Patriots vs Jaguars: The Aftermath

Brian Hoyer

Backup QB's Brian Hoyer and Ryan Mallett had great nights for the Patriots.

NEPD Staff Writer Doug Kyed

After a blowout win against the Jacksonville Jaguars, Patriots fans have to be feeling good. Here is what we thought of the first of many wins this season.

-After barely seeing him last year, it’s great to see Taylor Price play an entire game. His 50 yard reception on the opening drive showed some great hands and balance. His stumble gave the Jaguars a nice angle to get him on the sideline. Once again I’m really hoping we don’t need to see Price on punt returns. He showed he can gain some ground if he catches the ball, but he’s had a couple questionable catches on punts. As far as the INT called back, Price needs to hang onto that ball no matter how hard the throw is.

-I didn’t love the pick, but Ryan Mallett looked sensational. He’s really got a laser for an arm and showed some nice presence going through his options in the pocket. Mallett’s TD to Ridley showed a great pass, but another slight juggle from Ridley. I’m sure we’ll never see him catch this many passes in a game again.

-Mallett might have looked the most like Brady on that scramble, then QB sneak. I’d like to see a foot race between Brady and Mallett.

-Ridley reminds me of Sammy Morris when he’s healthy. Sneaky burst with a lot of power. The New England rushing game is one to stay away from in fantasy this year.

-Darius Butler continues his struggles from last season. He’s been beat a lot.

-I would have liked to have seen more from Sergio Brown if he’s going to be the fourth safety. I saw him run right by a tackle in the third quarter.

-Darryl Richard looks great on the stat sheet, but both of his sacks came via nice coverage downfield.

-Steve Maneri, former high school basketball star and college tight end looked really nice playing LT for Mallett. He showed a lot of athleticism especially pulling for Medlin.

-With Price and Ridley looking great today, think about how many weapons Brady has on offense this year? It’s not even fair. Woodhead, Ridley, Green-Ellis, Vereen, Ocho, Branch, Price, Welker, Edelman, Hernandez and Gronk. Yikes, did I forget anybody?

-Some other random thoughts: why can’t the NFL stick a ref in the booth to review Tds? Scotty McGee is a great football name. It’s always fun to see Belichick’s kids on the sideline.

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29 Responses to “Patriots vs Jaguars: The Aftermath”

  1. Dan says:

    I just read that Hoyer had decreased practice snaps to day while Mallett had his increased. More of a sign that they are going to rush to see if they need to carry the 2 QB’s.

  2. Liam says:

    Trade Hoyer straight up for Vontae Davis. Roll with Mallet as backup, plenty of teams have dealt with rookie backup QB’s. Move Ras-I to free safety and let him learn for a year behind Meriweather. We’d be stacked in the secondary for years to come. Miami could have interest because Henne in rubbish.

    • Dan says:

      You think Miami is giving up their young stud CB for Hoyer because of a nice pre-season start? That’s a great trade for the Pats, but it would never happen…nothing like that. He’s not Cassell, he hasn’t taken the team, in regular season, to win after win whle playing very well. He’s showing signs that he has promise, and skills, to be a POTENTIAL NFL starter, that’s it!
      If he plays extremely well during the pre-season I could see his value being a low 2nd to a 4th rounder.

    • NEPD says:

      I just enjoy that a commenter appropriately used “rubbish”. Well played. 2 commenter points (not redeemable for cash…. or anything) to the next guy who uses “Shenanigans”.

      And yes, killer trade for the Patriots, but I don’t see the Dolphins paying that much.

      • Liam says:

        Yeah wishful thinking on my part probably. was thinking of the Kolb deal. I don’t see a great deal of difference between Hoyer and Kolb, but the regular season starts probably mean a lot. If Sparano were making the calls, he might do this deal. Hoyer will win the Fins more games this year than Davis will, and might help Sparano keep his job. Otherwise, it seems like their plan is to Suck for Luck.

        Anyhoo, its fun to dream of those sorts of trades.

