Patriots Trade 3rd and 4th into 2012

The Patriots have officially punted on a draft that Bill Belichick obviously feels is talent poor on the defensive front seven. New England has sent their 3rd and 4th round picks to the Oakland Raiders in exchange for the Raiders’ 2nd round pick in 2012 and a 7th round pick in 2011.

:Here is the full list of 2012 Draft Picks.

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69 Responses to “Patriots Trade 3rd and 4th into 2012”

  1. Pat!m9 says:

    I love my pats and I trust they are making the right decision. There is no need for a DE , they had two out injured last year! A good young one is a plus and there will always be a good DE in a draft. The OLB, gUYton played well although being drafted as a inside LB and ninkovich nearly saved the pats the first time they played the Dolphins. I love the Mallet idea. That’s a steal, Brady is getting old and he will have to pass the torch soon so getting a talented young QB is great. The CB we picked up I hope can play nickel back cuz ours SUCK! Leigh booden was out last year so that’s another defensive unit that we could not truly see last year…we need a nickel back. No what Im
    Pissed for is why did we draft RBs!!! We have two good ones!!

    • Jared says:

      We had one DE injured last year. Anything we get from Ron Brace if thats who you are talking about….would be the first thing he ever did. And as far as Gary Guyton has shown he is not strong enough to set the edge against the run. And Ninkovich, had a good GAME vs the dolphins, good point. But long-term, Ninkovich is a backup, I mean, do YOU really think Rob Ninkovich is a starter on a super-bowl team?? no way

  2. Jack Buck says:

    The Jets are Laughing.

    How did the Patriots get any tougher in this draft?

    Toughness? Fight? Physicality?

    Too cute by half – I think they are caught up in the Media praise when they should be figuring out how to win a Playoff game.


  3. scott says:

    it’s official. the patriots are just as popular as the red sox now. we get the same idiotic panic and know-it-all comments from fans who know better than management. who saw all the d-linemen that the pats passed up play in multiple games? any see the scouting reports from the patriots, interview them or self scout the players already on the pats. STFU already.

  4. Bruschi54 says:

    We have got to be looking hard at free agency, there has got to be more to the plan to help tighten up the defense. Got to keep sipping the kool-aid despite the lack of defensive help acquired in this draft. Very disappointing first 2 days of draft for those of us looking for team to turn up the heat defensively. With late picks day 3 they are probably going to look for depth at OG.

    • Jared says:

      agreed, we HOPE they will look hard at free-agency, and not let memories of Adalius Thomas hold them back at all.

  5. Jim R says:

    we need to draft for more depth and competition at corner,RB and QB. BB trade up in the 4th round to get Rickey Stanzi before someone snatches him up.

  6. edward0383 says:

    Well I’m thrilled that we selected Terrence Wheatley…….
    Ooops, I mean Ras I Dowling we a comparable 1st round
    pick. If we really wanted a corner why not take Prince. Now that would
    be value. We don’t need a stinking LT we got Vollmer whom I gurantee
    will be a better LT than Solder. We just needed to pick up a decent RT
    like Ijalana and would have been in a better position!!!!

  7. Jared says:

    The team had similar needs at OLB and DE last year, and did almost nothing-(drafted Cunningham, no free-agents) to improve it. Now this year, free-agency up in the air because of the lockout, and you draft NOBODY!!! For me, thats where the frustration comes from. I still think they had a pretty good draft, Solder and Dowling I like, but two huge defensive wholes were ignored once again, for the 3rd year in a row.

  8. Dan says:

    What bill is saying is that he thinks the Defence has enough youth, and could benefit from filling in the remaining spots with veterans. The players NE won Super Bowls with were older, experienced defensive players. He’s restocking the offense with talent, mainly at RB, while gaining an heir to Brady. It’s not an amazing draft but it’s not even lose to the doomsday scenario that some fans seem to think it is.

    • CC says:

      Yes, but it is a little unsettling that even a seven year old I spoke with two day’s ago know’s were missing an OLB, a DE and have as well an O-line that has many many issues, be it retirment(NEAL), contrcat issues(MANKIN’S), loosing step from just getting older(KOPPEN & LIGHT), No Deep Threat Wide Out…….but yet with two pick’s in each of the fist three round’s No OLB? No DE? No Guard?

