Tyron Smith to Visit Patriots

Tyron Smith Patriots

Tyron Smith impressed NFL Scouts once again at the USC Pro Day.

According to the National Football Post, USC offensive tackle Tyron Smith will visit the Patriots in the coming days.

The very talented junior decided to declare early after a superb season for the Trojans – at one point shutting down Cam Jordan of California. He mainly played on the right side for USC over his career, but certainly has the speed and agility to move to the left side as well.

After putting on a few pounds to move over 300 pounds, the 20 year-old Smith is our highest-ranked tackle in the 2011 NFL Draft – we feel that he could easily go in the Top 5 of the draft.

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12 Responses to “Tyron Smith to Visit Patriots”

  1. Phil says:

    This guy is a beast and would certainly make sure that TB never flinches again (it was painful to watch that playoff game)…when he gets locked on to the defender it is OVER. I would love to have him but not sure at what price…maybe a trade…how about mankins, #28 and #60 for the #5 pick…we have the two bookends TB needs to stay clean and still have #17 to go dline/olb. I know that whoever gets TSmith is going to have a force on their squad.

    • rdf63 says:

      You brought up possibly the most important point which is ‘how about Mankins’. If he stays with the Pats long term then the Pats need to use two two of the their six picks in the draft. They will be some good OL lineman available using two of the #28, #33 and #60 picks. Solder, Sherrod, Carimi, Watkins, Moffitt could all be available. But if Mankins doesn’t, then they will need to use at least two and possibly three of these picks and its a different story. Light, Neal and Maknkins for only one year means the Pats need to rebuild it now to protect Terrific Tom. One thing they may be thinking of besides the trade will be the future OL free agents available but there aren’t many.

  2. rdf63 says:

    Pats are already shopping the #28 pick and one of the reasons is what may be available at #33 and #60. Smith and Costanzo will be off the board but Ijalana, Cannon, Watkins (age ?), Franklin and possibly Carimi (only #33) could be available in the 2nd round and possibly in the 3rd round. Two players I really like that are also versatile are Moffitt and Boling and they may be available in the early 3rd rounds. Still think the Pats will use #17 for a DE, trade #28 which could include a 2011 2nd or 3rd pick and pick up OL, LB and DL in the 2nd & 3rd rounds.

  3. TD says:

    So let me get this right, Light can only play LT. Draft Tyron Smith in fist round to either play RT or sit and learn while a host of top DE’s and CB’s go off the board after us. This does not compute, especially since we can find OL’s in second round every draft. What if Smith can only play RT, which is what he was in college?

  4. Common Cent$ says:

    Ty Smith and Anthony Costanzo are the only OTs truly worth taking in the 1st round. OTs are the best paid players in the NFL, excepting QBs, of course. Real studs like Russ Okung, Joe Thomas, or Matt Long from Miami are drafted within the 1st 10 picks. They are behemouths on twinkle toes and the wingspan of a condor. If they ever lifted 225lbs only 21 or 23 times in a workout, they most likely would be rehabbing a shoulder injury. Derrick Sherrod did 23 reps, no injury reported. Nate Solder did 21 reps, no injury reported. Shane Vereen, a RB from Cal, did 31 reps. He lifted his own body weight 31 times! Solder weights 313lbs, Sherrod weighs 330lbs. There’s no way I would take either of these guys in the 1st rd. Which brings us to last of the rd 1 tackles, Gabe Carimi. He’s big enough and strong enough but too slow and cumbersome. Quick pass rushers eat him alive. He’s a RT at most. All the pundits know the value of a stud LT. Teams with real OL concerns have to reach for a Solder,Sherrod or Carimi because there’s no way they cannot address their line problems. There’s talk of Smith going as high as 5 in the draft but I still haven’t heard a reasonable explanation why he’s played RT instead of LT. Costanzo will likely go to Detroit at 13. We are fortunate because: a. Seb Volmer will move over to LT and should push comes to shove, we can resign Matt Light to play RT for a few more years at the house discount. Volmer’s played LT before and he can lock up that spot for the next 7 season or so. b. We can get an OLman like Ben Ijalana,Marcus Cannon,Danny Watkins,Orlando Franklin or Clint Boling in the 2nd rd. Actually we may be able to grab 2 of these guys in the 2nd or 3rd rd., solving all of our OL woes.

    • Jeff says:

      I agree, however if Vollmer plays LT he’ll be doing it when Matt Light is gone. BB said last year that Light cannot play RT. If they don’t resign Light they can still move Vollmer to LT and keep Kaczur at RT.
      I like the option of drafting Marcus Cannon in the secodn round though. He’s the perfect fit for us because he’s massive (315 lbs 6’8″) and he can play OG or RT, which is what we need. If anything we need a RT, not a LT.
      Cannon could come in and play Guard this year if we resign Light and Vollmer could stay at RT.
      If Light’s gone we can have him play RT and move Vollmer to LT and draft another interior lineman like WIsniewski or Moffitt for the interior.
      Another name to keep on the radar is Marcus Gilbert OT from FLA. He could be a late round guy for BB as a RT prospect as well.
      Also, we could potentially go with Andrew Jackson from Fresno State as a mid round OG prospect.

  5. rdf63 says:

    Smith is a consideration for this pick but would rather get a DE with the #17. Most likey Smith will already have been taked and they will probably get an OL with the second pick if he is available at #33. #28 will be probably be traded and I think the 2nd round picks will be OL focused (ex. Pouncey, Watkins, Moffitt) .

  6. JMC says:

    Smith is ‘long gone and hard to find’ (as Gil Santos would say) at 17.

    I don’t see a CB or RB at #17 and there are some productive OLB and RB prospects in the second and third rounds.

    Even with the deficits in defensive personnel, I wouldn’t mind seeing them pick two OL with the first three picks- Pouncy at #17, and an OT at 28 or 33.

    In the last three playoff games, it’s been the OL that has not played well enough to win-

  7. TD says:

    He will probably go in the top 10-15 before we pick. Solder is the guy dropping as pundits keep showing how he stands to straight up and kept getting beat by Kerrigan.

    IMO BB will not go after OL with #17 unless it is a great value, because we can get them in second round. This pick is reserved for top DE, CB or Ingram.

  8. Bruschi54 says:

    I would rather see pass rush help with our first pick, but I agree this guy is a stud, and might be best O-lineman in the draft.

  9. Patriots Draft Guru says:

    This guy is awesome. He could step in at LT or take Vollmer’s RT spot and move the German to LT.

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