Patriots Select Nate Solder (OT, Colorado)

Nate Solder Patriots

Nate Solder is the newest Patriot.

After months of waiting, New England fans finally know who their newest addition to the Patriots is. With their first pick in the 2011 NFL Draft, the Patriots have selected Colorado OT Nate Solder.

Solder is an incredibly talented offensive tackle that has the skills to play both right and left tackle, even though he has never played on the right side. Still a bit raw after changing from a TE position, Solder has a lot of technique work to do. At over 6’8″, Solder can get a bit high, but Coach Dante Scarnecchia should be able to clean that up.

That said, he has the feet and size to be a Pro Bowl caliber player by his second year in the NFL – if not earlier. We had this to say about Solder in our latest Patriots Mock Draft, where we had Solder going to New England at pick 33:

“Solder was formerly a tight-end, adding to the long line of players new to football, tight ends, and wrestlers that the Patriots have employed across their line. It’s almost as if Scarnecchia wants some rawness in the player so he can mold them just as he sees fit.

Like current RT Sebastian Vollmer, Solder can play both left and right tackle. We’d see Vollmer moving to the left side and Solder the right, especially at the start of his career.”

Here is some video of Solder:

The Patriots passed on popular defensive picks Cam Jordan and Prince Amukamara to opt for the former Buffalo.

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39 Responses to “Patriots Select Nate Solder (OT, Colorado)”

  1. Rob says:

    I would have loved JJ Watt falling to the Pats, but I can’t argue with this pick. Pats knew that Indy and other teams were going after who they wanted at OT, so he probably wouldn’t be available at #28. Pats also know that 36 year old Matt Light won’t be there and healthy much longer – if he resigns with the Pats at all – and half of New England’s offensive firepower is based upon protecting the QB. Who else has as big and nimble OTs as Vollmer & Solder, that not only can block speed rushers, but drive block on running plays, (when Solder adds some more muscle)? Hope that they are both there for the next ten years!!

  2. Eric says:

    Two 6’8 300lb giants flanking Brady for the rest of his career, sounds good to me. With Gronk at TE as well that is quite a bit of run blocking beef leading to a lot of this:

  3. Jared says:

    Solder will be a stud by the 2012 season, great pick.

  4. Phil says:

    Only played Tackle for 2 yrs…means less bad habits that need correcting…actually it means less habits period! lol but a the reason we lost to the Jets was also a lack of confidence in the protection…Solder should change that. In the very least Tom won’t be able to see if the defender is getting by either tackle. I like the pick a lot. Vollmer has been a stud and Solder should be no different. And we have another 2nd Rd pick (potentially more if we trade 33) and we all know what BB does with 2nd rd picks. To top it all off we got another 1st rounder next year too! BB is the mad scientist of the NFL….MWAAAHAAHAHH! 🙂

    • Phil says:

      Forgot to mention Big 12 O Lineman of the Year (emphasis on BIG) and the desire to use tackle eligible sets in the offense…Can you imagine having Crump, Gronk, and Solder lined up on goal line situations? And Hernandez as an H Back releasing the other direction…Tom will have loads of options! And 2 giants to throw the ball to! So basically…I LOVE THIS PICK! Now we can grab some front 7 help in the 2nd. I still think we need to hit Hawaii’s talent up…add Alex Green, Greg Salas, and Mana Silva. Then trade 2012 1st, Mankins and Tate/Edelman to Arizona for Fitz…Championship!

      • CC says:

        Did you say trade A/. a 2012 first round pick + B/. Logan Mankin’s, and C/. either Tate or Edelman all for Fitz??????????????????
        Holy Crap!

        • Phil says:

          That’s what it would take…and we clear up the log jam at receiver and get rid of the disgruntled Mankins to a team out of our conference that will be a cellar dwellar the next few years (karma is a m**** f****) I am sure we could swap 33 for 38 in the deal too, so the Cards can draft another QB, like Dalton. But then Tom would have his playmaker that can stretch the field and won’t be a diva…unlike other options via trade or FA (Ochocinco, Steve Smith, etc) Just wishful thinking i know but fairly logical. lol

  5. JimC says:

    I had a feeling that Bill would select a tackle at #17 due to the uncertainty of the offensive line. I was hoping Tyrone Smith would fall to 17 but NS is a decent pick.

    • joe from Lowell says:

      Ditto, I thought he’d pick a lineman, too.

      At the pass rush, there are young guys whose upside we haven’t seen yet. Some real starts might emerge, or maybe not. At least they’ve got the bodies and some youth there.

      The Pats didn’t even have that on the offensive line. They’re depleted, and taking a tackle and a guard was filling their first need.

  6. Liam says:

    If Bill and Dante like Solder I have a feeling he’s going to be epic. Best bookends in the league to go with the best Quarterback. That’s got to be worth something.

