Prime Potential Patriots

Matt Roth Patriots

Could Matt Roth be headed for New England?

With the NFL and the NFLPA inching towards a new CBA, it is time to look at a few potential free-agent acquisitions that Bill Belichick and company could be in the market for.

While we’d all like to see former Raiders CB Nnamdi Asomugha suiting up for the Patriots, we’re relatively certain some other NFL team will break the bank to acquire his services. That said, these three players seem like they would make a good fit.

Malcolm Floyd

Even though the Patriots have a pretty crowded depth chart at receiver, a true down-field threat has yet to emerge. Taylor Price and Brandon Tate are still options to develop, but if the Patriots aren’t feeling patient, Floyd’s 22+ yard average might be tough to pass up.

Robert Gallery

Gallery has long been a favorite of the Patriots coaching staff, ever since he broke into the league as the #2 pick with the Oakland Raiders. If Logan Mankins won’t re-sign, Gallery might be an option to replace him.

However, Mankins is clearly a better blocker and Gallery will ask for close to what Mankins signs for. If possible, re-signing the former 1st-rounder from Fresno State should be a priority.

Matt Roth

When I first met Roth during his days at the University of Iowa, I couldn’t believe the intensity that he plays with. His motor and drive hasn’t changed in the NFL – providing the Patriots with an option to play some outside linebacker that has a proven track record of being able to disrupt the quarterback in the NFL.


7 Responses to “Prime Potential Patriots”

  1. Omnipotent_1 says:

    Roth would be a great fit at WLB, Plaxico Buress is a better fit than Floyd because he runs better routes than Floyd, the salary cap hit will be a lot less and after 2 years he will be done. Only thing about Gallery is injury history and having been under Undead Al’s program for too long has affected him mentally.

  2. Sean says:

    Gallery is more likely to follow his old HC to Seattle as he is now the OL Coach for the Seahawks. They also need some help on the OL to go with Okung from last year’s draft.

  3. TD says:

    I would have questions about the first two guys; Is Floyd’s production a result of his talents or result of Rivers’ committment to throw it long. How much would it cost to get Gallery? I had my doubts that BB would entertain paying Mankins $7-8 million, but Gallery and/or Mankins both?

    • NEPD says:

      No way the Patriots sign Gallery AND Mankins. I was merely positing Gallery as a potential backup plan if Mankins walks or asks too much.

      Like you said though, Gallery will ask for a lot of $, so in my opinion they should just sign Logan.

      • Ryan says:

        I’m going to have to disagree on this one. I think Gallery CAN be signed in the $3-5million range. Here is why: He wants out of Oakland, wants to be on a contender, and him and Bill B have a history and etc. I see it happening ONLY if Mankins isn’t signed. Furthermore, I’d rather have Mankins.

        Roth I can see. Definite tough man attitude. HOWEVER, Bill doesn’t sign Hawkeyes. ( I wish he did)

        Floyd is old, there are a few other players I’d rather have than Floyd, a couple decent seasons doesn’t cut it for me.

        What about Safety? I’m looking for a different safety.

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