Patriots vs Jaguars: Halfway Thoughts

NEPD Staff Writer Doug Kyed-

Here are my thoughts from the 1st half of the Patriots first pre-season game.

-The worst things we’ve seen so far are what amount to dumb mistakes, likely caused by lockout lack of preparation. Ie. Patrick Chung’s dropped INT, Aaron Hernandez’s fumbles, Danny Woodhead’s fumble.

-Taylor Price has been a standout so far on offense. He’s big, he’s fast, he’s everything we expected coming out of Ohio last year. If this keeps up, I definitely credit the Pats for not looking for a deep threat in the NFL draft.

-The preseason will be very telling as far as kickoffs go. The more touchbacks we see and the better Price looks, the more it might look like Brandon Tate might be on the bubble.

-Hernandez looks skinnier than last year. During the days of camp I went to, he was wearing a long sleeve sweatshirt under his jersey. Might be to drop some unneeded weight in the hot summer afternoons. I suspect Hernandez will drop the TE tag sometime this year or next.

-Are the Redskins, Dolphins and Seahawks drooling over Brian Hoyer yet? He looks like a pro. Call me crazy, but I’d rather keep him as insurance than give him up for the going rate for backups QBs.

-Hoyer’s been given a lot of time by this second string o-line. Speaks well about our depth at that position this season.

-Jermaine Cunningham and Mark Anderson are looking explosive off the edges so far. The preseason is very important for Anderson as he’s a DL definitely on the bubble.

-It’s nice to see Stevan Ridley making some receptions early on, but his hands look shaky.

-Watching Price make a fair catch was terrifying. I’m hoping we don’t have to see him returning punts this season.

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