Ryan Mallett is Heir Apparent

Ryan Mallett Patriots

The Patriots have a new potential clipboard holder.

The Patriots have selected Arkansas quarterback Ryan Mallett with the 74th pick in the 2011 NFL Draft. Mallett has undeniable talent, but fell down draft boards due to some character issues. Mallett has perhaps the best arm in the entire draft.

Tom Brady is still under contract for the next four years, meaning that Mallett will probably be a clipboard-holder for the majority of the time.

That said, Mallett is a great risk vs. reward pick. At worst, the Patriots made another Kevin O’Connell pick. At best, the Patriots either have another golden-armed quarterback to pilot them through the next decade or are able to trade him for some value later on.

Some Belichick quotes on the pick (via @Rapsheet):

“It’s an important position on our team (QB), and we’ll have them in and let them compete.”
“You can’t have too much depth at that position. … We’ve been getting by with (2) for two years.”
“He’s a football guy. As long as you want to talk about football, he’ll talk.”

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67 Responses to “Ryan Mallett is Heir Apparent”

  1. TD says:

    The only way Mallet will make it in NE is if he has some brains to go along with his arm. O’Connell got the gate because he could not comprehend the requirements of his position. BB said that Hoyer seemed to make the right decisions, he did not always know why he made good reads/throws, but he did.

  2. JimC says:

    Ellis will end up in prison by the end of the year.

    • Jared says:

      good, screw the Jets, i personally think they suck at drafting. Besides trading up for Sanchise and Revis, they have done nothing but draft a couple of o-lineman in the last 5 years or so. Gholston was a huuuuge bust, and Kyle Wilson also had a disappointing rookie year.

  3. JMC says:

    The Chiefs had a good draft.
    Kendrick Ellis (and Wilkerson) went to the Jets.
    The Patriots do not have the OL to deal with the Jets defense.
    I hope I’m wrong but it dosen’t look like it.

  4. JMC says:

    “…That said, Mallett is a great risk vs. reward pick. At worst, the Patriots made another Kevin O’Connell pick….”

    I don’t think it’s that simple. The OL is getting beat up by bigger tougher opposing DLs. There is still a real need for DL and LBs that can provide depth and speed.

    I understand the need for a ‘Thumper Back’- but this Thumper back could have been got in a later round such as 6 or 7 or FA.

    Mallett will be the #3 QB. Is that really more important than keep the #1 QB off his back-

    Wilson, Huston and others (without the trade) and John Moffitt could both have been had and would have contributed this year- Moffitt would probably start.

    If you were going to reach, you could have reached for Ellis who won’t be there next time you pick.

    I’m sorry, this round really sucked- The Jets and others put a bigger tough team on the field- I hope I’m wrong-

    • JMC says:

      I like the picks for next year- I think that was smart. If the CB/s at #33 works out he will help in the slot.

      I basically think Moffitt would have been a better pick than Mallett in the third round.

      Let’s face it- the draft is always a crap shoot anyway-

    • Steve says:

      They drafted 2 good tackles as of right now. One of the reasons they lost the last 2 years in the playoffs was bad protection for Brady and consequently low scoring. They may have solved that problem. Trade Mankins for a proven D pass rusher or get one in free agency

  5. stevethumb says:

    using the NFL pick value chart, the 2 picks the pats traded were worth a total of179 points while the 2nd rd pick (approx #50) is worth 400 pts so, on value. that deal makes sense..
    as an arkansan i can tell you that mallett is a project..his mechanics are problematic..his long stride leaves him little room in the pocket, he has little upper body strength, and at times, is like a giraffe on roller skates.. but as a 3rd rounder he was a worth the risk.. he is as numb as a pounded thumb but has pretty good football instincts…he may be another jeff george..
    overall, it’s a disappointing draft if we expected the defensive holes filled…at some point the ‘chips’ you win in trades for next year HAVE to be cashed in

    • Steve says:

      Folks who know a lot more about football have him rated the 2nd best QB this year behind Newton. Yet they say he is more ready than Newton to contribute now if Brady gets hurt again. All his college weaknesses can be fixed, but you can’t coach or create talent, and he has the talent. Newton is a much bigger risk.

  6. Mike says:

    Oh will you people shut up about the pass rush Lol Seriously your like little media clones. You and I have no idea what any of these pass rushers are going to be so stop puttin them on a freaken pedestal.. I could be wrong but BB is a hell of a lot smarter football wise these us. Just a guess. He knows what he’s doing. And just in case yall forgot they were 5th line the league in points givin up last year. They LOST against the jets cause they couldnt protect brady. A la their first pick. Jesus think on your on for god sakes

  7. joe from Lowell says:

    Bill clearly has more confidence in his young defense to continue to develop than the people reading this.

    In Bill We Trust, I guess, but this seemed like a really, really good year for edge rushers. We didn’t get one?

  8. Jared says:

    Cant argue with this pick. Top QB on the Patriots board. Crazy value at 74, had to take him. The RB at 73, another story.

