Stevan Ridley Picked By Patriots

Stevan Ridley Patriots

The Patriots RB position is now a position of youth.

After trading down from the 60th pick, the Patriots have selected Stevan Ridley (RB, LSU). Ridley joins Shane Vereen as new additions to the Patriots’ stable of running backs.

Ridley is almost the polar opposite of Vereen. He struggles at times out of the backfield in the passing game, but excels in the power running game. He is a north/south runner.

Ridley (5’11”, 225) ran for over 1100 yards and scored 15 TD’s during the 2010 season.

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33 Responses to “Stevan Ridley Picked By Patriots”

  1. Martin Masi says:

    Bill Bellichick has no clue of what he’s doing. He screwed us in the playoffs with his defensive scheme. Thus turning Sanchez into Drew Brees. His defensive squad is laden with talent , but he won’t –with his archaic philosophy– won’t rush the QB.

  2. boston bobby says:

    This smells like 2007-2008 hoping we get one good player out of this draft. Could have had Cam Jordan and Ingram in first round the rest would have been gravy. BB keep it simple the real issue is still coordinators we will not win the big won without better coordinators

  3. SJD says:

    The Patriots made a good pick, just in the wrong round. This player would’ve been available in the 6th round. Why not pick Hankerson? Or a OLB? The talent in those positions are mostly gone now. Why not draft Ingram if you were looking for a running back? Why not draft a better corner back instead of Ras-I Dowling?

    The only sensible pick I’ve seen so far is Ryan Mallett. Mallett is a good successor/fill in for when Brady can’t/chooses not to play. He’ll learn just like Brady learned from Blehdsoe and Rodgers learned from Favre.

    But what the hell was up with EVERYTHING else? The pass rush was probably the biggest need of the Patriots, followed by offensive line, followed by offensive backs, followed by D-backs. They took an OL, no biggy. Skipped on the best RB in the draft, then draft two more in laters round. Passed on Hankerson and Pettis. Solder wasn’t as good as Costonzo, Patriots skipped on him.

    Lets pretend the Patriots don’t keep any backs other than Danny Woodhead. They take Vereen in the second, that’s okay. You need more than one back. But then take Ridley? And I doubt they’re letting BJGE, Faulk, and Taylor go. I’m assuming AT LEAST BJGE stays along with Woodhead.

    So 2 RBs (skipping on the best in the draft), a CB (better options available, Bowers anybody?), an OL (better options available) and a QB (who won’t pay off for years to come), no DE/OLB (with one of the worst pass rushes in the NFL). Sounds like a pretty lousy draft.

    I’m just praying BB has some huge piece of knowledge about Dowling, puts Solder to work, trades Ridley, sits Vereen, and trades Mallett. I know that BB knows better than me, but still.

    • JimC says:

      Solder and Dowling were great picks. Solder handsdown was the best pure Left tackle in this draft. LT is a major need for the Patriots and it didn’t take much football knowledge to realize that Bill was going to draft the best one available @ 17. NYG, Philly and Indy all wanted him bad but didn’t have the leverage to move that high in the draft.

      Dowling by many would have been a first rounder if it wasn’t for injury bug that continued to plague him during the 2010 season. Dowling has all the tools to be a shutdown corner in the NFL because when healthy he was a shutdown corner in college. He has time to heal with Boden coming back and can learn the system at a reasonable rate.

      To your analysis on the backfield – Even by drafting Vereen and Ridley the Patriots only have 4 running backs. Taylor, Morris and possibly Faulk, due to the knee injury will all be gone at the start of Training camp if there is one. BJGE could be a problem to sign when his current contract expires so RB was a need to draft position. Having Ingram would have been great but not worth the cost for being drafted in the first round. I thought he was a bit of a reach for the Saint.

      To your last point on the Pass rush. Bill has been involved in drafting some of the best pure pass rushes in the league over the years. He knows talent! Take a look back to the 2010 draft, looking at all the hotshot pass rushers from that class and tell me how many made a major difference to their respected team? Many didn’t even record a sack.

      This years draft sack masters class will end up sitting on the pine just like usual.

      • SJD says:

        When I said “we picked an OL, no biggy” I meant no biggy in the sense “not such a bad pick”. Granted I do think Anthony Costanzo would’ve been a much better pick. Same with the more recent OG.

        Dowling wasn’t the right pick at 33. We have a more than reasonable corner back set (McCourty&Bodden). Corner back in college doesn’t equate to corner back in the NFL. BB found a gem in Devin McCourty, but he also found busts in Whealey, Butler, and Wilhite, who were all thought to be very good picks. Worst comes to worst, Arrington fills in. Dowling almost definitely won’t even start in Week 1.

        Mark Ingram was thought to be the ONLY sure-thing running back in this draft. Okay, we skip on Ingram, we then choose Vereen over Leshoure. Then pick ANOTHER running back. Why? To fill a roster instead of a need/value? Doesn’t make sense.