  3. TD says:

    One thing learned last night: If our backups meet the Jag’s backups in the playoffs, we are moving on, yahoo!

    The reason Butler, Wilhite, Slater, others were in there for so long and on every team possible is to see if they have value outside their normal position.

    At this time it looks like Farnham has more value than Butler or Wilhite, unfortunately, or not unfortunately.

  4. cc says:

    *Wilhite, *Butler and *Tate all need to be dropped…..NOW, or better yet, package them all in one for a trade; be it a player or prefferably a worthy pick for the bunch. I would have done this personally last year with all three and! It’s certainly evident thus far with a single pre-season game as noted….why waste anymore time, effort, space on either of the three. They just are not cutting it.
    It was really-really nice to see Price! Unlike the previous three mentioned, Price has and is more than potential.
    Personally, I certainly would have liked to have seen us take Dan Sanzenbuacher in the draft(maybe a mis-spelled the last name), he made a ton of crazy catches/has a Wes Welker ‘esk thing to him, and it’s too bad he’ll be working the slot for the Bears instead of us.
    Additionally noting as well that if Hernandez does end up dropping the TE tag as possably stated….? I still feel having read that, that regardless of this, we very-very much slacked by not making sure we took Zach Miller away from the Raiders instead of I beleive the Seahawks..??
    Overall. I liked what I saw……A high score against the Jags in Pre 1, doesn’t mean squat as of now, but it seems our “Offence” needs just a small fine tuning and it’ll be real darn good!!! Don’t let either QB go, keep all 3-Period. Insurance will prove to be a good thing, and so will a future trade for one of them.
    I wasn’t so happy (as initially with most), with seing an extra RB pick used and an extra QB in the draft but the value was there in Mallet and let’s just hope we can get this RB cituation worked out right quick. Hate to see a wasted draft pick so quickly, but someone gotta go soon enough at that RB spot.
    Will be looking forward to checking out mainly the “Defence”…. fully over the rest of the pre-season games!!!

    • cash says:

      why would we ever need to sign zach miller? we have 2 very good TEs. that makes no sense depth wise or money wise.

      • cc says:

        The guy not only has caught an increadible amount of balls over there – he’s a proven commodity. + We got rid of TE Alge Crumpler, in addition to the staff writter mentioning that Hernandez is smaller/skinnier than he was previously was and wouldn’t dobt that he will loose the TE tag by next year. So having said that, putting in a bid for Zach Miller regarding all of his production(and having Tom Brady throwing to him VS. the Raiders QB…..which is who?…..). Zach Miller catching from Brady would be a good thing. What also if one of our current TE’s got hurt? Who’s the back-up/newbie/fill-in/”un-proven commodity”?

    • qwerty says:

      Butler is still the 3rd best CB on team until Dowling proves otherwise. Butler was played deep so he was not playing his optimal position which is 3rd CB and near line of scrimmage.

      Plus the Patriots need at least 5 CB’s to account for injuries and depth and formations. Wilhite is on the chopping block.

      If you look at Tate’s stats last year and compare them to other first year receivers, he actually had pretty good year. Price is clearly better than Tate so Tate just falls down chart. Tate’s value is kick returns. If Tate improves this year, he will hang on.

      Next year, Branch will be on chopping block due to age. Same for ocho. these guys got two years left max so with injuries, receiver position could get depleted fast. So until better replacement is found for Tate, he probably needs to be kept. For me, Price is the number 4 receiver if not higher.

      • Dan says:

        You are right, Butler may very well be the 3rd best CB on this team right now with Ras-I not on the field and untested; this is why he will not be on the team! He will be cut, then the team will pick up someone else…via trade or other teams cuts.
        I think there will be 2-3 more CB’s brought in the next month. The team has to working the phones aggressively now…Wilhite & Butler can’t get it done…they need guys who can, and one of these new guys has to be someone who makes the team.
        Samuel? I doubt the Eagles would want to make the Pats better, but think a veteran player…someone proven and professional.

