Patriots Supplemental Draft Possibilities

Terrelle Pryor Supplemental Draft

We know Terrelle Pryor can run and throw - but can he catch?

The Patriots Roster is pretty stacked with talent right now, but Coach Belichick and company always do their “due dilligence” on draft prospects.

Terrelle Pryor, whose draft status was detailed by BBD, is having his pro-day today. He threw the ball decently, but his 4.40 speed is really what will get teams excited.

If he can be a striding deep receiver or even a pass-catching TE, that might be his only way to see the NFL field.

Even though the Patriots had scouts in attendance, I doubt there is any real interest in drafting him. With the Bills and Dolphins as possible suitors, it pays to get a closer look at him.

If the Patriots had a late-round pick to bid in the supplemental draft, which they don’t, there is one prospect that might catch their eye.

Former UNC DE/OLB Michael McAdoo is certainly an intriguing prospect. You can read Michael McAdoo’s scouting report for yourself, but here is a brief snippet.

He has surprising strength for a kid who came into UNC a little wiry. He was able to generate a good push on his bull rush and used his long frame to generate leverage and get the OT to stand up.

He has the kind of size that cannot be taught, and he is off the charts athletically. A two sport star in HS, McAdoo was a very highly regarded basketball prospect as well. That athleticism shows on the field in regards to his change of direction and balance.

Caleb King (RB, Georgia) is another prospect that has a chance of being drafted.

After all is said and done, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the supplemental draft come and go without a single pick used, although Pryor and McAdoo are certainly worth a late-round flier in my opinion.


4 Responses to “Patriots Supplemental Draft Possibilities”

  1. TD says:

    The Celts could use McAdoo; they are lacking a big that can hit jumpers. OOps, wrong guy.

    • psw says:

      I was gonna tell that joke and thought better of it. Thank you for letting me think better of myself.

  2. Billy C. says:

    I know why Pryor is in the supplemental draft, but does anyone know why McAdoo and King went this route (usually there was a problem).

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