      • Dan says:

        I think Mankins will be back at the end of the day, he’s just too good to lose for nothing. People seem to forget about guys like Dan Connolly and especially Nick Kaczur possibly replacing Neal at RG. A deep threat wide out isn’t really necessary, it would be a luxury to have one. I think Belicheck is commiting to Ninkovich and Cunningham at OLB and Cunningham should improve, while Ninkovich is much better than people give him credit for. Then at DE, we’ve got Ty Warren returning, Mike Wright coming back from injury, Marcus Stroud added to the rotation, and Pryor, Love, and Deaderick all improving. While there may not be a superstar, Belicheck’s defense has never been about superstars; its been about everyone doing their job to be successful. Besides it was obvious that Light was gone, Solder is his replacement, and a damn fine one too.

    • joe says:

      How do u no what bill is saying he dose not say anything

  9. Jared says:

    The whole Herzlich agent thing kills me.

  10. Ryan Buske says:

    I want Herzlich or Acho, but mainly Herzlich. Got to have him. No excuses.

    • joe says:

      The pats have no 4th rounder I doubt it I would love to see acho. Unless they trade up no way. And everyone who says look at last year draft who nos three people fell out of the first round spikes because of 40time gronk because of broke back and hernandaz because he like his weed the difference is we reached on everybody but solder and mallat and he won’t play for only 4 years. C- 2011 draft

  11. Steve says:

    My first impression of this draft 6 months ago was that it was weak, and I think that is showing up; at least from the Pats. I believe it says that they don’t see talent that can compete with the guys they have on the defensive front, so far.
    I think it also says they are going to go after free agents at some key positions; for better talent, but I feel because they can’t have such a young team filled with 1st, 2nd & 3rd year guys.
    I love the running back position so I’m excited to see these two guys compete…look like real talents.
    I thought they would go get a WR, but maybe they didn’t because they feel Price will fill the role, or free agency???

  12. Rob says:

    Before several Patriot fans commit suicide, I’d like you to compare to who we had in our Super Bowl winning years. If Rowling joins McCourty and Bodden as lock down corners, that frees up a pass rush. The defensive line “adds” Warren (IR), Wright (6 sacks in 10 games before IR) and Stroud. We’re stronger up the middle than in those Super Bowl years. Cunningham and Banta-Cain are faster pass rushers than Vrabel/McGinnest. Merriweather/Chung are faster than Harrison. Spikes is just as fast as Bruschi. I would have loved to see J.J. Watt come, but I’m not giving up on this group as they grow together with another year’s experience.

    • CC says:

      I beleiev Watt, Castonzo and Herzlich are all Client’s of a very unliked agent by NE. None should have been expected to be in a Patriot uniform.
      Also I can see being optomistic, sure.
      But TBC? Really? TBC? You Think?
      He and Butler both need to go!

      • Steve says:

        Butler is in big trouble…he has been given the opportunity to prove he can cover and it just hasn’t happened. I hope he takes the next step, but if he hasn’t done it yet I don’t know why he suddenly will.

        • Jared says:

          Butlers my boy, thought he was a stud coming out. Both those picks sucked, 40 & 41- Brace & Butler

      • Rob says:

        I was trying to use Banta-Cain as a an example of what Coach B. brought in to rush the passer, once he got the lockdown DBs that he was looking for (see other post), not saying that he ever was overall better than Vrabel or McGinnest. I agree that TBC is gone now too, because a duplicate of him – strong special teams & package pass rusher, – at a lot less salary cap hit, was taken late in this 2011 draft, just like TBC was in his draft year.

        Sadly, I agree totally that Butler has been a big disappointment to me, and probably Coach B. as well, but if you’ll read my comparisons in my other post, he should be able to do for us what Randall Gay, Earthwind Moreland, and/or Hank Poteat did, if he doesn’t get cut or traded for salary cap reasons.

    • Jared says:

      Rob…I want what your on buddy. if you think…the Patriots….are even clooooose….to having the front 7 they had with Wilfork-Seymour-Warren, and Vrabel and McGinest on the outside…you are seriously on something illegal. this guy is as fast that guy….who caaaares!!!! speed has about 10% to do with how good a football player is, if speed mattered that much, the raiders would be the best drafting team in the league, not the worst.

      • Rob says:

        (1) Not saying that we are Super Bowl winners yet, deserving of the high praise of our 3-ring teams, but they weren’t all when they were learning the game in 1996-1999, before they had their big run.

        (2) Seymour was great, but Wilfork (drafted 2004) and Warren (drafted 2003) were young players just starting to learn the game, when the Patriots won those 3 rings.

        (3) My comments on speed were meant to show when these latter men learn the game like the former men did, they will add speed to experience to create the pass rush that many seem to be focused on.

