Brian Waters Signs With Patriots

Brian Waters Patriots

The portal in between the Patriots and Chiefs locker rooms continues to function.

A deep team, with a mix of rookies and veterans, has long been what the Patriots front office has strived for. With the signing of former Pro Bowl offensive guard Brian Waters, they are one step closer to that goal.

Waters, who has long been a stalwart for the Kansas City Chiefs, is expected to contribute right away for New England.

His solid all-around game and veteran experience will be invaluable for a team that seems one or two players away from assuring a deep playoff run.

While Logan Mankins has had a deathgrip on the left guard spot, the right guard spot has slipped through the hands of multiple players over the last season or two.

Nick Kaczur was released after not being able to stay healthy, while Rich Ohrnberger was just placed on IR after a head injury in the last pre-season game against the Giants.

Last year’s starter Dan Connolly and veteran backup Ryan Wendell have both been knicked up during this year’s prelude to the regular season. Marcus Cannon – perhaps the future at RG – has been placed on the NFI list as he recovers from cancer treatment.

Five-time Pro Bowler Waters joins the ranks of spectacular undrafted players on the Patriots roster.

Update: Waters signed a 2-year deal worth north of $5 million.

No word yet on who has been released or placed on IR to make room for Waters.

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11 Responses to “Brian Waters Signs With Patriots”

  1. Lundahl says:

    Is it a good thing to believe Pats will sign up Hill and Sharper ?

  2. Bill says:

    At this stage of his career, he’s not even considered a “hold the fort” signing.

    He’s this years version of Alge Crumpler. The Pat’s should have addressed the guard spot during the draft. Just as the Pat’s should have drafted Kyle Rudolph at 33.

    • Dan says:

      The did, they drafter a late first, early second round guard in Cannon, but they got him later in the draft because he had just been diagnosed with cancer. Other teams don’t have the luxury to make such picks, because they’re rosters are far more desperate than ours; not to mention, the coaches, GM & owners are all trying to hold onto their jobs/careers.
      Cannon is a monster, and a talent…he’s the future, this guy is a nice player to bring in to fill that hole at guard.

    • Bob says:

      Why would you need Rudolph when we have Gronk and Hernandez?

      • Bill says:

        My opinion…

        Hernandez is overrated. Gronk is somewhat overrated.

        However, Hernandez, Gronk and Rudolph would have been a perfect trio of TE’s for an aging TB.

        TB will be a superior version of Chad Pennington during his remaining years in NE as a dink and dunk QB.

        And if TB is surrounded with better receivers than Pennington…Then it’s only the fault of the defense and BB if the Pat’s don’t win a couple more Super Bowls during TB’s remaining years.

        • Ken W says:

          why draft another TE when you already have 2 good ones. Adding a 3rd just makes them split more time. Instead you can fill another position that you are weak in. Sure having 3 great TE would be nice so wouldn’t having 3 great RB’s but having one great RB and a few good back ups along with starters at 2 other positions helps your team way more.

          Value Value Value

    • Ratzalot says:

      I’m going to assume you made a mistake naming Kyle Rudolph as drafting another TE makes zero sense, especially one who is being compared to Rob Gronkowski. Marcus Cannon is the future RG for the Patriots. As I’ve stated previously, I fully believe Cannon is a stud and will likely be a top-tier guard should he fully recover from treatment. I’m not high on Brian Waters, but he is a serviceable guard who will, hopefully, provide veteran mentor-ship. With Andre Gurode having signed with the Ravens, my biggest question is why Maneri was released.

      • TD says:

        With the last OT spot down to Maneri and Levoir, they are probably hoping they can put Maneri on practice squad again.

  3. D. T. says:

    Awesome. Now just bring back Crumpler and sign a good S and our roster is complete. Heck, I’d even trade a pick for a good safety. How about a 4th rounder in 2013/12 for Ed Reed?

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