Get Started on the 2012 NFL Draft

Justin Blackmon NFL Draft

Justin Blackmon (WR, OSU) is one of our Top 5 2012 NFL Draft prospects.

If you are anything like me – you’re already wondering who the Patriots might be targeting in 2012. Here are a few resources to get you started.

Our initial positional rankings for the 2012 NFL Draft are available, as well as a dozen or so scouting reports.

A 2012 NFL Mock Draft is available, as well as our 2012 edition of our award-winning Top 100 prospects.

Any 2012 NFL Draft prospects already catching your eye?

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25 Responses to “Get Started on the 2012 NFL Draft”

  1. Mayo- naise says:

    Big Notre Dame fan, and I agree Floyd is awesome, but we will never see him, and you can rule out trading up that high (I dont believe the Saints pick will get us in the top ten)… I think he is somewhere between AJ Green and Julio Jones… Richardson from ‘Bama will be the first back off the board (assuming he comes out) and again think he and Crick will be taken in the first half of the year… For all those looking for an OLB in 11 (myself included) I think we may be ok… Banta Cain and Murrell I think are average to slightly below LB s, But I have high hopes for Cunningham, Ninkovich was very consistant,,,, and I think the guy we will all be talking about during the season is Eric Moore… In very limited time last year he was VERY productive, and consistantly pressuring the QB… I think the 2012 draft (depending on strength of diff positions) will be once again focused on the secondary (safety) and interior O-LIne… Sounds crazy, but unless Arrington and Butler make some strides, we may even go for another cb… In todays nfl you can not have too many, and weve seen what an injury can do.. Not sayin first round, but early round…. My biggest question is why does everyone keep saying draft a DE???? It is one of the deepest spots on our team… We have Warren and Warren as starters… We have Brace (2nd round pick) Deaderick (pleasant suprise) and Pryor to add depth.. All 3 are young with a chance to grow… And then you have Wilfork, Kyle Love , and Stroud (I guess inside?)… Everyone drove me nuts talking about getting a DE in the second round like it was gonna fix us? We got one of those a few years back, he is a work in process right now.. In our “Hay Day” we had 5 lineman… Wilfork, Seymore, Warren, Wright, and Green… It worked just fine… I realize Seymore was special, but I dont think we are far away from having a VERY good defense. I cant wait to see what another year of coaching does to this EXTREMELY young team.

  2. Sean says:

    Three names of 2nd round DE/OLB prospects to watch since we know BB won’t take one in the 1st round.

    Vinny Curry, Marshall
    Andre Branch, Clemson
    Jake Bequette, Arkansas

  3. Matt Carney says:

    I think that Michael Floyd is the best reciever in the draft. Floyd is a physical WR who can also run past everyone. The Pats should definitly take a look at Floyd.

    • ralph says:

      BB will never take Floyd, he’s been in too much trouble already… ohh and he is not a team capt.

  4. Jon L. says:

    oh god. already next year’s draft talk!

    • prioris says:

      even after we pass on in the afterlife, there will be draft talk there too

      it will be a real hell

  5. TD says:

    Richardson of Ala could be the home run threat Ingram was not.

  6. Steve says:

    I really liked Broyles last year.

  7. Steve says:

    Can I be the first to say it? It looks like a weak draft.

    This may be so early we are only looking at seniors, so I have to do some homework and look at draft eligible underclassmen.

  8. Steve says:

    I gather we are going to be hearing Brewster & Crick for the next 12 months, and that’s not such a bad thing, but BB doesn’t pick from those schools, from what I recall.

  9. edward0383 says:

    J. Blackmon will not be on their radar. WR possible top ten pick
    not happening. No value there according to BB.

  10. j says:

    Jared Crick is an obvious target at this point but I think Mike Brewster from Ohio State is a BEAST! I’d love him on our line with Solder, Mankins, Cannon, and Vollmer.

    • Jim R says:

      Brewster is a beast

      • Steve says:

        I wonder if BB would ever take an Ohio State product…he seems to ignore them and other schools like USC. The fraud institutions…the obvious ones.
        It seems very logical tthat Brewster may be their target…good timing, but he’d had to slip to the end of the draft (hopefully, unless the Saints tank and we end up with a higher pick from them).
        I still will be watching for the school, maybe he’ll make an exception for an exceptional player of need. Mangold won’t hurt Brewster’s cause, and it may help BB seeing Mangold do so well in the division.

  11. Dan says:

    Jared Crick, the ideal 5 technique.

    • Dan says:

      Of course, that means BB probably won’t draft him.

      • Jeff says:

        Jared Crick is AWESOME! He’d be a perfect fit on the DL.
        Although I don’t really know what we’ll need until I see the team take the field this year.
        I’m thinking OC will be a need, unless Ryan Wendell or Rich Orhnberger step up to it.
        We may also know whether we need another WR by then.
        Safety could be a need depending on what we do with Merriweather, and Mankins will likely be gone already so an OG might be on the radar.
        For right now I’d say Crick would be a solid pick to AT LEAST replace Warren at some point.

      • Steve says:

        that will be the case if you listen to people who don’t know what they’re talking about describe a player as “the perfect 5 tech/3-4 DE”. Our DE’s are very big DT’s ….look at Ty Warren and you have your model, Seymour was an exception…exceptionally big, long and athletic.
        For example, Cam Jordan was too light to play our 3-4…not our “ideal”.
        So, don’t blame BB for not following non-experts who label players incorrectly, or incompletely (our system wants bigger, others may be ok with smaller).

        • Dan says:

          Jared Crick isn’t exactly small at 6’6 296 pounds. That sounds pretty close to the tall, 300 pound, athletic 5 technique everyone says is perfect for our system.

      • TD says:

        Steve hit the nail on the head; our DE’s are almost always DT’s in college. About 6′-4″, 300-320lbs and play with a lot of leverage in order to hold off double teams and not give up ground at LOS.

        Our DLine is about stopping the run and our average per run has been creeping up the past few years. Stop the run like the Steelers and you put teams in 3rd and long, which will help our defense.

  12. JR says:

    There are some beasts on the oline (tackles) also great tight ends as well as Dbacks we will be picking from.

    • Steve says:

      Yes, love the sarcasm. I mean last year we had 1 cornerback that could actually cover, and you often have 3 on the field; so BB is just another fool for wanting more top level help at a key position. I mean, what does he know about football, especially on the defensive side of the ball. And, look what a bust McCourty was?
      Also, another great piece of sarcasm…who needs tackles? Nobody needs a left tackle, they’re unimportant in this running league with mostly lefty QB’s. Oh, sorry…I have that backwards…most QB’s are righty and this is a passing league, so LT’s are extremely important, and they tend to go very high and be extremely safe picks.

      I wish our stupid coach/GM took a slightly above average running back, with a already damaged knee, with that 28th pick and passed up on a 1st round pick last year and a high second this year. That’s the kind of stupid move that will kill a team if done even every so often. Both our running backs could have better careers than Ingram, and we gained while taking them.

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