  9. Steve says:

    Gotta wonder how long Mallett is willing to willing to wait in the shadows and just learn? I mean does Brady actually plan on retiring in 4 years? I know he’ll be old but that didn’t stop Farve. Especially since Brady has only had that one fully injured season when Cassell stepped in. Sure he takes his bumps and bruises but if that’s the case keep getting big O linemen. So many other positions that need work other then qb. I think they are thinking of the future too early in this case.

    • joe from Lowell says:

      Brady’s not a kid any more. He’s 34, and things don’t heal like they used to. I bet he misses more time over the next two years than the last two.

  10. Barry says:

    I am so confused, there is not one player that was drafted today or yesterday that will even play more than 65% of the snaps. Dowling may be 4th conrner, Mallet clip board holder, ridley back up, vereen will see some time, solder might have to play, watch out Brady. where are DE and Olb adn guards and another receiver. BB must be trading these picks for players that can make instant impact, steve smith from carolina. I hope

    • Larry says:

      Why don’t you get a job from an NFL team that needs a GM…………….You obviosly know more that Bellichick so you would be in great demand……..

      • Jared says:

        Larry…you seem to be brilliant….so tell me who is playing OLB next year for the patriots?….OR how drafting another corner will help the NFL’s 30th ranked defense on 3rd down?

        • Chris says:

          I think you need to relax. Just wait and see how things pan out before you start blowing up about something you have no clue about. You dont know whats going on behind the scene and you don know whats gonna happen between now and the season. Just sit back and enjoy the ride like your supposed to do as a FAN.

        • Jared says:

          with all do respect…suck-it Chris. I don’t have a clue???? Its in black and white, its not debatable….the Pats pass-rush sucks, and they NEVER improve it. Bill has never taken a pass-rusher, ever, and the pats roster shows it.

        • Chris says:

          Hey relax all im saying is you dont know that they wont address the issue, your just assuming they wont. The draft isnt the only way to address the issue at hand, i really hoped they would get some pass rush help too but that doesnt mean the draft was terrible, my main issue is the trade of a 3 and 4 this year for a 2 and 7, if a 2 is worhet a 1 next year how is a 3 and 4 not worht more then a 2 and 7 seems like we got hosed on that trade

        • Jared says:

          haha-im hostile, apoligies. ya, the points dont add up on that Houston trade, the did get hosed. But if you want to move the pick because you dont like anyone there….you take what you can get.

          As far as the whole front 7 thing goes…they have been in this situation for going into the last 3 drafts and free-agent periods…and they have yet to really address it, EVERYONE thought they would address it LAST year, they didnt. They clearly had an issue ALL year getting pressure on the QB. once again. Then this year, with a supposed crap-load of ends and OLB’s, I think once again people thought they absolutely had to upgrade there talent in that area, and they let us down again. That is why I don’t expect any pass-rusher or starting defensive-end in free-agency. Border-line backups like Tully Banta-Cain aren’t good enough to win a Super Bowl, or better yet, a playoff game.

        • Chris says:

          totally agree, the only thing they have done to “attempt” a fix was cunningham and who knows where thats going.

  11. joe says:

    I think Ryan mallat actually is a great pick but they need a PASS RUSH if they can get Sam acho or bailly it would be a decent draft. Just do it to shut people like me up

    • Larry says:

      YES SIR……………..Sam Acho from Texas or the OLB from Boston College Mark Herzlich or both of them would be perfect……………….

  12. JDW says:


  13. Jesse says:

    I completely agree. Brady cannot get any younger and eventually Patriots are going to need a QB. Bill is just trying to build for the future. Shane Verneen is a replacement for Faulk and Steven is 5’1″ but is 225lbs and will crush the inside, which the pats need. Nate Solder is 6’8″…. hes the tallest and biggest guy in the first round and seems to be similar to Matt Light.

    • CC says:

      I kinda thought that Woody was a great Faulk type replacment.
      Faulk if healthy and repaired/rejuvinated has earned the right for one more year and to go out playing….. verses going out due to injury. He won’t be around but for one more.

    • JMC says:

      He’s not 5’1″. He’s 5’11”. I understand the need for a goal line power back.
      Ridley could work out, but he might have been there in the fifth round Ellis might have been a better reach.

      I think the OL was a more important need than back-up QB. They should have picked John Moffitt (who went to “Pumped and Jacked” with the next pick).

  14. JDW says:

    Sorry if words using asteriks result in a comment being removed. Genuinley apologetic. But this draft is very frustrating. Defense was such a dire need and we do nothing outside of a single Virginia Cornerback…

  15. Ray says:

    I loved Mallett on Gruden Camp! He loves the game. He’s not so much immature as he’s just innocent still. Could see this being similar to a Cassell situation and get traded in a few years for a high draft pick if Brady is still at the top of his game.

