fill in some of the stuff we missed live.

#72 LT Kelechi Osemele – ISU (2012 NFL Draft Prospect)
-Stoned defensive end on first drive multiple times.
-Physically over-powering, even with an ankle issue.
-Wearing out Iowa’s Lebron Daniel.
-Good base – very stout against the bull-rush.
-Showing good knee-bending tendencies – has improved here.
-Injured after four minutes on the field.
-Walked off under own power – back in for 2nd series.
-Still dominating on gimpy ankle – locking up defender.
-Called for holding penalty, now asked out of game. Looked winded.
-Continues dominant performance in second half, Iowa defenders not even challenging him.
-Pushed back a bit by bull-rush, but reset in time.
-Got to 2nd level and punished Iowa LB.
-Finishing blocks twenty yards down the field.

#23 CB Leonard Johnson – ISU (2012 NFL Draft Prospect)
-Sticking with man well.
-Matched up with McNutt (#1 WR) and stayed step-for-step on deep post.
-Big hit in run-support, forcing fumble.
-Finishing tackles well helping out against the run.
-Manning up against McNutt – right on him.

#20 LB Jake Knott – ISU (2013 NFL Draft Prospect)
-Playing Will, flowing to the ball well.
-Big tackle for no gain on goal-line – showed some power.
-Penetrated, but couldn’t make play.
-Kicking to inside LB in nickel situations.
-Takes on blocking fullback with power – got low.
-Fumble recovery.
-Sold blitz-fake well before dropping into coverage.
-Stood up Iowa guard and forced play inside.
-Good coverage underneath on WR – QB still fit ball in.

#47 AJ Klein – ISU (2013 NFL Draft Prospect)
-Extremely productive early – five tackles in 1st quarter.
-Looked fluid in his drop, late in seeing QB scrambling.
-Good coverage and tackle after the catch on receiver.

#93 DT Mike Daniels – Iowa (2012 NFL Draft Prospect)
-Showing good motor and pursuit.
-Good penetration and TFL on 3rd down.
-Stout against double team, gets the tackle for no gain.
-Pancaked by double team.
-Pursued 15 yards down the field to make tackle on pass play.
-Five tackles in first half.
-Pursues well down the line.
-Monster hit on outside run – great pursuit once again.
-Good inside pressure, hurried the throw by ISU QB.
-Interior push crowds out shovel pass lane.

#77 LT Riley Reiff – Iowa (2012/2013 NFL Draft Prospect)
-Good feet picking up man on pass rush.
-Knocking his man off the ball.
-A bit lazy in his slide-step, was nearly beat. Much better movement next play.
-Not fooled by outside-inside move.
-Well executed cut block.

#56 Markus Zusevics – Iowa (2012 NFL Draft Prospect)
-Gave DE strong initial punch.
-Missed on cut block attempt.
-Redirecting his man well.
-Generating consistent push on run plays.
-Resets well after initial contact.
-Smart draw block, let him have just enough speed
-Reaching a bit in pass-protection. Got off balance.

#7 WR Marvin McNutt – Iowa (2012 NFL Draft Prospect)
-Great control on sideline catch – one of his specialties.
-Has been covered the majority of the day.
-Good route, QB couldn’t deliver the ball.
-Great hands catch – snagged the ball out of the air.
-Not creating a lot of separation on deep routes – relying on height/leaping.
-Clutch 3rd down catch and run. North/South once he caught the ball.
-Nice snag in tight double coverage.

#91 DE Broderick Binns – Iowa (2012 NFL Draft Prospect)
-Good body control on fumble recovery.
-Got some push on bull-rush, smart hands got him the deflection.
-Showed good speed-rush around the right tackle – pushed QB into sack.
-Stayed strong at POA, tackled RB for no gain.
-Collapsed pocket, tackled QB 12 yards down field.
-Beat on contain by QB.
-Stayed home to hold up reverse and make the tackle.

#28 CB Shaun Prater – Iowa (2012 NFL Draft Prospect)
-Huge hit on shifty QB in open-field.
-Good fill on outside run, but poor tackle.
-Strong in coverage, blanketing receiver on multiple plays in a row.
-Horse-collar tackle.
-Big stop for no gain on option play. Patient and poised.

#44 LB James Morris – Iowa (2013/2014 NFL Draft Prospect)
-Showing good coverage skills, just missing deflection.
-Incredible burst chasing RB down the line.
-Tracks the ball very well – good instincts.
-Not many false steps.

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  1. JR says:

    Steele Jantz # 2 was a beast. Watch this kid develop this year

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