        (4) I’m optimistic because I was born about the same time the Patriots were and I watched some of the worst Patriot football teams play. Now I get to watch a team that is close every year. What other team’s fans can say that? Pittsburgh & Indy maybe. Many Pats fans seem to have gotten a bit spoiled, forgetting all of those ugly years.

        (5) Don’t forget the salary cap. A lot of people wanted to move up for great “name” players, but how can you keep the core of the team when you’re paying higher prices for higher picks? Who would you have taken at the expense of protecting QB’s blind side or hopefully finally getting that other lock down corner to pair with McCourty and still have been able to fit him in under the cap? Coach B. has a lot of things to deal with than just selecting name brand talent, but yet he has done it year in and year out, longer than anybody else out there; so why not be optimistic? GO PATS!!

        • Jared says:

          Good points, I am spoiled, my first memory of the Pats is Bledsoe vs Favre in the Super Bowl, i was 10. Its Super bowl, or failure, every year until Brady hangs it up. Thats just how it is.
          I love everything Bill Belichick does, but I do not believe he has the talent at outside-linebacker on this roster to get where they want to go. It is an extremely important position and he has ignored drafting it is whole tenure in New England, putting the team in the situation they are now.

    • Jared says:

      Rob deserves a slap for making some of the comparisons he just made.

    • AM says:

      I’m skeptical about the line. Warren will be rusty, Stroud seems mediocre, and there is no telling if Wright’s career is over–concussions are tricky things. If Brace can claim the starting job at end, though (and I think he just might), all will be well in that respect. I have to disagree about the linebacker comparisons, though–while our current guys are definitely faster than Vrabel at his peak and McGinest on the downside (i.e., the Super Bowl years), they are much less powerful on the rush, and much less effective at setting the edge to boot.

      • Rob says:

        Coach B. has a plan, though hampered by recent injury/personnel and salary cap problems such as Adalius Thomas, Roosevelt Colvin (hip), Marquise Hill (accidental death) and the Wheatley / Wilhite / Butler disappointments; but I see the light at the end of the tunnel in comparing our Pats now to the Super Bowl winning Pats. Back then we had guys like Law and Samuel shutting down the other team’s big receiving threats; guys like Wilson, Gay, Poteat, Moreland and even Troy Brown shutting down the other receivers; freeing up the rest of the team to generate a pass rush. Becaue they did their jobs well, Vrabel or McGinnest could blitz from the outside, Bruschi from up the middle, and Harrison from the safety position.

        What can I potentially see now? McCourty / Bodden / Dowling shutting down the big receiving threats. Merriweather / Butler / Arrington / Wilhite shutting down the secondary receiving threats. All this could free up Cunningham or maybe Nimkovich / Cain to now come from the outside, Spikes to come up the middle, and Chung / Merriweather to blitz from the safety position. This formula looks very familiar and it sure worked well in our past dynasty days!

        In fact, as far as pass rushing goes, the 2011 Pats are stronger up the middle (Wilfork / Stroud / hopefully Brace) over 2000 – 2004 Pats (Washington then Traylor); though we are not as strong at one end as when Seymour was healthy, but Ty Warren is a lot better now than when he was a rookie back then. We don’t quite know what we have yet in Wright & Richards and we don’t know what may become available in free agency. The big edge those teams had was their experience and only time & work can make that happen – you can’t draft experience, even if you had the salary cap room for it! I remember that when Bruschi came in, he was a special teams player for a couple of years first; in 2004, Wilfork was a rookie back-up to Keith Traylor; and we were still grabbing old veterans like Bobby Hamilton and Roman Phifer to help out. We don’t know yet just how good these present 2011 guys can be and what else may be added to the mix. we sure are a lot more blessed than most teams!!

        Let’s be patient and root like crazy for our 2011 edition Pats!!!!!!

  13. Smog says:

    You guys do realize that the team took five picks in the first two days this year, five in the first two days last year, and six in the first two days the year before that? In other words, they’re taking nearly twice the average number of picks. The notion that they’re punting every year is silly.

    Last year we restocked the TE position; this year it’s the RB position. We added a first-round left tackle and a big, talented corner — incidentally another position of need, considering Bodden’s age and injury history. And we took a flier on a very interesting QB prospect with one of our luxury picks.

    Regarding the front seven: there’s still free agency, trades, and day 3 tomorrow. The defense last year was young and will improve. We added youth on offense to go with the youth on defense. All of this seems to make sense to me. And the last trade — when you can turn two after-90 picks into an Oakland second-rounder, that’s great value. I’m kind of surprised at the negativity.

    • Ken W says:

      well said

    • Steve says:

      Amen…I believe they have plans for free agency because they can’t get much younger, they filled key slots with youth, and they will want some veteran players to make another run at this.