  7. Chuck Shonta says:

    Matt Light was a tight end for two years at Purdue. Vollmer began his college career as a tight end. think there might be a pattern here? I hope we start off tomorrow with Justin Houston.

  8. Bruschi54 says:

    I hope day 2 produces something that helps us win this year. If BB and Dante like Solder that much I have faith in them, but I think it will be a full year of development before he is productive starter with us. Another great building block for future, but we are awfully close now with a little more pass rush. If #33 is traded away Ayers, Houston, Wilson and Reed will probably be off the board before our next selection. Acho, Beal & White would be the next group. I hope Wilkerson is bust so we don’t have to watch he and fat f*%k Ryan celebrating on Jets sideline.

    • JMC says:

      That all sounds about right-

      This pick is a surprise with Castozao (who also plays guard), Jordan, Amukamara, Wilkerson on the board.

      My first reaction is that ‘they could have got the same player lower on the board- but those were my exact words when they drafted McCourty.

      Bowers is dropping like a stone. This is going to be interesting.

      • CC says:

        Word was/is that Castonzo, Watt and Herzlich all have the same agent, none should be/have been expected 2b a Patriot………. which is unfortunete. With Tyron Smith gone, it was pretty much a Carimi or Solder thing…….

  9. Gary says:

    They did fill their #1 need, something the Patriots have not done the last two years now! They can not win a championship without getting pressure on the QB, that was the downfall in the (dare I bring it up) Jets game!

  10. Bill says:

    Have the Pat’s stated they drafted Solder to be a OT, not a TE(I’m somewhat serious)?

    I thought the premise of the Pat’s OL scheme was that the team didn’t need superior athletes at OT. Matt Light being one example.

    I’m probably just seeking an excuse not to like this 1st round, because the Colts drafted Castonzo to fill their #1 team need.

  11. Neil says:

    Solder gives the Pats the freedom to let “free agent” Light go, freeing up more money to sign Mankins. “In Bill we trust”

    • CC says:

      Mankin’s said again just a day or two ago that he wan’t “free agency”!
      Don’t make plan’s on him being in a Patriot uniform for all that long unless they sign him REALLY HUGE $ & ALSO SUPER LONG TERM both.
      + put a massive bonus on top of it for his aggrevation!!!!!

      OT, (R)DE, OG, OLB would be the proper order.
      OT is done, next should be the (R)DE spot and TWO Guard’s in round 2.

  12. Gary says:

    Colts wanted Solder, but settled for their 2nd choice, so more than likely he wouldn’t have been at 28

  13. Bill says:

    Light hasn’t retired. Which is probably why most folks “overlooked” it. He’s certainly lost a step and is a candidate to lose his starting spot, but he’s still around.

  14. cash says:

    when did light retire!?

  15. Pats says:

    Solder would be available at 28 could have had Jordan 🙁

  16. MJSouthie says:

    Well said Big John,

    I was worried that Light’s retirement would go overlooked. This fills the hole on the OL. Next stop let’s work on our defensive secondary without a litmus test requiring versatility with special teams. Just find a dirty talented safety or an” Asante ” like player to stop the long secondary plays we have been seeing, sorry Merriweather. We Might have to wait for trades for that. Any opinions of who they could draft that fits the bill. Leave a note if you know of any good pics that might still be open?
    Just this old boys opinion.

  17. iceman says:

    Great pick. Still a lot of room for growth. He went to Colorado as a 240 TE. He will be a monster.

  18. Big John says:

    Matt light retired, this 1st pick is perfect for the teams future

  19. bledsoes_ghost says:

    Scarnecchia knows whats up… Guy is an icon when it comes to developing offensive lineman.. They obviously saw something in Solder they didn’t see in Castonzo or Carimi, and I’d be willing to bet him and Vollmer will dominate. This draft has been unexpected.. still a lot of talent on this board…

    Much Respect

  20. john m. says:

    Surprise!!!! None of us predicted this pick. If they passed on Prince and Jordan, the pats must have really liked Solder. I also think that they were scared to trade down since they figured the NY Giants might be interested. It’s a solid, safe pick that satifies a need. I hope they go defense on the 28th pick but if Ingram is still there, they’ll have to consider him. As of the 22nd pick, Jordan and Wilkerson are still there. Will one of them be available at #28?

  21. lantz boyles says:

    the patriots need a runningback and a d.e.. but im ok with solder. he is a giant. should bookend vollmer……

  22. cash says:

    solid pick. Now lets get some Defense!

  23. j says:

    @Joe…I’m sure you said that when we picked McCourty! Solder is a top talent, be happy that we added top tier value. As long as we keep adding top tier talent I’m satisfied.

    • Jeff V says:

      Sorry Im with Joe on this one. Solder is one of the weakest OL in the draft…he will need to hit the weight room for a good year before he is ready to handle and NFL DE. Bad pick….

  24. joe says:

    We could have had prince instead wilhite will still be letting up td’s. Solder bad pick I’m sorry

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