Patriots Undrafted Rookie Signings

Patriots Jeff Tarpinian

Welcome to the Patriots rookies!

The Patriots always seem to find a gem in their Undrafted Free Agent classes, be it Dane Fletcher, Ben-Jarvus Green-Ellis, or many more. Which of this years UDFA’s will make the cut?

Our best bet to make the 53-man roster would be Iowa linebacker Jeff Tarpinian. He started as a special-teams ace for the Hawkeyes, becoming an absolute menace on kickoff coverage. We feel that he could be a low-price, high-energy guy that could replace Tracy White if he is deemed expendable.

Here is “Tarp” in action (Fast forward to :40):

Other Rookie Free Agents set to sign with the Patriots:

Corey Woods (OT, Akron)
Jeremy Ross (WR/KR, Cal)
Alex Silvestro (DE, Rutgers)
Jeff Tarpinian (LB, Iowa)
Kyle Hix (OT, Texas)
Mike Berry (OL, Auburn)
Will Yeatman (TE/OT, Maryland)
Ryan Coulson (DE, Nevada)
Clay Nurse (DE, Illinois)
Chris Koepplin (K, Massachusetts)
Aaron Lavarias (DE, Idaho)

For more on them, check out Chris Price’s great post on WEEI.

Jets UDFA’s / Bills UDFA’s / Dolphins UDFA’s


25 Responses to “Patriots Undrafted Rookie Signings”

  1. cp says:

    Chad please go back to Johnson

  2. TD says:

    I’m sure BB will be monitoring him closely, but if he can return to form, he would be a beast at 3-4 DE or 4-3 DT and provide pressure on QB’s, freeing up fellow DL’s and Cunningham. All for a 5th rounder in 2013!

    • Liam says:

      Good luck running against Big Vince and Fat Albert. Hopefully they eat opposing running backs, coz if the Pats actally have to feed those two they’ll go bankrupt.

  3. Liam says:

    Haynesworth? WTF? This is either awesome, or disasterous. Didn’t see this at all!

  4. cp says:

    I agree TBC may be back at a reduced rate and that’s fine. He can add some much needed depth at the position, however, we need a more dominant starter. TBC would be a nice option as a backup, that’s what I think he truly is.

  5. Ryan says:

    Aaron Lavarias – IDAHO. Patriots signed this UDFA, no videos on youtube of him playing that I found, decent stats good demeanor. Hopefully, a Dane Fletcher.

  6. cp says:

    I’m glad Tully is gone. We need to upgrade at OLB and Tully is not the answer . I’d like to see Roth or Manny Lawson.

  7. cash says:

    There should be a link to the other sites.

    • NEPD says:

      Which sites are you looking for Cash?

      • cash says:

        The Jets, Bills, and Dolphins sites that were just created. I assume that all of you are associated with eachother. Im curious to hear who the other rivals are interested in! Thanks for the Reply

        • NEPD says:

          I got ya – I’ve added them in now.

        • cash says:

          Thanks! Maybe There could be something on the side, a more permanent link? So at anytime you can check the other sites. Sorry, not complaining haha, just trying to help out. Love the site.

        • NEPD says:

          We’re working on a widget to display the last couple of posts from the other sites. Thanks for the suggestion!

  8. Jcene says:

    Coulson will be a gem. One of the hardest working, yet hungry & humble. Self motivation is extremely high.

  9. Ryan says:

    Two things come when looking at signings the Pats had today with the release of Cain. One I think Ninko is the starter at this point, if not him I think Bill likes what he sees in Eric Moore (hopefully something similar to Cameron Wake). Two, he plans on signing a FA for OLB. While I dont figure the splash to be huge, maybe Roth (I know everyone is saying him, I’ve watched him play at Iowa he was electrifying it) or someone similar. But to be honest, I’m glad we cut him. I’d rather develope someone than continue to use someone where we know he wont produce how we want. But I believe there to be quite of few options coming through Foxboro, in the next week or so to fill the OLB sport or at least sign a back up.

    I will say this Ninko and Moore can certainly fill the position, I think many will be surprised.

  10. TD says:

    I would think that BB had to address the offense after investing so many high picks on D the past few years. At some point he had to stop taking more and more D players and let the youth develop. This year he did rebuilding at OLine and RB and can fill in the smaller gaps with undrafted players or FA’s, although most all will point out that a rush lineman/LB is not a small gap to fill.

    Next year I suspect he will need to address Saftey and WR with all the starters hitting the ends of their contracts (Merriweather, Sanders, Welker & Branch).

  11. Tom says:

    How many of these DEs project to OLB? It is interesting that so many of the signings are in the trenches….

  12. Ryan says:

    Looks like Coulson can long snap as well.

  13. Ryan says:

    Tarp is definitely an intriguing prospect, maybe a Tracy White replacement. Possible cover ILB maybe OLB. I’m still praying for a WR or Dain Taylor.

    Also, dont we already have two UDFA’s coming in from the Navy/Army this year? Shun White, and a WR?

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