Patriots Trade for Albert Haynesworth

Albert Haynesworth Patriots

Perhaps some new scenery in Foxboro will turn Haynesworth's frown upside-down.

According to multiple league media outlets, the Patriots have acquired former Redskins and Titans defensive lineman Albert Haynesworth for a 5th Round pick in 2013, pending Haynesworth passing a physical.

For Haynesworth, the move comes after a tumultuous journey from being an All-Pro in Tennessee to a pariah in Washington. His failed conditioning tests and lack of motivation, combined with an enormous contract, were the fuel for many a sports-writers fire.

However, it looks like the Patriots will not be on the hook for any guaranteed money, due to his holdout from camp last year.

At 6’6″ and 335, the athletic Haynesworth is easily the closest thing to Richard Seymour that the Patriots have had since Big Sey was sent packing to Oakland. Haynesworth prefers to play in a 40 (4-3) front, but if motivated, should dominate as a DE in a 30 (3-4) front.

A 3-man front of the newly-healed Ty Warren, Vince Wilfork, and Albert Haynesworth would be a formidable task for any offensive line in the league to deal with.

A 4-man front of Warren, Wilfork, Haynesworth, and perhaps Eric Moore would be equally impressive.

Ron Brace, Mike Wright, Brandon Deaderick, and Myron Pryor have all shown flashes of being able to be a starting DL for the Patriots, but injuries and inconsistency have kept them from becoming “the guy”. With Haynesworth in the fold, this should give these players another year or two to develop their skills as a backup.

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13 Responses to “Patriots Trade for Albert Haynesworth”

  1. Ratzalot says:

    I love this low cost, low risk/high reward decision. Of course there is a lot of concern about Haynesworth’s motivation and work ethic. Even if the Patriots staff can get Fat Albert on the positive track, there’s no guarantee he can convert to 3-4 DE and be dominant. I think we’re all very interested to see how this unfolds.

  2. cash says:

    Love that they picked him, I just worry what kind of shape hes in. He showed up last year out of shape and thought he was coming back to the redskins again this year so I doubt he was getting back in shape in the offseason. Lineman are differant then WRs, thats why it differs from Moss. Plaxico burres has almost missed 3 seasons and is getting a job right away. Lineman get out of shape very quickly, especially when they dont work out!

  3. Ryan says:

    I think they had this talk going last season. Or at least I remembering there being rumors. I really think this will put Bill to the test as far as handling him off and on the field. However, I think Big Vince will have a lot to say as to how he acts, having two top tier NT on the same team could motivate both of them as well as perhaps allow the Patriots to play different alignments. Instantly, what I thought was a 2-4-5 Which would clog the run and allow for a more of a coverage scenario.

    It seems as though Stroud still has a shoulder injury, but I have yet to hear anything official as to if he has been cut. Otherwise Gerrard Warren might be a possible sign. However, if Pryor, Brace and Deadrick can stay healthy I think they show promise at times. Let alone we have yet to see any UDFA’s. Lastly, Wright reported to practice and he was our sack leader, and possible could have had a few more sacks if he would not have suffered a concussion. I guess I just hope that Haynesworth can keep his mouth shut, play ball and hopefully him and Vince create some defensive line pressure, or at least enough for our OLB’s to get free.

  4. Brian says:

    Go ahead… think about it. WIN-WIN-WIN situation. LT will never see the light of day

  5. AM says:

    Ugh, bad move. Unmotivated (unlike Moss) and doesn’t love football (unlike Dillon). Would still have to spend about 40% of his plays in the 3-4 (although from a rush spot). Besides which, he’s a complete creep off the field, with a sexual assault charge pending.

    The consolation here is that he only cost a fifth-rounder two years from now.

  6. Brian says:


  7. Rob says:

    Very good point RE: Schwartz. On a ledger, the +’s would out weigh the -‘s, for certain.
    If motivated, he’s a flat-out steal.
    Not having to play NG will be huge for this guy.
    But just getting away from Washington (and more importantly, Shanahan) is huge as well.
    A malcontent going to N.E. or Pgh, where locker room leadership is well-established and winning is the norm, can be therapeutic.
    I live in Houston and saw plenty of this guy as a Titan. He’s an unblockable beast when focused and on his game.

  8. Tom says:

    I am sure BB knows what he is doing with this trade. Haynesworth had his best seasons under Schwartz while at Tennessee and Schwartz worked for BB in Cleveland from 1993-1995. I am sure BB got a lot of information on Haynesworth before pulling the trigger on this trade.

  9. Coach Bill says:

    Typical low-risk, high-reward pickup by the Patriots. Fantastic job Bill!

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