Top NFL Draft Prospects Visiting Foxboro

Ryan Mallett NFL Draft

Ryan Mallett was once considered a 2nd-Rounder - he still wonders why.

After the deluge turned into a trickle on the Patriots Draft Contacts front, there has finally been some new action worth reporting. According to, Ryan Mallett is visiting the Patriots for two days – this after hosting Jake Locker last week.

Such a high emphasis on quarterbacks is somewhat puzzling to Patriots with Tom Brady signed for the long term, but Bill Belichick will always do his homework.

Mark Ingram is another name that is making the rounds, after he spilled the beans on Twitter. Ingram stated that he was “flying into Boston”, and the Boston Herald was able to confirm that he was indeed making a visit.

Da’Quan Bowers was also spotted at the Patriots facilities lately, according to a report by the Herald.

Bowers and Ingram were certainly having their knees checked out, while I’m sure that Ryan Mallett and Jake Locker were grilled in interviews.

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9 Responses to “Top NFL Draft Prospects Visiting Foxboro”

  1. stevethumb says:

    cmon guys…pay team can trade a player during the lockout so hoyer’s not going anywhere

  2. MegaHurtZ says:

    Man 6’6 mallet would be nice if he fell to the 2nd round. Look for NE to secure their offensive line first, then trade down…to get more 2nd rounders. Could you imagine NE with 4 second round picks and an OT already? OLB(Reed,Moch, Foster), WR(Hankerson, Smith, Jernigen), DT/DE(Heyward, K. Ellis, M. Austin, S. Paea,), DB(Williams, Harris, Burton)…And that pick #33, is so valuable…there is bound to be a player somebody wants that falls. They probably give a 2012 1st rounders up for that pick!

  3. Ryan Buske says:

    Just watched a little of him on espn, I didn’t realize he had “drug” problem. But should you watch some of the interview with Gruden, he screams “drugs.” But teams will definitely have to look at that.

  4. Ryan Buske says:

    I think Stanzi is the QB we want. There is to much similarity to Brady, if he is there in the late 3rd or the 4th, I wouldn’t question taking him.

  5. Bruschi54 says:

    If we could get the #4 for Hoyer and #17 I think even BB would crack a smile. Great thought, but with the CBA all jacked up these kind of deals not looking good with a week and a half to go.

    • Jared says:

      Besides the fact that your talking about getting a top 5 pick for an unproven backup?? insane. I love Hoyer, but Matt Cassel stepped in and took a team to 11 wins, and we didnt get anything close to that. If the Pats actually could trade Hoyer, and they were trying to, i don’t think they would get a pick in the top 50.

      • CC says:

        Actually, this is a reason I am for pushing an 18 game season myself.
        It would give US the fan’s a chance to see what else it is that we actually are paying for. What’s wrong with seeing a back up QB in say 3 games out of the season? Remember Green bay’s back up against the Pat’s??? even though they lost that game, that kid did quite well!
        That 3rd string back up for the Bear’s did awsome as well, if the ref’s called that Pass interfeirance call they should have called, above and beyond all else that kid did when coming in, he would have had the bear’s 1st and 10 in front of the goal line and finished winning it!
        BOTH back up QB’s were nothing less than great, but never get the chance to show it!!
        What’s wrong with seeing a back up Wide Out in an extra 4 or 5 games per year with decent minutes?
        It gives us the Fan’s an oportunity to see what is is we pay for.
        People like Price who some say has so much “potential” but isn’t let to play as much as he could or should, the learnig curve is that much greater without being “LET TO PLAY”. It also gives pretty banged up guy’s a little breather as well. saves em’ for the play-off’s a little when and if needed. It gives the coaching staff an oportunity to shine for both the fan’s as well as the Org. itself due to seeing their work with all player on the roster not just the gagillionaires.
        There is multiple reason’s why 18 games would be more than reasonable. Hoyer could have started 3 or 4 games last year and play’s 1/2 the game and then Brady steps in and seals’ it?
        Same pay, just a little breather inbetween, it wouldn’t be like they were playing extra for the same cut of pay.

        What if Brady got knocked around and your unsure if your back up can actually hold his own? Hoyer start’s 3 or 4 games and does well, his trade value is worth a second rounder VS a fourth for example. Or a running back is now worth a 3rd rounder in a trade rather than a 5th because we all saw him light it up consistantly when he was in?

        Additionally maybe as well, our back up is the one who takes the massive hit and is done for the year, but yet, we still have our starter ready to lay an ass woopin down on the Jet’s in the playoff’s instead of getting blown out and watching another team continue?

        Also gives the lead coaches the ability of letting their managment/coaching abilities shine in cituation’s like the draft- too show the fan base and the Org. itslef that who they choose are worth it…….and not just a waste of time and space. because the superstar gazillionaire isn’t hurt/injured and we never get too see that back up.

        Just sayin’.

        • Jared says:

          long story short…If they go to an 18 game season, the games will be just as important as always, therefore, you still will not see guys lower on the depth chart. The best players will still play, depth guys will probably get more time due to injuries, thats it in my opinion.

  6. Bill says:

    I suspect teams are interested in trading for Hoyer. Why would any well managed NFL team invest an early first round pick on a QB in this draft class? This QB draft class has BACK-UP QB written all over it.

    Maybe Cincy wants to trade #4 to the Pat’s for Hoyer and #17. The Pat’s should be interested in such a trade. And there is little downside risk for Cincinnati.

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