Patriots vs Bucs: Halftime Thoughts

NEPD Staff Writer: Doug Kyed

My main question after the first half is: who’s more impressive the offense or the defense? How scary is it that this is essentially still a first/second string team with so many starters not playing yet?


-Nothing to worry about at all with Brady, the offense was able to carve the TB defense apart. Loved the move by Belichick to bring Hoyer in out of nowhere. Brady showed some really nice chemistry with Hernandez. It’s always scary to see him get hit below the waste though, isn’t it?
-Hernandez looks a lot more impressive when he’s not fumbling. How many pounds do you think Hernandez lost this offseason? It looks like it made him quicker/faster. Seriously, goodgle image a picture of him from last year.
-Green-Ellis is doing his best Stevan Ridley impression so far, huh? Green-Ellis looks very impressive so far. Interesting that with him back, Ridley hasn’t seen any looks.
-You kind of forget how good Woodhead is, don’t you? He’s looked really great so far, it’s amazing how well he uses his height (or lack thereof) getting completely lost behind our tall OL.
-Yeatman’s been in with Gronk and Hernandez with the first team offense. He’s looked great blocking so far, I’ve noticed he’s prone to get off the snap slow though. He was a former Lacrosse player at ND and Maryland. Doesn’t possess even decent speed for a TE.
-I know it’s early, but if Light wasn’t resigned, wouldn’t you feel somewhat comfortable with Solder in at LT? Solder looked good other than on sack in end of 2nd quarter.


-It’s so strange to see Mayo rushing the passer, but he also looks great doing it.
-Wilfork, Pryor and Love have been monsters up the middle. Blount couldn’t get anything going.
-Fletcher continues to impress from the MLB position. I really think he could give Spikes a run for his playing time. (Fletcher left the game with a thumb injury, Koutouvides came in to replace him)
-I can’t believe how much better Andre Carter looks coming from the 4-3 than he does coming from the 3-4 on pass rush. He, Moore and Ninkovich have looked like beasts coming off the edge. One of my favorite moments of the game so far was Eric Moore running LaGarrette Blount down from behind. He’s a very athletic DE.
-Not much to report from the defensive backs so far, but Butler has actually looked pretty good. Defensive backs have had very little work with the pass rush basically negating them.
-Bret Kardashian, ahem, Lockett, came out with a groin injury. If it’s serious, might necessitate a signing at the safety position.


-More kickoff wackiness. New kickoff rules will give fans extra time to gather food from the kitchen this season.
-Jeremy Ross has looked very unimpressive on punt returns so far.

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5 Responses to “Patriots vs Bucs: Halftime Thoughts”

  1. Bill says:

    I understand the TD pass to 85. I don’t understand BB challenging 85 on the sidelines just minutes later. BB was clearly humiliating 85 for BS reasons.

    I think BB has a Napoleon complex. And I think that is why the Pat’s didn’t win the playoff game last year. I think BB is past his prime as a head coach, just as Don Shula was past his prime as a head coach in the late 80’s.

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