  16. Larry says:

    Some of you people are total morons……………….This was the best draft pick the Pats have made since Brady…………………..They will sail through another decade now as an elite NFL team………..Put down all your Mel Kiper mock draft books morons and learn…….. I liked a lot of there other picks but this pick made the draft………

    • Columbo says:

      From top Ten to 74th I think this is one of BB’S steals. With time and proper coaching this kid is good replacement for Brady if he has the patience to learn from Brady and BB and wait his turn. I feel he has the potential to be as good or better than Aaron Rodgers.

  17. CC says:

    Certainly stunned a little, but being optomistic anyway.

    *So the hope is obviously now that our current back up QB Hoyer is already gone in trade but it’s just hush-hush until the CBA is done(who else need’s a QB?) and we’ll get a possition player that we need for him………..Either a Guard or a RDE or a OLB?

    ALSO: That “BOTH” Sammy Morriss & Fred Taylor are “both” gone since they both were a total waste of time space money and energy anyway.

    Which also mean’s that since The tandum of The Law Firm and Woody could be seen as a bit predictable……that the infusion of both these two new RB’s (one mainly a runner and the other that can catch out of the back filed )will throw other team’s off and give us some leverage on what we’ll do depending on who’s on the field and who’s not.

    Dowling is actually a decent pick respecitively, I think he’ll bring a little fire into the backfield. Maybe a little better stability and hopefullt replace Butler!!!!

    & N.Solder being a former tight end as Matt Light was a former tight end and both became OT’s now, and both protecting Brady seem’s a good fit.

    WHO’S LEFT FOR GUARD’S? Rackley, Moffitt, Boiling ans Shilling?

  18. tonyshow says:

    Outstanding pick.!!! This will almost insure a top ten draft pick next year or at least Jared Allen when the vikes can’t make their qb work.huge arm and a ton of potential and belichek to keep him straight!

  19. Cborden says:

    forget it bb is done today……confused anyone??

  20. Cborden says:

    hopefully ellis with the next pick

  21. JMC says:

    John Moffitt goes in the next pick- someone who could have been on the field to help the team- Wilson gone too- Can’t help it- There was a great chance to improve this team so it dosen’t get beat up in the trenches a-la the last three playoff games-It wasn’t done. This draft is a stinker- can’t help it- hope I’m wrong: Grade C- at best. Grade Improves with the picks next year- but third round picks will not help this year and could of-

  22. bledsoes_ghost says:

    Im extremely confused by this… Is there some monster I’m missing that keeps falling.. Im hoping for Kendrick Ellis, Sam Acho, Greg Romeus?

    • JMC says:

      All gone- (with John Moffitt)- Don’t make no sense. Can’t help it- It just don’t-

    • Chris says:

      Don’t hope you’re setting yourself up for failure lol. We need to stop letting BB handle the picks just let him handle the trades of the picks but let someone with some logic pick the players

  23. Steve says:

    The QB position is the key to this game & league…we just got another to develop and it protects against another injury to Brady.
    More so, I hate the way young QB’s get thrown into the game…”get paid must play” etc…that’s BS…not the way to develop talent, especially at such a difficult and pressured position. He can learn from the best, learn a set system, take his time, remain in the back ground…grow up, and reach his potential.
    Then you may have a professional QB with a rocket arm…you either keep him or you trade him for many top picks.
    Ask yourself this, in two years if this kid is clean and learns from Brady and the system, what will teams do to get him??? And, we may want to keep him around…we need the position too, someday.
    P.S. Doesn’t hurt to have Brady see this either…maybe he gets a little pissed off….not a bad thing.

    • Jeff V says:

      Brady doesnt need Mallet to get him going….are you serious? Try watching “The Brady 6”

      • Steve says:

        The pats are one hit away from needing a QB, and Brady has had 3 surgeries in a row the past 3 years.

    • tom says:

      i agree. mallett is a threat to brady. coach knew exactly what he is doing. and worse case, mallett learns something from the greatest qb in nfl history. and if anyone disagrees with THAT look at the stats.

  24. Cborden says:

    wow….unbelievable value

  25. joe says:

    Maybe Ryan mallat will rush the qb he is 6’6 250 lol

  26. sgawrys says:

    Smart! Draft best player available. Let the kid develop. Its about value. BTW, drafting a corner who can jam will help the pass rush.

    • joe says:

      Are u kidding me

      • sgawrys says:

        Are you asking Bellicheck or me for supporting his thought process.

      • sgawrys says:

        You only draft for need when the right player is available. Otherwise you draft for value (the best player available). And no I am not kidding when I say that a physical corner can help front 7.

  27. AM says:

    . . . what?

    My brain hurts. I think we just drafted Jeff George.

    • tom says:

      ya’ll nuts. mallett is a superb quarterback, and trust me, will be awesome after being under brady. just watch.

  28. rdf63 says:

    We don’t need a backup qb right now we need OLB and OLs. What the heck are the Pats thinking in this years draft. I OL, 2 rb, 1 cb, 1 qb. The choices are horrific.

  29. Jeff V says:

    This should help to trade for more draft picks!!! Ahhhh not sure how this helps the 30th ranked pass defense….

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