    • TD says:

      Zach Miller is a receiving TE that we do not need, especially since Hernandez makes about a fifth of his salary.

      Do you really believe that other teams have not scouted us and realize what we do about Butler, Wilhite and others. We are not going to be trading them or some other baggage on this team for substantial

      • Dan says:

        Amen, the Miller talk is foolish, they are set at TE like no time in the history of the franchise.
        And, the trade talks are whacky; the chick Paoletti on Comcast wrote an article where she mentioned trading Wilhite.
        In order to make trades you need to have leverage and value; and the entire league knows that dozens of “Wilhites” will be released by the final cuts. He is a player showing he can’t play his position, along with Butler; so what value do they have, and what leverage do you have with the knowledge one will be cut shortly with all the other dudes that didn’t make teams? Would you get a conditional 7th rounder in 2017??? They have little value, with very little leverage.

  5. Dan says:

    I apologize for the long entry…I’m just too pumped up after that long off season.
    Here’s a thought: If Mallett keeps this up for the next weeks, or even shows better in games and practice, do they carry 3 QB’s?
    Roster spots are more important than ever this year. The team is trying everything to bring a defense together, and they won’t want to sacrifice on special teams. So, do they move Hoyer?
    I know I’m way ahead of myself, but it’s worth watching. To me, Hoyer is a nice looking QB, but a long-shot as a starting NFL franchise QB. If Mallett shows that he can simply carry the duty of playing back-up, then why keep them both?

    • qwerty says:

      Patriots will keep 3 QB on roster. Hoyer will be free agent in 2013 so likely traded in 2012. Hoyer does have ability to be a starting QB in NFL.

    • ryan buske says:

      I mentioned the thought of moving Hoyer a few weeks back on this site, and got yelled at for even the thought of it. But I will say it again, if someone gives Bill a good deal on Hoyer, my guess is he is gone. There are quite a few teams still needing a QB, Miami, Skins, Seattle, Raiders. Or even a few teams needing a good back up. But we will see. These preseason games typically do not mean a thing.

      • John Major says:

        Are we talking about a 2-3 round pick for Hoyer? Maybe trading him for a backup cornerback might not be a bad idea. Then we could cut Darius Butler from the roster.

        • qwerty says:

          at least a very high second but i’d want a first because he has shown talent. if he demonstrates talent in a regular season game this year then he is definitely worth a first and more.

          any team that wanted mallet would have to part with 5 first round picks.

        • Liam says:

          Hoyer for Vontae Davis? We could move Ras-I to safety, and have a STACKED secondary.

      • Dan says:

        Well, that’s all timing…you have to SEE the kid do it on the field and then project them doing it in games with meaning, against starters. The keys with Mallett where his balance and eyes remaining down field…the feel he had, the confidence. We all knew he could throw the ball, but that was great to see also. He looked the part and I’m not sure it’s a fluke, like Bishop with his running around a decade ago. He remained in the pocket, worked the pocket, and ran the team. He looked like a professional pocket passer, and those guys are gold in this league…there are a few of them, and they dominate.
        If this team is going to run the defense as a 4-3 with the ability to switch to 3-4, they will need roster spots to make that work. The temptation will be there to NOT have to carry 3 QB’s. If Brady goes down the season is a loss; hoping for another Cassell situation is pie in the sky. So, it will be interesting to watch what they do with Hoyer…Mallett is officially not going anywhere after last night…he’ll stay and develope.
        The irony to all this is Hoyer is good, had everything come together last night…a few years of hard work; but he may have seen his role as back up on this team slip away.
        Good news…he showed the league he has skills, and either way he must be celebrating with his agent.

        • John Major says:

          There is no way a team is going to give up a future 1st round pick for Hoyer. I remember that the Chiefs only gave up a second rounder for Matt Cassell and he had a terrific season under his belt. I’m guessing a late second or a third round pick is more likely.