    • AM says:

      The problem isn’t as much with the picks the Pats made as it is the picks that the Pats didn’t make. I love Solder and Vereen. Dowling is first round talent when healthy. No quibbling there. I don’t know much about Ridley, but he looks like a nice complement to our existing backs–I feel like we are set at running back for the next few years, presuming everyone stays healthy. The trade with Oakland presented great value, and I have no issues with it.

      Nonetheless, the issue remains, as it was all last year, that the Patriots simply cannot rush the passer effectively without dialing up creative blitzes (and they’re not so great at it then, either). It is a glaring deficiency on a team that is peaking or ascending at virtually every other position. In this situation, there really isn’t such a thing as a “luxury pick.” I’m not taking issue with your phrasing–I understand that what you mean is that we are fairly well-stocked at QB, we had an additional pick, and we could afford to take a flier on the position nonetheless. But I would argue that if there were a pass rusher available with comparable value, even at a slightly lower grade, it makes more sense to take that player, because the team is incapable of advancing to the next level without such players. Likewise for guard, which while it was well-managed last year, may present much greater problems this year. (I still think Ron Brace has excellent potential at end, so I’m less worried about that spot.)

      I agree that the young defense should–not “will,” but “should”– improve on account of maturity and experience, but that doesn’t help the pass rush very much; Cunningham is the only young player in that category who is likely to take those kind of strides, unless Spikes turns into a major interior rusher. Relying on free agency would be sufficient in a normal year, but no one can say who would be available, much less when.

      I admit, if the Patriots were less talented in other positions, the pass rush issues would seem substantially smaller. Also, they managed to get to 14-2 without much of a pass rush at all. But as it stands, they have not won a playoff game in several years, and the lack of quarterback pressure is the biggest culprit. The team does a fantastic job of replenishing without rebuilding, but Brady is optimistically looking at five quality years remaining in his career. The team should be focusing on taking advantage of those as much as building towards the future. At the moment, it is as if they are investing substantial resources into refurbishing every element of its dream home, except for the badly leaking roof. It may be difficult and costly, but it is a necessity.

    • Chris says:

      But at the end of it all no super bowl this year. No pass rush = last year’s playoffs results.

    • Steve says:

      And someone to take Brady’s place when the time comes. Character issues aside, related to being a kid 22 yrs old, Mallet was considered by many to be the best QB behind Cam Newton, and ready to play now if need be. Newton is not. Brilliant move

  14. joe says:

    I hope their is a draft next year

  15. Ryan Buske says:

    Going to have to resign Mankins or Light now. Unless we have no desire to remain competitive. I’m struggling to see how this team is much better after the draft.

    • Jared says:

      Mankins is the key

      • CC says:

        Mankin’s said about a week or so ago at the Light Foundation charity that he want’s free agency……………..?

      • Steve says:

        Nice point, Mankins is the key to this team right now…they need to get this deal done and smooth him over, or find a solution, but they need that skill; especially if Solder is the plan to start at LT with Light moving on, most likely.

      • Steve says:

        They have Solder

  16. joe says:

    And then we will trade them two and so on it goes it like holding a lottery ticket and never cashing it and then u die no olb again no super bowl again is kraft that cheap or BB that cocky

  17. Ryan Buske says:

    Stroud must be the answer…..

    • Jared says:

      Ya- Strouds the answer. Thats almost comical. I cant believe they didnt take 1 OLB, i give up. Am I supposed to be excited that they have two first round picks, and two seconds next year??? Because I’m not, they’ll need a pass-rusher….trade-down….take a corner….and get another pick for 2013. yay

      • Jeff V says:

        I would be excited if there was a chance Bill would use 2 of those picks on helping the pass rush….

        • Jared says:

          Me too, but ive officially given up on that thought, its a pipe-dream. We’re stuck with Tully until he drops.

    • CC says:

      A Veteran like Stroud is a patchwork piece. He’s still got a little gas in the tank, but he’s old. He along side Wilfork would be great coaching and tutoring for a newley drafted D-lineman of the Pat’s……………
      If they drafted one!

      This is truely disapointing.

      NO (R)DE, NO OLB, NO OG’s, NO DT’s, NO deep threat wide out or new Slot receiver’s………………..WOW!

  18. CC says:

    He said in an interview about a week ago that the deffensive front of this draft class was deep & the best he’d seen in while????

  19. CC says:


    So it’s 2 fist rounder’s and 2 second rounder’s already for next year eh’?

  20. Jeff V says:

    Al Davis…thank you

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