2012 NFL Draft Watchlist: Marvin McNutt

Patriots Marvin McNutt

Marvin McNutt has steadily improved since making the transition from QB to receiver.

Marvin McNutt (6-4/215) has made quite the name for himself after transitioning from Ricky Stanzi’s fellow backup quarterback to his star receiver. He and his Iowa Hawkeyes have a few great games for him to showcase his stuff.

Going up against Nebraska’s star CB Alfonzo Dennard (11/25) will be the most heralded matchup, but solid games against Pitt (9/17) and Michigan State (11/12) are also worth your time.

Why the Patriots need him:
The Patriots have shown that they can win without a tall deep threat – however, Bill Belichick has never been one to rest on his laurels and wait for the rest of the league to catch up.

If Taylor Price and Brandon Tate don’t make huge gains this year, the Patriots might look McNutt’s way in the 2012 NFL Draft.

Why you should watch him:
McNutt is a very heady player, whose former time at quarterback has helped get him into the right routes against the right defenses. His nose for the endzone (1 TD in his last six games), 6’4″ size, and decent long speed all make him an attractive selection somewhere on day two.


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