        • cash says:

          Thanks you john major. people dont understand trades in the NFL. It blows my mind when people say “get a first rounder and more” that doesnt happen in the NFL.

        • cc says:

          and Vrable went with the deal as well.

    • TD says:

      If Hoyer is a long shot, why would a team trade anything substantial for him? Do you think BB would trade Hoyer and leave the team in the hands of Mallet w/aspirations of going to the Super Bowl?

      I remember the roar for getting rid of Cassell in 2008 after a poor preseason and letting O’Connell step in.

      • Billy C. says:

        I was the the person who jumped in a few weeks ago and said there’s no way that the Pats are going to leave the team with a rookie as a back-up to Brady. I still believe nothing has changed. Mallet shows great potential, but it was against second and third stringers and it’s just way to early in his development to entrust a super bowl contending team to a still unknown commodity. On a disappointing note, I’ve been a follower of the Connecticut Huskies and was stoked that the Pats selected Darius Butler a few years ago. I fondly remembered Butler blanketing receivers, making difficult one on one tackles and returning kicks like the all Big East performer that he was. However, that player seems a distant memory. He just isn’t the same player. Whether it’s the lack of talent in the Big East, loss of confidence, or any other excuse, Butler doesn’t seem capable of performing on this level on this team. His most striking deficiencies is the big cushion he’s giving the recievers and his inability to get off the receiver and make an aggresive move on a ball carrier. I’m still not completely sold that he’s not the best fifth cornerback on the team, however, Butler’s time in New England may be limited.

        • Liam says:

          ‘Entrust a superbowl contending team to a rookie’? C’mon man, there’s only one guy entrusted with the keys to this team, and he’s married to a supermodel. If SuperTom goes down, we’re poked anyway, just like Indy, New Orleans, Green Bay, San Diego, Pitsburgh etc. Even if we got a Cassel like season out of Hoyer, there’s no way he wins a superbowl.

  6. TD says:

    Butler did not look good, nor did Wilhite.

    Price, Ridley, Fletcher had big games. Cunningham got some pressure, but he won’t be getting 50% of def. snaps like last year w/all the guys we brought in: Carter, Ellis, Anderson??

    It’s evident against the Jag’s that we have crazy depth at QB.

  7. Dan says:

    I agree with the ref comment, and everything else for that matter; the reviewing of every score is a mistake, and they should do anything they can to speed it up.

    Price and Ridley showed they can play, I thought Ridley would be what he was and he actually looks like he has room for improvement…a good thing. Price showed a well-balanced game, and he got right back to work after taking that huge hit over the middle…a great sign. I didn’t like the way he carried the football though…that was ugly to watch, and the defender saw it and tride to reach around and pop it out and nearly did.

    Story of the night though: Mallet looks like he can play.

    I know it’s very early and these were scrubs, but he did all the little things with his eyes down field, moved in the pocket, showed touch, and ran the team. The rest of the league can’t pass on a potential starting QB…the fact that a team with an MVP QB took him is pathetic; this is a QB league. Unless this kid is robbing banks someone had to take him in the 1st or 2nd.

    Butler still can’t cover…the fact that he was out there all game was very telling. They are giving him every shot to make this team, but I’m thinking he’s gone after the way he played tonight, especially early against better players. He just doesn’t have it. I say they bring in someone else…maybe a few in the coming weeks to try and take that last CB position.

    2nd biggest story of the night: Cunningham out there for most of the game (3 quarters? I think). I’ve been thinking that this team is making a serious run at a Super Bowl, bringing back all the vets, paying the money, bringing in tons of talent to compete and try to get to the QB, and I think that he is NOT safe. If some other player shows he can do the job better they won’t hesitate to pull the trigger and move on. I’m not saying he was out there like Butler, and I think he will make the team, but I’m saying he’s being pushed hard to get better and to make that big step up. Why else would he play so much? The media has him starting and going to the pro bowl; but the kid was just a mid 2nd round draft pick. He has to win this job.

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