        BB was involved in some good pass rushers, yes. The biggest and probably one of the only gems he found was Richard Seymour. Yes, BB found a gem there. And then proceeded to skip on Clay Matthews. Bowers and Sheard were all available at 28 and 33. I guess the pathetic pass rush against the Jets in the playoffs isn’t a need?

        I’m expecting some free agency trades going down. Because it looks like most of these picks are roster refills. How long can we go on lucky late gems? At one point, the Patriots need a play maker on both sides of the field. WR

  4. stevethumb says:

    i’m from arkansas and have seen ridley play for two years..he has very little upside and probably he would have been available in the 6th round…a 3rd rd selection of him was a loooooong reach..will rackley, jjernigan, allen bailey were taken soon after and would have been much better picks

  5. Dan says:

    The feeling I’m getting is that BJGE may be on his way out, with Vereen and Ridley splitting touches and Woodhead getting the Third down plays.

  6. Vegan says:

    Am I missing something? It seems obvious that all backs behind BJGE and Woodhead are being replaced. Makes sense to have to have a runner with his skills mixed in the group. I guess I would be disappointed if he really was 5’1″ though.

  7. Steve says:

    Well it is a weak draft cause a lot of guys came out last year on purpose to get the fat rookie contracts before the CBA was going to get flushed by the owners. So you could be looking at a weak class indeed.

  8. Steve says:

    I can understand the other running back pick since he’s a Kevin Faulk type back but what’s the deal with this one? Why I don’t think the Law Firm and Woodhead are the complete answer by any means, how does this guy fit in? Was he really needed? Why draft him this high? On FSN the guy is ranked in the 200’s. I don’t know. I think Bill drafts quality in the later rounds better then other people but until very recent his 2nd rounds have all been busts. Maybe that’s Scott Pioli back in the day picking. I don’t know. Still waiting for that DE or OLB one of these days.

    You just always get the feeling like the Pats could do some serious damage if they were just willing to go after a playmaker in one of these drafts. A big impact guy. They have all the bullets; for god sake pull the damn trigger!

  9. Ryan Buske says:

    Look lets all just hope that 2 MAYBE 3 of these guys are good enough to be on the team in a few years. Kevin, may be right and this may be a weak draft. If it is then it looks like BB is doing the right thing.

  10. Ethan says:

    I certainly wasn’t taking a shot at the site it’s been a great resource for information for me. For me though, it doesn’t make sense to just base all your information on one site when there are hundreds/thousands out there. Like you explained above with the large number of prospects that come out each year it’s very easy to overlook any number of players and to base the value of the draft pick on one site alone doesn’t seem all too accurate.

    • Jared says:

      i can feel Ethan’s frustration through his words, i feel your pain. And for the record, i hate this pick.
      Question? How much can you reaally like Shane Vereen??? if your taking this kid 14 picks later?

      • kevin says:

        I knew this was a weak draft, but i didnt realize how weak it really was.

      • CC says:

        Thing’s that make you go Hmmm’

      • joe from Lowell says:

        They’re very different types of backs.

        • SJD says:

          So we need a Woodhead (small, quick, good catcher), Vereen (all around, good out of the backfield), Ridley (small, quick) and probably the Law Firm (power back)? Plus possibly Taylor and/or Faulk? Before adressing the pass rush or receiving core?

          Unnecessary to me. Especially considering they knew they were going to take a RB (maybe 2) yet they pass on Ingram.

  11. Cborden says:

    no but he is a scrub that will not make the squad…nice waste of a pick ..not even on this sites list of top 20 running backs

    • Ethan says:

      So you and this site are better talent evaluators than BB and his staff?

    • NEPD says:

      First of all, we don’t even have a RB ranking page. We didn’t do a scouting report on him because we didn’t see enough tape on him. We were surprised he came out.

    • ralph says:

      I think a lot of guys that don’t have recognizable names get thrown under the bus just like what is happening to Stevan. But I got to admit I love the Mallett pick, the kid is the best passer in the whole draft, one thing about him is that he he shady. still pissed that bill did not pick a Pass Rusher, And he traded the 3rd and 4th rounder so it looks like if he does select a OLB it will have to be a 5th or 6,7 rounder.

      • jim morisseau says:

        You don’t get it do you? Obviously with Mallett’s size, BB is planning to convert him into a pass rusher.

        HEE HEE

  12. Cborden says:

    getting crowded with small rb’s in the backfield

  13. Jeff V says:

    I actually like Ridley but do we really need another RB?

    • Steve says:

      we need 4, we now have 4, considering Faulk is done, and one is a free agent, BJGE; and this may be a sign that money has been discussed and the two sides are not close. That’s the way I read it…

      • JimC says:

        BJGE will sign when all this labor crap goes to the wayside. Morris, Taylor are both gone this year and Maybe KF. Even adding 2 RB’s to the current mix only make four.

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