Patriots Trade 60th Pick

After taking two picks already in the 2nd round, the Patriots have traded the 60th pick to the Houston Texans. In return, the Patriots receive Houston’s 3rd (73rd) and 5th (138th) picks.

Here is an updated list of the 2011 Patriots Draft Picks.

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18 Responses to “Patriots Trade 60th Pick”

  1. joe says:

    Peolli picked justen Justin he is good

  2. john m. says:

    I’d rather get a late 1st round pick in 2012 for #60 than a #73 this year plus a 5th rounder!

    • CC says:

      Agreed, I’m a little stunned myself right now.
      An OT off the top should have been the call.
      With depth/talent and need in consideration it should have more gone like OT, RDE, OG, OLB. I didn’t mind the Dowling pick all so much, I think he’s got potential to really help in the back field and also possably replacing Butler. If you felt you needed a decent RB and the choices were starting to getting thin, then the Shane Vereen was at least an alright pick as well, but now trading the #60 for two cheese bag pick’s this year???????
      & Still no DE? Still no OLB?? Still no OG???

      WTF. I mean seriously Neal is gone, Mankin’s is still a soap opera and stated again just a couple of day’s ago that he want’s free agency and out…..
      Ever thought of the fact that of your 2 OG’s, one is retired and the other is 98.5% gone as well????

      We must have reserves that we do not know about? OR B.B. has free agent’s waiting too be signed and are sitting back with their mouth’s shut ready to rock when the paperwork from the new CBA is complete?

      WOW! Stunned at this point.

  3. john m. says:

    I know what are strategy is for the 2011-12 season. We’re going to outscore all our opponents 40-30 every game.

  4. GOOD GRIEF says:

    It’s just more stretching out the inevitable and already known………
    Bill Belicheck didn’t build those Superbowl winning team’s, he inherited them and has been riding the coat tail’s ever since.
    No more Parcell’s or Pioli to take the credit for.
    Soon enough BB will have the Patriot’s looking like the Brown’s when he was in charge of them!!! He just didn’t have a Bill Parcells put together team first to work while at the Brown’s, here he did – so it’ll just be a smoother longer transition to CRAP then it was there and then!

    Get ready to change the Flying Elvis LOGO into a brown and orange paw print New England fan’s………….

  5. Jared says:

    Did we ever think of Bill himself strappin em on and playin OLB?? He may have to. Aggrivating Draft this year.

  6. Larry Pal says:

    Is someone holding BB’s family hostage? Cuz everything he’s done so far has been a disappointment. He is building a good team, not a great one. If the Saints win the SB next year, they will owe BB a huge debt of thanks.

  7. Ryan Buske says:

    I honestly don’t think Bill thinks there is a DE or Pass Rush problem. I think he has other plans when it comes to the Pass Rush. Unless he is going after Ballard or Bailey, Houston, Acho, Herzlich, Wright.

    • Jeff V says:

      Well thats obvious since he hasnt addressed the pass rush in three years. Look TBC was booted from a crappy SF team..yet Bill gives him $$ after he gets 10 the way 5 of those sacks that year came vs the Bills. On the other side we have Nickovich..bottom line the guy shouldnt even be in the NFL.

    • sid w says:

      Has anyone given thought to the possibility that Belichick doesn’t think there will be football this year?

  8. Dave says:

    One these days BBwill need to get a passrusher
    when? God doesn’t know

  9. Nick says:

    I love the pats, love bill, but what in gods name is this. On the Draft Pick Value Chart it literally doesn’t add up, when are we going to address the GLARING hole at pass rusher?

  10. Jim R says:

    Atta boy BB

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